Nigeria Supporters Club to acquire private aircraft Nigeria Supporters Club to acquire private aircraft

The President of Nigeria Supporters Club said a private aircraft is needed to facilitate its numerous activities.

The Nigeria Supporters Club said it plans to acquire a private aircraft of its own to transports its members to sporting events across the world.

The President of the Club, Rafiu Ladipo, told PREMIUM TIMES that the Club intends to acquire a private aircraft because of its busy schedule.

Mr. Ladipo said the club engages in numerous activities and recognizes that it is necessary and cheaper to purchase an aircraft.

“It’s time for us to get a private aircraft, we want to see how much we can get in for the supporters club, we engage in so many activities and we need a lot of money to spend on our journeys; and we have to make many trips, so we need our own aircraft to cut cost,” he said.

As regards the financier(s) of the aircraft project, Mr. Ladipo said “we are talking to foreign companies that have these planes for lease. Don’t forget that most of the planes in Nigeria are on lease, they are not 100 per cent purchased”.

The supporter’s boss said when the proposed aircraft is not being used by the Supporters Club, it would be used for business.

He said the club makes about 30 trips in a year, hence the aircraft will be free to generate revenue for the 300 days it will not be transporting club members.

“We will use it for local flight business so that we can get money to maintain the plane.

“We have just started consultations with foreign firms and we are still talking to them so we won’t mention their names for now, we will make sure it’s a brand new plane not an old plane and which will be accepted by Nigerians for local shuttling,” he said.

Mr. Ladipo said that “monies made from the aircraft will be used to maintain the aircraft and to pay the workers”.

He said the Nigeria Sports Commission is not yet aware of its plan to buy a private aircraft.

“We will inform them about the development and the arrangement later,” Mr. Ladipo said.

The Nigeria Supporters club has become a prominent feature in Nigerian sports particularly football matches. For over three years they have been supported by Globacom, owned by billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga

JD:The madness is gradually spreading.the so called supporters club(more like Ladipo’s personal fiefdom) makes about 30 trips a year and therefore it makes sense to acquire a private jet to facilitate that.of course its well known that there’s something untoward about this so called supporters club. Ladipo has sat on the helm of affairs for over 30 years,collecting donations and having to defend himself  about scams and visa rackets going on in the organisation.this has gone on unchallenged for so long its perhaps we should rephrase the headline and say instead that Dr Rufai Ladipo intends to acquire a private jet!When will all this madness stop?



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