NASS North East Caucus Defends PMB Over Appointments …. LEADERSHIP

Buhari's First Day in Office

Against the backdrop of criticisms trailing recent appointments made by President Muhammadu Buhari in which the North got about 75 per cent of the positions, the All Progressives Congress (APC ) North East caucus in the National Assembly yesterday defended the president over the appointments.

LEADERSHIP recalls that President Buhari had appointed six key state officials last week out of which five were from the North and in particular, the North East geo- political zone which led to outcry from Nigerians across other zones, particularly the South East geo-political zone which has zero appointment so far.

But the APC National Assembly caucus at a press briefing yesterday, said there was nothing wrong in the appointments made so far by the president.

Senator Danjuma Goje ( APC Gombe Central), who spoke on behalf of the caucus said competence, integrity, trust, etc, were the yardsticks used by the president in making the appointments and not ethnic, religious or regional sentiments.

He cited examples in that direction by President Barrack Obama of United States and David Cameroon, the Prime Minister of Great Britain in recent time.

He said: “ Fellow Nigerians, it is high time we got it right, it is not about where a man comes from but about what he can deliver especially in the interest of his people.

“ President Barack Obama started with over 20 of his Harvard classmates, and David Cameron of

Britain started with most of his schoolmates. This has in no way made the news in those countries because they had their eyes set on bigger national picture”.

He explained further that appointments such as Secretary to the Government of the Federation ( SGF) , Chief of Staff to the President that some Nigerians are criticizing the president for, are not meant to be made any how due to needed factor of closeness and trustworthiness on the part of the appointees to the President.

Just as he added that even such appointments were also made by the immediate past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

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  1. He is talking trash. I will want PMB to make all his appointment from the north only. It is a very good precedent. From this Man assertion, the north has the prerogative or reservoir of people of competency, integrity and trust over other parts of the country? This man must be making sense? I believe he knows what many of us do not?

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