Lai Mohammed on The Discourse on Sunday

THE DISCOURSE this SUNDAY is first of a 2 part session with LAI MOHAMMED, spokesperson of the ACTION CONGRESS OF NIGERIA.He sheds light on a number of issues including the formation of the mega party APC,accusation of acquisition of Lagos State government assets against top members of his party,Lagos governorship ticket for ACN in 2015 and more.Its a very revealing no holds barred discussion over two episodes.


  1. The diffrence between PDP and ACN is that between day robbers and night robbers.They are all treasury looters!

  2. Great interview Uncle Jimi but I must confess I am a bit disappointed with Alh Lai Mohammed. I used to work with Skye Bank, Public Sector and can state categorically that Bola Tinubu owns Alpha Beta Consulting and the firm gets 10% of the Lagos state IGR! Even if the others like Oriental Hotel (which also is very clearly owned by him) is not. How can an individual company be collecting as much as N6bn monthly. This figure is confirmed by a friend that works in the Lagos state Tax office.
    The way ACN is making it difficult for people to acquire landed property in Lagos now is very disheartening. Meanwhile all lands are being owned and bought up by party members. I met a Mobile officer once that worked on the security detail of the Governor was thanking BRF because he got to pay N80,000 for a 2 yr old Toyota pick up truck that used to belong to the state. An example of how they share he states wealth to people that belong to the ‘circle’.
    I’ve only voted for ACN since this new political dispensation but I must say I have chosen not to cast any vote again because in reality, ACN is not so different from PDP. I have serious doubts also that the new party will not be any different.
    Bola Tinubu just acquired the land that used to be the Local Govt office on Kingsway road. I guess he will deny that also. Please invite him to a live ‘ The Discuss’ and let him answer to us listeners and citizens as we ask him questions.
    We want The Discuss to be live!

    • Really its up to those who make these accusations to come out with concrete proof,otherwise much as we feel it will continue to remain in the realm of speculation

  3. It was great interview and I concede that Alh. Lai Mohammed seems to be a very amiable person, compared to the likes of Abati,Labaran etc.

    He also did a a good job to absolve his principal, Tinubu of various allegations of conversion of government properties to personal property.

    However in my opinion, he was not able to convince me that APC/ACN is a viable alternative to the mess we have at the center, courtesy of PDP.

    I was expecting Alhaji Mohammed to give a radical view to sum of the issues uncle Jimi raised, such as: Constituency projects by members of national assembly, remuneration of legislators, speaker of Lagos state . He failed to address the morality of these issues, rather he took advantage of legal technicalities to defend his party’s position. This is the same trick that PDP deploys all the time. I am not impressed at all.

  4. Dear Mr Jimi permit me to say that Alhaji Lai Mohammed is being economical with the truth as regards some of the questions you asked about Bola Tinubu. For example on the issue of revenue collection, the truth is that the company collecting the revenue actually belongs to Bola Tinubu. For security reasons i might not want to call names but believe me the company is Tinubu’s.

    Dear Mr Jimi please i will like you to emphasise more on the ownership of Oriental Hotel with Alhaji Lai Mohammed next week Sunday. He didn’t quite answer your question on the ownership of the building. He only alleged that the hotel is been managed by a Chinese consortium. I am of the opinion you didn’t want to stress further. I have friends working there who secretly confided in me on who owns the hotel. I stay in Maiduguri but hear things sir.

    • Should you come with some concrete proof or leads i wil be ready to pursue this to a logical conclusion

  5. i must say thank u sir for letting us ve an idea of the working of ur pOlitical party nd what they stand for.this gives some of us hope that things will get better soon.
    i should also say good governance is not the total absence of corruption but the presence of rule of law. i do not expect all ACP members to be saints.but i agree with their principle.we must understand that God wont come down himself to govern us.Edo state is an example. lets open our eyes people

  6. It was a great one; i heard u mention those alegations against tinubu to him and he denied and played them down; ordinarily i would have believed him but recent experience with our politicians make it difficult for me.
    Please J D;do some investigative journalism and independent findings to find out if those alegations against tinubu are true; they are too overwhelming to be ignored; we’ll keep our fingers cross for the second part.

  7. all the allegations have not been veriifed to be truth. it is important to state that the so called billionaires today are all opportunists who capitalize on the weakness and loopholes in govt to syphone public funds. an average man is susceptible to steal if he has prior knowledge of loophole in the system. situation like this will continue because will really cannot account cash inflow as a country. quite unfortunate. i am still in support of national conference to chart a new beginning and define our path

  8. interesting and intelligent discourse! my take on who owns what, the truth will out, as there is nothing hidden under the sun. its just a matter or time.

  9. Why is it that people are so much interested on who owns what? O.k what are they going to do if truly the Oriental hotel belong to Tinubu? Why can’t we for once stop playing people down? What a lot of people don’t know is that the hotel employed a lot of Nigerians and is good we appreciate this. If truly the hotel belong to Tinubu in my opinion it is better than stacking 9ja’s money in foreign country without any benefit to Nigerians.

  10. The interview session was a good one, but i will suggest to Jimi to be calling people that allegations are labelled against, even in your FPN. Your programmes sometimes look to me as a one way traffic. Always find out from the opposition before you conclude. You are not an island of yourself so you cant analyse everything.

    • The discourse did not level accusations,what we did was to ask him if the rumours making the round were true and he explained it all.As for front page news all we do there is analyse,we have never levelld accusations against anyone.yes you are right,no man is an island and i don’t analyse everything,only what is making the rounds on the front pages of the newspapers that are brought to my attention

  11. great works from u mr jimi. people like u are role model to this generation. all i will say is keep d flag flying so that generation yet unborn will live to remember you. i am happy today i got u and i promise to keep in touch.

  12. JD unlike others here, I was disaapointed with the pace and tone of this interview. It lacked your incisiveness and no nonsense approach. It was apparent that you were treating Alhaji with kid gloves. Abi u don join APC? You let him get away with every thing…..not acceptable at all.

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