Pastor Adeboye Of Redeemed Church Justifies Purchase Of Private Jet-PREMIUM TIMES

Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has justified his purchase of a private jet saying it is necessary for his work.

Mr. Adeboye, one of the most respected Christian leaders in Nigeria and the head of the Redeemed Church that has millions of members across 160 countries, stated this in an interview with global news channel, Aljazeera.

The pastor said “there are things you need,” to perform the task he does as the general overseer.

“When you have to oversee churches in 160 countries, you can’t do that on a bicycle,” he said in response to a specific question on whether he needed to have acquired a private jet.

Though considered unique in his simple appearance and un-flamboyant lifestyle, Mr. Adeboye is one of the increasing numbers of Pentecostal pastors that have acquired private jets, leading to condemnations by some Nigerians.

The other private jet acquiring pastors include David Oyedepo, the head of the Living Faith Church Worldwide; and Ayo Oritsejafor, the current President of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

Despite presiding over churches with hundreds of thousands of poor people, they have all argued that they need the private jets for God’s work.

JD:Since i am not a member of the pastors church i really couldn’t be bothered whether its right for him to acquire a jet or not.If members of the church are happy with the way their funds are being utilized, if they are happy to suffer whilst their GO lives in opulence and extreme wealth,if they think that “touch not my anointed ” also means not pointing out wrong doings of their pastors,(GO),then good luck to them.I wish them all the best.However since this is in the public domain and i am expected to make a comment i must with due apologies to Pastor Adeboye say that,sir,the reason you have given for you and your fellow GO acquiring private jets in the midst of abject poverty does not hold water with me.AS far as i know it is not in line with what Christ has laid down in this regard,which is humility and service to GOD.If you need a private jet to monitor your churches,pray what should the Pope,who is also a head of state ride to monitor his faithful world wide?A rocket? (THE POPE HAS NO PRIVATE PLANE,HE TRAVELS WITH ALITALIA!)These and many more reasons are why as Fela said”why blackman dey suffer today


    • The value of same money would have helped if they were given books in their fidels of study. The 10k will go on clothes and drinks for most students trust Nigerian student thinking

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