POLL: How Would You Rate The Present APC Administration That Took Over In The Year 2015

POLL: How Would You Rate The Present Administration That Took Over In The Year 2015

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  1. The devil you know is better than the Angel you do not know…so true with this Administration.
    They have done the opposite of their campaign promises.
    1. Fight corruption: there is no policy yet introduced to check corruption. They are only biasedly recovering looted funds
    2. Exchange rate: clueless
    3. Subsidy removal: they are still paying
    4. Employment creation: instead people are losing their jobs.
    5. Sack of non-performing cabinet members: quiet
    So much lies, deceit and lowest tolerance level ever amongst tribes/religion.

  2. Too many lies by this administration. Buhari failed to use Nigerian Hospitals after condemning public office holders who did. Too many job losses. Bad roads across the nation (Lagos to Ibadan, Benin to Lagos) to mention a few. None payment of Pension arrears. Failed to commence Modular Refineries in the ND regions to make fuel cheaper. N145/liter of fuel for a petroleum country. Killings in Benue, Adamawa and other states by Herdsman and the administration has failed to proscribe them as Terrorist. Poor health care and education system across the country.

  3. A real triabalistic president. very sluggish in taking decision and of course not prepared for the office

  4. It a total failure in all aspect. EDUCATION, JOB CREATION, COMMON POWER GENERATION DID NOT IMPROVE etc. Although Buhari has out performed his predecessors in community killings and deserves an award.

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