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When simple Mathematical calculations that ordinarily should produce answers without sweat turn out to be very problematic to the extent that not even the erudite Professors of Mathematics could help the situation , then, one cannot but agree with a comedian that the near inexplicable situation of Nigeria might not be unconnected with the misery of creation afterall.
Whilst other nations were created with bagful of natural disasters like Typhoon of various categories, Hurricanes and Earthquakes of different magnitudes even with lesser deposits of mineral resources, Nigeria was so favourably Blessed at creation with abundant human and minerals resources and when the angels began to “query” God as to why He was that magnanimously philanthropic to the nation Nigeria, the Creator was reportedly quoted to have said “Are you envious at my gesture towards Nigeria? You wait to see the kind of rulers am going to give to them”

This joke actually sounds funny. And true to its contents, the scenario appears to be playing out with more than 90% of her past rulers representing the Tyrannical Adolf Hitlers and the Mobutu Sese Sekos of this world.
 I disagree with the joke though, especially when one considers the fact that out of the same Land came the likes of Late Gen. Rabat Murtala Mohammed, Late Gen. Tunde Idiagbon, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, the late Alhaji Umar Musa Yar’adua and few others of like mind and passion.
The very unfortunate position  Nigeria has found herself is so sad it could be described as inexplicable by many people outside her shores but to the people “in the know”, it is quite understandable.
Inexplicable to the people of the outside world because it really does NOT make any sense to find a Land so blessed with enormous human cum material resources having her nationals languishing in abject poverty with majority of the Citizenry not knowing where the next meal would come from.

Little wonder someone once described Nigeria as “a funny geographical structure that happens to be the most blessed {with everything}, yet the poorest”.

They {the outer world} have always marvelled at the paradox called Nigeria especially when the chronic poverty occasioned by gross lack in the Land is juxtaposed with the seemingly inexhaustible deposits of mineral resources given her by mother nature. And when one tries to justify the woes on the Land by blaming it on lack of Purposeful Leadership, they {the outsiders} get confused the more when they check the statistics of millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora, majority of whom are doing their country of sojourning {host country} proud.
It’s more or less a case of The More You Look, The Less You See or The More You Ponder, The More Complicated It Becomes, with questions upon questions and myriad of questions begging for answers.
To us the insiders, it looks like a case of The More You Talk, The More Complicated It Gets And The More Frustrated One Becomes.
But thank God for the very firm resolve at the last election when the people actually realised that truly, Evil thrives only when men and women of goodwill keep their peace, hence some 15 millions Nigerians shouted louder to prevail over the other 12 millions who wanted the status quo continued. And thank God, the “I”s have it as our Lawbreakers {Lawmakers I mean} would love to say.

A lot have been said on how we did find ourselves in this very unpleasant situation where even as a Blessed and Highly Favoured,  the country is still going round the globe with cap in hands begging for alms, a ridicule instead of a Celebrity in the committee of Nations. {A visit to my write up on PROJECT NIGERIA via Facebook.com/FacesOfCorruption-Only In Nigeria would broaden one’s view on HOW WE GOT HERE}

Like Doctors would do normally, a diagnosis of the ailment has been done and without much ado, the next step of appropriate Prescription should be taken without fear or favour lest the victim suffers the consequences of such a delay which undoubtedly are better imagined than experienced.
The abysmal performance of the PDP-led administration necessitated the clamour for CHANGE and now, here comes the CHANGE.

We expected and rightly so that the GMoB-led APC knew the enormity of what it takes to get a drowning Nation like ours out of the depth and safely to the shores.
A promise of monthly allowance for the unemployed was made, it was a welcome development, it is quite doable without wasting time manufacturing excuses on why it might not be a reality.
A promise of a Free meal per day was made to parents in favour of their children of school age and expectedly it wouldn’t have been jettisoned or discarded with a wave of hand in a country where people are visiting the dustbin for any possible leftover to give them strength for the next move. Again, this is quite doable without thinking of replicating what Rauf Aręgbęşõla is selling to the HIGHLY Expectant voters and good people of Osun State.

Uninterrupted Power Supply was made an issue which it truly is, yes, it’s an issue and a very serious one at that and for Lai Mohammed or anyone to handle microphone and make any statement that could be interpreted as a systematic deviation from the APC campaign promise or an act of reneging on the Social/Political contract that binds us together would only make the opposition and billions of souls {Nigerians and other Global watchers of events} describe the GMoB-led administration “Dead on Arrival”.
A lot of problems that plagued the Land necessitated many mouth-watering electoral promises and this is certainly NOT the time to attempt swimming in the same ocean that “swallowed” the People’s Democratic Party of no blessed memory.
All that is needed and required of GMoB is Sincerity of Purpose and Honesty of Intention and before we say Happy New Year come midnight 31st December, 2015, Nigerians would be “chorusing”  THANK GOD FOR THIS WIND Of CHANGE that blew across the Land.

Talking about Sincerity of Purpose, Honesty of Intention and integrity on the part of the man at the Centre, he possesses these in required quantity that would make any right-thinking individual vouch for him any day.
Information has it that GMoB is one of the very few {if not the only one} past Heads of State who have no “Oil well”. News were also flying around during the campaigns that he {GMoB} is the only Past Leader who refused to take in full, the VERY BOGUS monthly payments that our very sick system has apportioned to them as their monthly retirement benefits which is in millions of Naira of our collective resources whilst those who conspicuously pilfered into our Common Wealth while in office have decided to go home with all, every month.

NOW, a pertinent question to you “Mr GMoB” is how do you swim in this historic ocean that you do not end up drowning like the past swimmers who surrounded themselves with legions of sycophants and potential looters in the name of political advisers, special and senior special assistants, ministers and the likes, majority of whom do NOT wish that the business as usual system of governance breathes its last.

Without fear or favour “Mr GMoB” Sir, it is STRONGLY advised you do everything possible to put not only the round pegs in round holes BUT endeavour to put in the round holes ONLY the round pegs that have NO blemish in their records and this is regardless of your political or religious affiliation with such.

Do also, everything possible to get back into the Treasury every money that has been fraudulently taken out of our Collective Till.
Your dramatic change of stance almost at the eve of the election that your fight against corruption would only take effect from May 29th {which was understandable as of then because of the Powers that be who would not want their cases revisited} should be revisited to make every office holder including heads of state accountable for their stay in public domain and since you’re such an uncommon specie with no flare for stealing, you would have nothing to fear after leaving the office.
This certainly needs to be done just like they have no sacred cow in China, Japan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and the likes, all of which have left us behind in terms of Real Development, failure to do so will make nonsense of whatever fight you put up against corruption.
#TheJOMBO PAY of public servants {states and national Assemblies, governors, presidency and etc} and the seeming endless retinue of auxiliary staffers that have drained us severely should be given a serious attention with a view to cutting down very considerably, the unparalleled cost of governance in this part of the Globe, it has indeed impoverished our people to an unbelievable extent that millions are living on less than one US dollar per day.
A trip to many motor packs at late night hours would enable one see many Nigerians sleeping inside packed buses or abandoned vehicles, not because they don’t want to lay their heads under decent accommodation or because they love to be somehow Magnanimous at the mosquitoes and other nocturnal animals but because they cannot afford the wicked rent operating in the system. Meanwhile, a drive through the streets of Abuja, Lagos and some other major cities would see you drive by many uninhabited Mighty Mansions locked up for years which undoubtedly are products of ill-gotten wealth.

Aside from Mr President whose daily responsibilities are enormous, huge and daunting, maximum of 2 official cars made locally is recommended for all other office holders with neither furniture nor wardrobe allowance since governance in other climes is about service to the people so whoever cannot stand the heat is advised to stay out of the kitchen.
The near countless number of aircrafts on the Presidential fleet should be rebranded to resuscitate our hitherto moribund National Carrier, The Nigeria Airways which was the Pride of not only our Nation but that of the entire continent of Africa, one of the many reasons Nigeria was regarded as the Giant of Africa back then.

Talking about the Hydra-headed problem of power that has plagued the Land for years, a devilish situation where we have consistently paid for what is never served, a complete revocation of all the on-going contracts would not only put an end to our continuous payment for darkness, it would also help in returning to our Treasury, billions of dollars {US} that had gone to the thiefs-called-investors who ordinarily should have come with their funds to get the sector functioning but with the connivance of the thiefs at home {especially those in public offices}, succeeded in getting our long-raped Nation to pay them instead of the Nation getting paid by them. The good thing about this daylong nightmare is that, bad as it is, the whole country could be powered effectively {i.e.247} to the tune of not less than 3/4 of the entire population even before the year 2015 takes its exit.

A Divinely Inspired Solution to make this happen was unveiled to Ruben Abati and Doyin Okupe who both failed to get the all-important memo to Mr President for whatever reason known to them.
The idea was to be taken to Fashola but the cold war between the PDP central government and the APC-led administration in Lagos State did not encourage our Team to approach the Fashola-led administration for partnership since we would need to feed the end users via the national grid.
“Mr GMoB” Sir,  this is a solution that would definitely make you heave a HUGE Sigh of relief and whilst you’re working on gas and hydro-based solution, the whole nation identifying with your accent is already saying- Sai Baaba, Zenkiu por this Neeva froflem that you hap resaped {Thank you Mr President for this NEPA problem that you have resolved}.
And mark you Sir, the level of people’s dependence on government would drop dramatically soon as power supply becomes stable, this is because their businesses would receive a new lease of life automatically thereby producing maximally at lesser cost, this would lead to higher turnover and the resultant higher profitability that would make all smile to the banks, even life expectancy would soar due to a sharp drop in the general level of discomfort. Nigerians are waiting.
Information has it that out of the whopping US$20tr stolen from Nigeria since independence, not less than US$150b has gone into power sector in recent years and whereas an airport in Singapore has 40,000MW of electricity and South Africa with less than 100m people has about 50,000MW, Nigeria with about 200m people has had her power generation dropped from a shameful 5,000MW to an incredible all time low of less than 1,500MW in May, 2015 to serve the entire inhabitants of the disputable “Giant of Africa”,  what a nation.
For this Project, no such amount is needed and the time required is unbelievably very short and for the purpose of emphasis, a greater portion of Nigeria will get connected before 2015 goes out of vogue.
We have done our feasibility study of the Area for the pilot and the enthusiasm was so high on the need to get the Project running without delay.

Several barrels of our crude leave our shores under the supervision of heavily settled high ranking military officers and men whereas this menace and other forms of oil theft including illegal bunkering could be nipped in the bud with application of modern technology.
Don’t forget again Sir, that Modern Technology has brought about Simple and cost effective Modern Refineries and this could make Nigeria produce even beyond our 40 million litres daily need and very cheap too, so that Nigerians would for once benefit from the gift of mother nature.
Such Refineries are cheaper and could be put together in record time.

One thing Economics taught us is that Availability of Raw Materials should be a major factor for consideration in location of industry and whilst I’m not advocating the relocation of the Kaduna Refinery, I sincerely advise GMoB to consider allowing every state that has oil deposit in commercial quantities have their own Refineries.

The very ambiguous Theory of Subsidy viz a viz it’s sustenance or removal has never had a sincere argument advanced by government at least not in favour of the masses.
The successive governments have always taken advantage of the vulnerability of Nigerians to hike the selling prices of all these essential commodities under the auspices of :
1. The products are too cheap thereby making them targets of smugglers
2. Running Refineries is not the business of government
3. Subsidy is going to the pockets of few {now referred to as Cabal}
4. Deregulation is the in-thing and would bring down the prices of the products after a short while like it happened in the Telecoms Industry and many unreasonable reasons that a reasonable person cannot see as reasonable.
Now, to the excuse number 1 which is talking about the “uneconomic affordability” of the products, research has shown that no other country has her citizens pay as much as Nigerians pay for these products and when one goes further to juxtapose the pump prices here in Nigeria with those obtainable in other oil-producing nations of the World, it would further aggravate the level of discord and acrimony from the governed to the governing and this is justifiably so. One also wonders if the Check Points created around our borders are just there for fun and the Customs and Excise officials manning them mere robots.
The second excuse of having government remove its hand from running Refineries equally has no precedence as governments of both oil-producing and non-oil-producing nations have been seen running Refineries for years to the benefits of their people and other Global users and without any record of malfunctioning or fraud of any kind arising from such.
Another fraudulent theory blindly sold to our people is that the so-called subsidy is only going to the pockets of few individuals and one cannot but wonder whether we truly have qualified people at the helm of affairs because this is quite shameful a reason to be given by any government that knows it’s purpose of being in power but because the system has over the years put Highly clueless clique in public offices, the so-called cabal has always held the entire country to ransom except for the doggedness of few Reasonable Leaders like the late Omar Musa Yar’adua of Blessed Memory.
The 4th argument of deregulation appears to be the worst of all as the only case study of Diesel has never reflected the real benefits cum essence of the policy.
This product {Diesel} has been deregulated since about a decade ago and despite the series of sharp fluctuations that have characterised the sales of crude at the International Market, the price of Diesel has never dwindle below #140/litter, though the crude had traded between $40 and $110 per barrel.
Another area of interest is the continued waste of national resources on Kerosene which should be selling @#50/litter BUT unfortunately still sells for #150/litter, yet there is someone answering Mr. President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with many assistants in the name of Minister of Finance, coordinating minister of the Economy including numerous Special Assistants and many Senior Special Assistants, one then wonders if these people fear God at all even if they give no damn about their fellow humans.
When we have enough Refineries manned by People of Purpose, the fraudulent subsidy provisions that have milked Nigerians dry would have no need being in the national budget any more thereby making more funds available for developmental projects.
The good news about this is that Modern Technology has gone farther to the extent of Building better Refineries yet faster and cheaper and the respective state governments that would have this done actually don’t have to rack their brains on how to source the fund, agreement could be reached with the Builders to have their bill settled from the proceeds of the daily production. The entire Citizenry then enjoys the benefits of the partnership right from the commissioning of the project and even more when the contract debts are fully paid.

We pray God’s protection and guidance over you, your family and your cabinet as well as the entire people of Nigeria, even as we remind you that the task of Taking Nigeria to the Land Flowing with Milk and Honey does NOT require Rocket Science, but very Doable with Sincerity of Purpose and Honesty of Intention.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
AKIN-AYOADE Omotayo Chris
Tel: 0817308709708023087097

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