Picture With Evans: I Am Too Busy To Reply Kate Henshaw, Says Abba Kyari By Evelyn Usman

Assistant Commissioner of Police in-charge of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team , IRT, which arrested the most-wanted notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans, yesterday, dismissed criticism by Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, on him and his team for posing with Evans in a shot that has gone viral, saying he was too busy to respond to such.

Henshaw took to her Twitter handle to express her disappointment over the photos of some plain-clothes policemen, posing for photos with Evans, saying “If these are policemen, shame on you! What is the meaning of this?”

However, the crime buster, ACP Abba Kyari, shared on his Facebook page yesterday: “Friends, please, the story going round in the social media that I responded to the negative remarks made against us by actress, Kate Henshaw, is false.

“That statement is not from me. I am too busy to respond to this type of trivial issue though it is unfortunate, when somebody goes the extra length and spent several years chasing an extremely smart, notorious and deadly criminal terrorising innocent citizens of this country for over 20 years and suddenly somebody feels ridiculing us is the best thing to do.

“The group picture we had with our biggest catch, Evans, was meant to be in our personal IRT Achievement Album, not the social media. Up till this moment, we don’t know who sent it to the social media.

“We have hard copy album that carries all pictures of our outstanding achievements like the arrest of Godogodo, China, Nnamdi, Yemi Boss, Abdullahi, Victor, Vampire among others.

“These are the pictures/album that we keep even after retirement to celebrate our achievements and those pictures are for this album not social media.

“I am happy to snap the pictures with Evans our biggest catch like we did during Godogodo. It will remain in my album for life and By God’s grace my grandchildren will see same pictures and give kudos to their grandpa.

“She (Henshaw) is entitled to her opinion. Nobody should join issues with her and I wish her the best. Many thanks to all my friends and well-wishers.”




  1. Acp Abba kyari with due respect have no business using the social media the way he does.His official interaction should be through the Nigeria police media handles, he should be weary of slips and boomerangs

  2. Nothing is wrong with taking picture for archive purposes, but the ‘posture’ in this particular picture is wrong to say it mildly.

    At first glance, one should be able to immediately identify the criminal from the cops but the reverse is the case. Like my people will say in Yoruba parlance: Won ti da luru pomo sapa. Meaning, one can’t easily and readily identify and differentiate the wheat from the chaff.

    Am sure the police engaged an amateur photographer to capture this photo. Suffice to note that a well trained photographer would have done a better job at the snapshot.

    I wouldn’t be surprise if and when the cop’s grand and great grand children will be asking whoever: who in this picture is the criminal and the cops?! Save for some that have seen the picture of the criminal and could identify him from the lots, it is difficult for anybody to know who the crime kingpin is in this picture.

    Methinks that’s the point the actress made in lambasting the police for having this kind of ‘posture’ and ‘posturing’ with the criminal. Nothing professional about the way this picture was taken. The actress is well versed in the nuances of communication, imagery and what have you. She’s responding from a professional standpoint.

    The picture is meant to communicate a clear message with lasting but ease to be interpreted impressions. This is what is lacking in this picture and that I believe is what the actress frowned about, and I dare say, I frown about the way this picture is taken. This kind of picture doesn’t and wouldn’t serve the purpose of archiving.

    Hope the cops will get this message and make amend, both for now and the future.

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