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CONNECTING to WIFI better known as “piggybacking” has been the only free way for internet users perusing into categories of websites without being charged for internet service. However, as users find it difficult to stay offline, this has specifically exposed their files to an unsecured wireless network. Now comes the question, is it safe connecting to an unknown wireless network? Here comes some safe method of handling such problems

Ground Ad hoc networking

Disable automatic connectionsThe network allows the user to share files from one system to the other. When your ad-hoc networking is turned on, it gives room for malicious users hacking into your system leaving you with nothing but to put your system at risk. Turning of your ad-hoc network will restrict users form altering connections.

Browsing via WIFI connects users to different online connections. The danger here is when your setting is enabled to connect any network which may be designed by rogues taking up leverage of spying into your files without the user’s awareness.


It is of great advantage for internet users restricting automatic connections to avoid cyber-bullying.

Install firewall software

This prevents unauthorized access to your device, its defensive in screening incoming access and as well ensures that incoming connections are legitimately approved by the user.

Turn file sharing off

Users connects to WIFI network without knowing that their file sharing is turned on, when a user is connected to any network his files are being exposed to different users which was as a result of enabling his file sharing being turned on. However joining allows others to have access to your files. Turning it off will serve as the only way out for such a user.

Get encrypted

The use of virtual private network (VPN) secure connections among users is advised to have an encrypted code which keeps off hackers away from your files when being connected to a WIFI network. However, most hackers find it easy to connect to unencrypted devices. Having an encryption code keeps users away from being hacked.