Man harrased for having female organs….TRIBUNE

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Have you ever seen someone with both male and female organs? Well if you have not, Saturday Tribune ran into one last Wednesday at Sapele, Delta State.
A man in his late 40s, who refused to utter a word despite the hysteria his presence generated, was almost lynched by a mob but for the intervention of police and other security agents.
The man, whose name could not be ascertained as of press time, was discovered to possess a full grown pair of breasts, which dangled from his chest, just like those of a young woman….

JD:This is embarrasing.The man obviously has a hormonal dysfunction and is then subject to this form of ridicule.Reminds me of how twins were slaughtered in the efik areas before the coming of Mary Slessor.As things go,we might have to ressurect her again to teach us a few lessons or two that things like this are not necessarily witchcraft.