I warned Ekiti deputy gov before her death –Ayodele…….Daily Independent

The Spiritual leader of INRI Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde, has expressed condolence to the people of Ekiti State and the governor, Kayode Fayemi, over the death of his deputy, Funmilayo Olayinka. He, however, said he tried all he could to reach him for spiritua solution before she died.

Noted for his accurate predictions, Ayodele urged the people of the state to see the development as an act of God, adding, however, that her death would have been averted if revelations in the 2013 edition of his annual prophecy book published in 2012 titled, “Warnings to the nations,” had been taken serious.

The cleric, who warned the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, to be wary of health challenge since last year, described the late deputy governor as a good woman and a jolly fellow. “My prayer is may her soul rest in peace. God owns life and there is nothing we can do to change His will particularly when it is too late. My sympathy goes to the Ekiti people, especially her family and Governor Kayode Fayemi.”

The Ikere Ekiti-born preacher encouraged politicians to move closer to God, saying; “ He is the only one who can guarantee life. If you check the 2013 edition of our book on arning to all nations, we had told the Ekiti people to pray for the deputy governor to avert a health challenge that may not allow her to complete her tenure.  We also warned the impeached Imo State deputy governor to pray against political moves that may remove him from office.”

“When I could not reach her, I sent a text message to her phone for prayers but we didn’t get reply. I just want to advise politicians to move closer to God because a lot of forces are working against them.  In our 2013 prophecy book, we said it clearly that prayers should be offered for Ekiti deputy governor on page 81, the impeached Imo deputy governor on page 79/80 and warning to Britain on Margret Thatcher on page 137.”

JD:I honestly don’t know where this is coming from.the poor lady had had a running battle with cancer for a year,pray tell me if she had heeded the prophets warning ,what could she have done to avert the death.?pay him a visit to avert the death?I think we need to be wary of many of our prophets who claim to make predictions and take glory that is actually Gods’


  1. Dear Mr Jimi don’t belief everything you read or hear. Why couldn’t he intercede on her behalf since God loves him more to see her critical situation.

    • In truth i iam not too sure if anyone can really intercede between you and your God.This i believe happens when in the first place you don’t have a relationship with the God who created you.All of us are guilty of this as we generally tend to pay lip service to God in our lives

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