Nigerians condemn Good Governance Tour as waste of resources…..PREMIUM TIMES

Majority of respondents in a PREMIUM TIMES poll condemned the tour.
Nigerians have condemned the Labaran Maku-led Nigeria Good Governance Tour, describing it as a total waste of public funds and time.
About three in five Nigerians, 55 per cent of the 406 respondents that participated in the a PREMIUM TIMES poll, said the tour, led by the Information Minister, was absolutely unnecessary and a waste of public resources.
Another three in ten respondents, 32 per cent, said the tour was a scam and should be sanctioned, with officials investigated for their roles in it.

JD:I Had always wondered who originated this hair brained idea of good governance tour at public expense.To coin my usual phrase it was an excersise in image laundering masturbation(phew).It just doesnt make sense packing 140 people in a plane round the country to “see developments and good governance that have taken place. A good documentary would have done just that but it seems our ego driven public officials would always jump at any opportunity to throw their weight around.

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