1. Something tells me that death will become a foregone thing if everybody has same mind with Laura Johnson. Please, let her tell us her state of mind during or before the crash. Her story is historic, a drastic and global report against death.

    • @ Onyeji,
      My state of mind during the crash was “oh God, is this how I’m going to die?” And before the crash, I didn’t think we were going to crash. I felt it was the normal flight turbulence.

      • It is all the same, my dear. @ Laura. If you didn’t expect the crash, it means that you had no fear because, according to what you said here, flight turbulence meant nothing harmful to you. It shows that your state of mind was peaceful and fearless at that very point.

        I am not saying that God did not have a hand in your survival. Everybody knows that God is keeper of our lives. But it is also true that fear is greatest weapon of death. No accident can take our lives if we are able to lay fear aside.

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