Lagos Igbos Demand Inclusive Government From Ambode

joe igbokwe

In a conference convened by the Igbo Progressive Leaders Council (IPLC) the group disclosed that they presented a seven-point plan to the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode.

Led by Mr. Joe Igbokwe, the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Lagos State chapter, the IPLC expressed their desire to see a friendly relationship between the State government and the Ndigbo (a group that represents Igbo communities within and outside Nigeria).

In order to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between the Ndigbo and State Government, the IPLC through their Publicity Secretary, Dr. Harris Chuma, proposed “the establishment of a board that will recognize the Lagos Igbo honorary chieftaincy affairs”

Their demands also included “sustained improvement of the road network in the state”. “equal treatment as their Yoruba counterparts”, “compensation for victims of fire disaster in the various markets” and an “end to the harassment, intimidation, and extortion of Igbo by unscrupulous government officials.”

They ended by calling for the new government to listen to the sincere voices of their Igbo citizens.



  1. Imagine the Igbos in Lagos demanding for “the establishment of a board that will recognise the Lagos Igbo honorary chieftaincy affairs”, “equal treatment as their Yoruba counterparts”. Whatever they mean by their mischievous demands.

    Can any other ethnic groups make such nauseating, ridiculous and irritating demands in any of the Igbo communities in the East? Yet the Igbos have the audacity to request this from Lagos State. There is a limit to accommodating, tolerating and even accepting people, especially of other ethnic and culture, just in the name of peaceful co-existence and cultural-integration. “Ti eru ba pe nile, yio bura alajobi”. The present Lagos State administration should rather set a limit to the excesses of the Igbos in the state.

  2. Maka why? Imagine the audacity in making demands on a government you didn’t join hands to put in power. The Igbo are shameless, and their audacity is nauseating!

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