1. Commissioner Sir, I use the public transport every day of the week, I experience the rough driving risk of trauma from been hit or colliding with a high driver that has consumed weed, cannabis, and all these mixtures called herbs which are spiked up with unprocessed alcohol. Sir, my suggestions 1st of all clear all these roadside petty traders that sell to them all those mixtures, any of the drivers that behave abnormally should be sent to the correction clinic. VIO, do not stop all these busses, FRSC is helpless and even the necessary official bodies are not equipped to pin them.
    Kindly see to all these.
    2ndly Before renewals of licences every public transport drivers including the luxurious bus should go through the proper medical test, vision, hearing, alcohol, ECG for a price. Anyone who does not pass the 1st 5 basic test should be flagged and not allowed till he/ she is proven clear of all the dangerous activities.
    that will be all.

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