1. I blame the federal govt for Mr omowunmi woes,in other countries things would have been done better for him & i also blame the minister of aviation in particular they all came & cried false tears.There can’t be peace without justice.Uncle JIMI,well done God bless you on this path you have chosen to pursue.

  2. Indians treat Nigerians with contempt all over the country and no one bats an eyelid, The issue of the Pastor is just appaling, it underlines what they do in this country. I think the media sells out to them cos issues involving Indians are not reported. Mass (forced) voluntary retirement of young Nigerians by Airtel Nigeria,when contacted Airtel claims they are not their staff because they had outsourced to a sister company,TechMahindra, which carried out their wishes. The indians laid off 90% of their customer service team in Lagos for reduced pay of 40k at Abeokuta. No one is talking about that as well. There were stories that the Company knew the ill fated plane was not in pristine condition yet it was allowed to fly after they must have bribed as many people as possible rather than repair the Plane

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