‘ Media Literacy Solution To Propaganda Against Islam ’

A veteran journalist and public speaker, Alhaji Abdur-Razaq Abdus–Salam, has underscored the need for more Muslims to join the media profession and improve their literacy level in the industry as a way of ensuring positivemedia portrayal of Islam.

Speaking at the Professional Monthly Forum (PMF) of the Guild of Muslim Professionals (GMP), Ibadan branch, Alhaji Abdus-Salam, who is the Deputy Director of Programmes, Voice of Nigeria (VON), advised Muslims to acquire proper understanding of Islam, adequate medialiteracy and ensure regular participation in media programmes in order to win the modern-day media war against their religion.

He lamented the strategies adopted for the reportage of Islamic issues globally, including “interviewing of pseudo Muslims on Islamic affairs” and denying Muslims of the opportunity to comment on issues affecting them and their religion.

The veteran called on Imams to set agenda for the country and the world at large by utilising the mosque as a God–given mass media and giving up-to-date sermons that address contemporary issues in the society.


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