Nigeria on the verge of becoming a failed state – Nwabueze…..DAILY INDEPENDENT

The other way that I have described it is that we are on the verge of becoming a failed state. I did not say that Nigeria is a failed state but that Nigeria is on the way to becoming a failed state. If you look at all the indices of a failed state, there are 200 states in the whole world considered. Somalia is number one while Nigeria is number 12 in the latest rating of failed states. The indices are there, the indices were not manufactured by me. What is the purpose of a state? It is to provide for the security of the people and this is in Section 14 of our constitution. The security of the people is the purpose of government; that is what you find there. Any state that is not performing that function effectively or maximally is on the way to becoming a failed state. if you are not performing the primary function of a state you are on the way to becoming a failed state, which is what we have in Somalia. Do we have that security? With kidnapping everyday, armed robbers, Boko Haram bombing churches, offices, homes everywhere and you are never sure of your life. The purpose of government is not only physical security but also economic security. When you look at Chapter 2 of the constitution, you ask yourself, do the successive governments of this country ever look at the chapter? They don’t look at it because if they look at it they should be worried; they should be concerned. Nothing there is given to the people by way of democracy dividends. Any state that is not doing this for its people is on the way, if it has not already become a failed state.


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