1. THE NSCDC OFFICER CHANNELS TV INTERVIEW VIDEO being circulated in the media refers.
    We sincerely feel the show was deliberately designed and hatched to destroy than to build.
    Rather than assist their guest to inform their viewing public that the website of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps is nscdc.gov.ng, the Channels crew wasted quality time to dwell on exposing their guest as ignorant of the website address which I believe have been visited by the Channels crew themselves before the program. It was obvious that the guest needed help with the website address yet the Channels crew failed to manage the program professionally and assist their guest.
    They chose to bash the image of the NSCDC officer who apparently believes more in action on the field than gazing into a computer monitor. The inability of the officer to recite the website address on a TV program should not be used to judge the NSCDC whose positive impact on public security has been on the increase lately. I urge the NSCDC not to do its job or blow its trumpet in or rely on the media which can be destructive. Rather, let NSCDC action continue to speak louder than the Media and let the PR officers do their work of reporting the achievements, Thanks.

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