How To Build, Secure Good Customer Trust, Reputation With Social Media

Reputation is key, trust is inevitable in every business. These are two props that guarantee the success of any brand. It is an incontestable fact that Social media is one dominant instrument which can make or wreck your relationship with your clients on the spur of the moment.

With that being said, it is important for brands that truly want to thrive more to understand how to use the tool to their advantage, to win customer’s trust as well as build a reputation. GT Bank is one brand among a lot many that has converted the full opportunities of social media and continue to excite their customers by providing them exceptional experiences.

But, how would you do that? Worry not!

Here are 5 ways by which you can increase your customer’s trust and your reputation with the help of social media.

Establish A Network For Online Response

According to recent stats, more than 60% of the people who complain to brands via twitter anticipate their responses within an hour!

Social media has developed an effective medium for the customer to share their opinion either negative or positive about your products and services. Do not get unnecessarily angry when you get such negative comments on a channel such as twitter because they help your brand get better if the highlighted errors are worked upon and can be your stepping stone to success. Always monitor all of your social feeds to see what people are saying about you, your competitors and what’s trending.

Advice: Use Monitoring tools like Hootsuite as it allows you respond quickly and easily to your comments or reviews.

Monitor Your Online Presence

Most brands neglect the social media platforms and focus on the business of the day, but here is the shocker: a bad comment on any of your product online if not treated well could tarnish your online reputation.

Monitoring Your online presence should be included on a day-to-day to-do list.

Exceeding your customer’s expectations makes you earn their profound trust and when this is guaranteed, they automatically become your online advocates; sharing your messages with friends and list of connections without even asking for it. This can go a long way in securing your customer and your reputation in the market.

Build Relationships With Your Customer

The relationship is paramount if you truly want to survive in any business. The state of your business is a result of the relationship you keep. However, in this digital age it is of essence you take more seriously your online relationship with prospects and existing clients. Build an online network which gives your fans a more direct access to you whenever they come across any difficulty or feel like passing on amazing comments on your services. React promptly to each comment. Never look down on this approach, It can go a long way in sustaining your customer retention strategy.

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Reward Your Top Customers

Everyone loves to be appreciated, the same applies to your customers, followers, and fans online. Another effective method in gaining your customer’s trust is through online contests where they are given opportunities to participate and get involved. For instance, you could try ‘a customer of the month competition on Instagram or Facebook’. This among numerous can make you earn more of their trust.

Build An Engaging Community

Build a community and not an academic centre. Most brands tend to be too academic in their method of churning out content to fans. Even their choice of words could make one skip over to another interesting content.

Your content will determine if they will stay or move on to read other engaging posts.

This community will help to strengthen your relationship with customers and also make them stay closer to the company.

Having an engaging community makes your brand a thought leader within the target niche.

In Conclusion

Building and running a successful business is no longer just about selling and services. It has a lot to do with marketing and publicity. And the rise of social media has made it easy and accessible to everyone. The application of social media in marketing and customer services is unparalleled.

But many of the business owners do not take full benefit of it. It is important to utilize the benefits of social media for the maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

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