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Dear Friends and Family,
Please join me in this campaign #lightupapapa…….see below
Drive down Eko bridge, look to your right after Ijora….darkness; same thing as you approach Iganmu after Nigerian Breweries…..darkness. Apapa is just one big dark hole.
We say NO to darkness!
We say NO to insecurity!
We say NO to hoodlums ruling the bridges!
We say NO to hoodlums attacking innocent Lagosian’s and expatriates on their way home after a hard day at work!
All we ask is they light up the roads into Apapa!!
Enough is Enough!
Dr Ayesha O Akinkugbe

On Sunday, August 23, 2015 7:03 AM, Nwaji Jibunoh <> wrote:
Dear All
In as much as we have significant improvements with the traffic situation, there is still a great deal of work to be done.
The traffic madness has gradually shifted to Ijora where the lawlessness is slowly becoming the order of the day.
The Trailers/tankers and miscreants are taking advantage of two things:
1) The lack of security and traffic control in the entire Ijora area leading up to Apapa
2) The abhorrent darkness of those roads without a single street light working.
Lagos State Government have done a good job of traffic management and security from after the decent of the high bridge by 7up all the way into Apapa. BUT people are still getting attacked when there is traffic at Ijora. Please find below the specifics of that:
1) They target women driving by themselves or alone with their drivers. Now they just smash the windows without asking questions.
2) They target expatriates as well robbing them blind
3) They attack families where there are small children in the vehicles
4) They attack people driving by themselves
They are very quick and move in and out of trailers within that Ijora axis.
Please find below the link to a facebook page created specifically for the Apapa situation. Kindly visit, join, and like this page. Share it on your own social media platforms. Tag your friends inside it. Send it to all your media contacts. The aim like we did before is to bring significant attention to the entire situation that we find ourselves in.