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StreamcomLive is a multi-faceted global firm whose focus is primarily to provide clients with a wide array of real world events logistics solutions designed to deliver on real-time.





In simplicity, Streamcomlive provide viewers a platform where they can sit in the comfot of their homes, work or anywhere globally and Watch Live events of choice at real-time either Paid or Unpaid events

Event Categories Include:

PAID Event Streaming (Ticketing): Streamcom covers paid events such as A.Y live, Basket mouth Show, Night of a thousand Laugh, etc. and broadcast live on the website for online viewers. The online viewers would have paid a discounted regular ticket fee for the event. E.g, if the event regular ticket is N5000 at venue , online viewers would pay like N2000 to stream it Live, they would be given a code which would enable each viewers gain access to the content. Also, they would stream the event at very low cost internet data consumption. This is possible because Streamcom is in partnership with major Network Operators.

UNPAID Event streaming (No Ticketing) category is meant for events and programmes that are organized by Educational, Religious, Government or Political bodies. Event is broadcast Live for Viewers to watch on the website at no cost and very low data consumption.

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