1. Hello Mr Jimi. I am one of those that hold you and your news analysis at a very high esteem. In fact, in any of the week days you are absent from the studio I feel unsettled as far as the analysis of the news of the day is concerned. However, your position on the possible cause of the Bristow crashed helicopter this morning gives an impression that you were not in your full elements today. I would not know how you could subscriber to an outdated opinion of an Oba that suggested that Nigerians should start trecking to the villages while the rest of the responsible world is heading for the moon. Many of us share your sentiment on the need to compel the looters of the past administration to return our money, I want to advise that you play down on your attached emotions for your health sake. God bless you real good

    • I advise that you listen carefully before you comment on issues,only a completely uneducated man would have said the crash was due to traditional whatever,and please,i am always in my full elements,at least i can say that for myself

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