Independence Day: Nigerian Students Set To Protest Against Attacks In Lagos By Bose Adelaja

Students across the country, under the aegis of Alliance of Nigerian Students Against Neo-Liberal Attacks, ANSA, will today, stage a mass protest in Lagos in commemoration of the 56th Independence Day in Nigeria.

At a press briefing which took place Thursday, at the International Press Centre, Lagos, the students said they are protesting against the myriads of attacks waged on Nigerian students and parents.

The convener, Comrade Wole Olubanji said the protest would take off by 8am, at Ikeja Under-bridge where students from various institutions of learning are expected to converge.

According to him, the attacks on Nigerian students are induced by failed successive governments that obstinately refused to depart from the neo-liberal, pro-rich and elitist policies of previous regimes.

The convener who said education was underfunded in Nigeria called on the federal government, to give 26 % of its budget to education as requested by The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO, Also, he said it was time the government reduced the salaries of political office holders and stand against extravagant life styles of politicians.

He said, “ the government continues to condone the extravagant lifestyles of political office holders with a bulk of the national budget. Change must start with cutting the jumbo salaries of these politicians.

We demand this must be immediately slashed to the average wage and allowances of skilled workers. The difference, we demand, should be diverted to funding education in order to increase the creativity and productivity of this country during this period of government-induced recession.” In attendance was Secretary, Joint Action Front JAF, Comrade Abiodun Aremu who also called on government to look into the plight of Nigerian students.


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