Most women at one time or the other have experienced looseness in their vagina. Now this becomes an issue if your partner or lover is not well endowed or is less than average size. As a woman we all want to feel thrills and fireworks when we do get intimate and a loose vagina does not allow this. We can end up feeling frustrated or even worse after the sexual encounter.

We are not able to derive the fun we ought to have from sex and worse still our partner feels just the same way. Sexual intercourse is meant to be enjoyed and at the same time it’s one of the ways of connecting with your lover. This is why as a woman experiencing loose vagina l must say the best solution you can do to solve the problem is to correct the looseness by tightening the vagina.

Vagina tightening is the process of tightening the pelvic muscles in order to achieve or maintain the right degree of elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscle is what surrounds both the vagina and vaginal wall muscle. These muscles must be able to contract in order to maintain continence, and to relax, allowing for urination and bowel movements, and in women, for sexual intercourse as well as for giving birth. They also support and protect the organs of the abdomen and hold the bladder in its proper place.

There are many misconceptions about causes of vagina looseness such as giving birth and having too much sex. None of these are true, thank goodness!

The actual causes of vaginal looseness are having multiple births over a short period of time like having 3 kids for a space of three years, thereby not allowing the body or rather the vaginal walls to fully recover. Also age, when gravity sets in, can be a factor that can result in vagina looseness and also a change in hormones related to menopause could weakened the pelvic muscles. Another cause can also be lack of exercises as this can cause the body and the pelvic walls to lose its tightness. Lack of sex can also result in vagina looseness as sex is an excellent exercise for the vagina walls. Also there are rare cases where vaginal looseness happens due to severe medical conditions

Like l mentioned earlier there are numerous solutions to a loose vagina which is through vaginal tightening. It can be achieved naturally in lots of ways and they are very effective if they are carried out regularly and consistently.

Having an Orgasm
An orgasm is a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during a sexual act which results in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region which in turn tones the pelvic muscles. As pelvic floor muscles become stronger, so will the orgasms become bigger. So the more you orgasm you have, the more you are able to tone your pelvic floor muscles. So apart from the satisfaction you derive from having an orgasm, you get to tighten your vagina as well; wow! what an added BONUS!

Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercise also known as Pelvic floor exercise is simply contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor, also referred to as the “Kegel muscles”. This exercise is very simply. What you need to do is when you are using the bathroom, simply hold your urine with your pelvic muscle and release after wards. Repeat this several times till you are able to recognize this muscle. In the comfort of your bedroom you can practice holding and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. The beauty of this exercise is you can do it anywhere, when sitting down, when standing. You should do this exercise on a regular basis in order to achieve the desired results.

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Squatting, Yoga and Pilates
Other forms of exercise also help to tighten the pelvic muscles, like, squatting yoga and Pilates, as these all incorporate working on the pelvic floor muscle and strengthening your core muscles which together will help keep your pelvic floor muscles tighter.

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Insert Ben-wa Balls (Geisha Balls)
Sometimes Kegel exercises are not enough to tighten the vaginal muscle, so if this is the case, you can try inserting Ben-wa balls as this also helps in trying to get a deeper strengthening of muscles in the vagina. Ben-wa balls are weighted, therefore once inserted; you have to really engage the muscles down there to keep them in! The action of passively or actively retaining the Ben-wa Balls internally helps a great deal in improving the pelvic floor muscle thereby toning it.

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A Healthy Diet

To keep your pelvic muscles strong, you must feed the muscles properly daily to ensure its correct growth and repair. So always have a healthy diet full of wholegrain organic carbohydrates, organic lean animal protein, excellent muscle builder, and organic fruits and vegetables.

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Medicinal plants

Plants have been used for centuries for their beneficial properties that are specific to human health or animal. Some of these plants have very strong astringent properties that have the ability to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. The best-known and most used natural herbal ingredients for this purpose are the Kacip Fatimah (Labisia pulimia). They are used in many vaginal tightening products, like creams, gels, pills, tablets, capsules, essential oils, sticks, wands, soaps, washes, suppositories and many other forms.

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So there you have it; the natural ways you can achieve well- toned pelvic floor muscles that make the vagina tighter and at the same time enhances your sexual enjoyment. A woman that has this feels better about herself because she is able to enjoy love making more and feel good doing so.



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