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Welcome to OUR blog. I am just the caretaker of this medium we will use to express our views on contemporary issues.Our voice MUST be heard !

On this blog we will highlight and analyse issues of the day both as recorded in the print and electronic media and also news as it breaks. we will be on 24/7  as we have the whole world as our constituency ; but our primary focus will be on our dear country, Nigeria.

We will be frank,we will be focused,we will be bold, but we will keep it clean.On this blog you can get to hear” live”, your favorite program, FRONT PAGE NEWS on CLASSIC fm 97.3, 7 am, Monday to Friday, and also hear “live” your  Sunday tonic,THE DISCOURSE with JIMI DISU also on Classic fm 97.3 fm , 2pm on Sundays .We also have on this site all previously recorded editions of the  THE DISCOURSE. Listen and make your own comments on issues raised.

So folks,over to you,the blog is all yours,and remember….OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!


  1. This is a welcome development! A forum where our voices can be aired!
    Well done for putting this together!


  2. Weldon for being the light, we have to start from somewhere and that place is here. We really have to make our voices count. Weldon Mr. Jimi Disu.

  3. Welcome uncle JD; u are a shining light to me and I pray that God will continue to empower and strenghten you; Nigeria is our country and we will not rest untill we are rid of the bad eggs, especially @ the top echelon of our polity; together we will take it to greater hight.
    Our power is in writing and speaking and we will keep using it until we are heard and appropriate actions and changes are effected.
    I posted this on your fb earlier:Please uncle JD; help us get inec on DISCUSS; what’s their preparation for 2015; what about those that turn 18 after 2011; what about those that change location or lost their card; what are they doing to prevent riging and increase voters’ awareness and other relevant questions because they are crucial in liberating us from the jugulars of these vampires; please JD; i believe in you

  4. Just want to commend you on the insightful newspaper analysis you conduct during the week. This is your contribution towards strenghtening of our democracy and educating the mass of our elastic electorate. Continue the good work the Lord will always be your strenght.

  5. Good morning, Mr Disu. Indeed, there is an Official Passport. I had one when I was in Government service. It has a blue cover. I recall that the Diplomatic version is red whilst the Standard one for us lesser folks is green. Keep up the good job, sir

  6. This is a welcome idea most especially at this time in our dear country Nigeria. I trust with this kind of awareness and information, the mindset of the common people can refashioned. Please keep up the good work Mr. Jimi.

  7. Mr. JD very commendable fora u av created.i usually set alarm so i dnt miss ur incisive analysis of papers on classic fm.howeva,i think u wl also do well if u regularly organises motivational talks bc i c d power in ur voice to sway pple.as per our leaders,den no go hear until d day d pple wl rise up & say enough is enough. more lubricant to ur lung!

  8. Gudm Uncle JD.U r d best that can evr happen to dat institute (journalisM)God bless U dearly,am S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ addicted to ur program on Classic Fm.Pls kip Up d ƍöôϑ work Sir,the Sky is ur Limit

  9. Jimi 2 times, thanks of the inspiration talks in the morning. it motivates the average listener. information is so powerful. keep up the good job. you are that voice we need. the sky will not be your limit but starting point. your limit will be undefined. God will protect you and grant you wisdom to keep adding value.

  10. Ever since I listened to your comments on classic fm, I was suprised to know we still have an honest man like you, unlike the so called human rights activist who are not even bold enough to stand for what they preach. Thanks for standing for the majourity(poor masses.)

  11. Good day Mr Jimi Disu “2 times”!u r doin gr8 sir cuz u make “6days” out my week with d news papers analysis n d “discourse with Jimi Disu” on sundays while “ma hommie; sly” makes my days with u 5days a week on news papers analysis n saturdays with classic hiphop…as i write,am feeln him !!! u guyz r so gr8..I GOT UR BACKS!!!

  12. Nice one bros jimi pls this PHCN people are at it again oo just imagine I got a bill of 12k for just one month hummm I tire oo PHCN at sanya area of aguda ans I dont sell ice blocks or fronze foods oooo


  14. Great job Mr. Jimi. making people aware of the anomalies in our country is just the first step towards
    “our long walk to freedom”… we shall surely overcome!!

  15. Lagos state government recently insisted that all private schools in the state should run the same calendar as public schools in the state. Hitherto, the policy was that the difference in dates should not be more than a week. This worked out fine.

    A survey of other countries shows that this flexibility is usually accorded private schools.

    What the government should concentrate on is content. Lagos state should be more concerned with private schools fulfilling the mandatory number of weeks and the contents and quality of the curriculum.

    The state schools have a flexibility of dates as the state could suddenly change resumption for any reason. Private schools do not have that luxury as the calendar is usually strictly adhered to once drawn up.

    Aside from this, many private schools have extra and co curricular activities which are not available in the public schools that warrants these differences.

    Is there a medium to get across to the state government that the previous policy of not more than a weeks’s difference should be reinstated? Please help!

  16. Dear uncle J.D. I celebrate you sir, I listen to your show every Sunday even though the last edition with Dr Aribisala (sorry if i spelt that wrongly) left me rather confused as I identify with some of his ideas and naturally disagree with some others. Anyways, good job sir. To collaborate your story on banks this morning on FPN, my wife was retrenched 2 years ago from Ecobank haven worked with the erstwhile Oceanic, however, the bank removed 40,000 Naira from her salary for 4 years under some staff savings scheme initiated and made compulsory by the Bank they tagged it SSITF. They paid some staff and refused to pay their own set retrenched two years ago, they went to court to fight for it but the system has kept frustrating them. The fraud and brutal rape of staff within the banking industry is really appalling, You said you will come to this that’s why i decided to share this with you sir.



     I have looked at the candidates and their parties briefly but objectively in this essay.
    My first point of call is Willie Obiano the APGA candidate. He is a baby ready to be baby-seated by Mr.Obi. Even in his pictures in the posters he looks lost and unsure of how he intends to steer the state .Quite unfortunate! His CV that APGA published in the papers of yestreday would have been  very attractive to us if we were looking for a trustworthy middle-level manager of an ambitious corporate entity.But unfortunately for him ,Anambra is not a Ltd or a Plc .I suggest we make him a GM in the new Orient Petroluem compay which fortunately , is domicilled in his constituency. 

    NGIGE, the APC candidate is a very courageous guy with some remarkable track record. This past record of his paid off bountifully during the senatorial contest in his zone where he defeated a strong rival from Obi’s APGA and a woman of deep courage and attractive CV-Dora Akunyili. Unfortunately ,our ever-vibrant Ngige wants to draw from the credit balance of his previous exploits as the governor of anambra state two times. He drew all he had as balance in this account and that got him a place in the senate-fair enogh! Now he wants to go back to the guber seat again based on this remote past. What about his immediate past as a senator? what deposits has his term in the senate made into his pilitical/reputational bank account? How many bills ,motions etc has he initiated in the senate? What changes has he brought so far in his current term in the senate? You will agree with me that his peformance has not been encouraging and I attribute this to his present political party!

    Who says we should isolate individuals from their pilitical parties while voting? Let me remind us that the political parties are the only windows via which one can contest for any elective position in Nigeria. The constitution does not recognise independent candidacy! Divorcing the individual from his political party is like divorcing a child from his father.Remember a good wine in a dirty bottle will definetely turn dirty and unwholesome! 
    Also his involving Okorocha and the government of Imo state as well as other EXTERNAL agents in this campaign is offensive to me and I am sure,to most Anambrarians as we naturally dont like our affairs directed by alliens.

    The PDP candidate, just like the APGA person has not really said much . unfortunately ,the election is just a few hours away.When is NWOYE going to adress us and present his own proposed solutions to the problems of Anambra state? Yes ,we understand that he has been facing litigations since his nomination as the party’s flag bearer,but the last debate organised by Channels Tv was an opportunity for him to speak to the crowd but he chickened out!
    If he has refused to talk to us, then we dont have any commitment from him ,hence nothing to hold him with when he starts dishing out the unexpected to us. The not -talking- and -expecting -to -win attitude of the PDP and  APGA candidates also calls for concern in another dimension: are they planning to use other arsenals during the election, bearing in mind that PDP has the “federal might” while APGA holds the “state might”?INEC should please ensure that nothing but our votes count!

    I am left with the Labour Party candidate only. Is IFEANYI UBA the angel among the contestants? Some people have doupts arround his level of education and presentation ability.I equally share this doupt .But being fair to him,he seems to have good things in mind . The questions are:is he going to be articulate enough to implement all the dreams he has for the state?Is he going to be able to live among the tricky,currupt minded looting masters we have and still peform.Does he have a fair knowledge of various sectors of governance that will make him able to know when his political aids are getting it wrong?In all ,i can say that he has a burning desire to transform Anambra state but do we or should we consider him well equiped to do this ,bearing in mind the complex nature of governance ,especially in Anambra state.
    If your answers to the questions raised are more positive than negative,then let Uba be our governor, otherwise ,let the best candidate win!

    Best Regards,

  18. Dear Jimi, if I start praising you by virtue of your programmes on air, you may see yourself as next to God. Suffice to say that you are terrific and wonderful, please keep it up and God will always be with you and yours. As a matter of fact, I am so addicted to the point that I don’t listen to your 7am news paper review anytime you are not in the studio.

    Jimi, do you know anything about Ogun state? Have you travelled to any major town in Ogun state recently? Here is my reason for asking these questions.

    Your programme is such that you cannot but make reference to some political office holders as good or bad examples. Fashola has always been your model for the obvious reason that you live in Lagos and see all he has been doing. You have never been wrong in your assessment of this great man governing Lagos state today.

    Without demeaning Fashola by any inch of my statement, you need to go to Ogun state to see a better Fashola by name Ibikunle Amosun.

    In fact you will see a God fearing man who had dreams and was given opportunity to live his dreams as far as governing his people is concerned. He has made a mess of the performance of previous governors and you will wonder how so much can be achieved in about 2 years of his administration. A workaholic that has refused to be limited by the meagre resources of the state.

    I always feel bad that you have never mentioned him in your analyses but I know it is because you are not aware of this and you will not talk about what you are not sure of. If this man has just a tenth of the resources available to Lagos state, I can assure you that you will relocate to Abeokuta or any major town in Ogun state in by next year.

    Ibikunle Amosun is everything you desire in a Governor. Please investigate and take time to reply me if my observation is false.

    Thank you Jimi for the good job.


    Olawale Kazeem

  19. Uncle JD, Keep up the Good work, God is your strength, don’t give up cos sometimes you seems so over weaned with the misshapen in this country.I want to through some light on our Governors achievements (Fashola) in his first tenure he did very well but I can’t say same for his 2nd tenure. there are lots of places you will visited and you wonder if they are part of Lagos in terms of their roads and order amenities. In Ojota, Ijibo, Ikotu and so many other hinterlands, their roads are dead traps. Stay Blessed

  20. Good evening I was unable to contribute in d morning I support that evidence of tax payment be shown because most Nigerians don’t pay tax they don’t even contribute to development in neighborhood

  21. great job uncle jimi I am really addicted to your program on classic FM keep up the good work God will grant you the wisdom to keep adding value in this country

    • Mr. Jimi, I must first express my delight in your job of news analysis particularly on classic fm. I sent a text message during your Thursday discuss, but nothing was heard of it. My comment was in respect of your comment that votes are cast for candidates and not the political parties. I with respect beg to disagree with that view. That is an issue of law, not of fact. By the political Supreme Court [SC] Judgment that imposed Rotimi Amaechi on the people of Rivers State as the Governor of Rivers State, the SC in that judgment held that ‘votes are cast for political parties and not candidates’. I refer you to that judgment. That is the present position of the law in Nigeria as at today.

  22. I will further beg that you discuss with classic fm to see the possibility of extending that program further. secondly, classic fm should provides us with a viable telephone number for text messages. most times i would want to sent in comments vide text message which is my most preferred medium but my text messages don’t get through even when i am made to pay for those messages. Thank you and keep your good works alive. God Bless you richly.

  23. Hello Mr. Disu. I salute your courage on depth analysis of Newspaper headlines on Classic FM. As a matter of fact the programme is always very dry to me anytime you are not on air.

    Please I would appreciate it if you could send to my e-mail the discussion you had with Dr. Aribisala a couple of months ago on “The Discourse with Jimi Disu.”

    Thank you.

  24. JD.you have been so wonderful.your reactions to thing around us in this country gives hope to the future.on FPN.you are fantastic.one of your friends ask which party do you belong & I answered.DTR.(Doing Things Right in Nigeria.on Sundays you are with personality to open some issues we may not know God will strengthen you.I remember you are a builder.I called you once to build youth around ymca.you were there.others will give excuse.pls we need Bola Ahmed TINUBU or Alhaji LAI Muhammed on the Discuss.soon.actually I know who Tom ikimi is but we need clarification
    I remember during Obafemi Awolowo era.he won’t allow ppl like Tom Ikimi in his party.but things have changed.if they refuse him membership my ppl will say TINUBU is a dictator.thanks

  25. I can not call you mister know it all but as far as being as objective as possible in speaking on issues affecting our dear country is concerned,you are a genius. Keep the good work on sir. I am proud of you.

  26. I have always admired your ability to analyze issues without bias. Keep up the good work sir and ignore those who find it difficult to swallow the truth. Well done sir.


    Uncle Jimi. How are you?

    I just got to know about your blog and I’m consoled that my brother Nigerian is really bright and sprite.

    How far with the PVC? A huge success?!

    Uncle, even to the dumb, it is conspicuously vivid, for the sake of emphasis, that we are unfortunately ‘conscripted’ under a political leadership that is so power-drunk and power-blind that whatever reality stares us in the face doesn’t really blink their eyelids.

    It is real to even a blank mind that the Nigerian on the street is walking with encapsulated fiery anger that is waiting to be set loose. Why would you be blowing away my posterity in my face with such impunity and still rub mud as insult upon the injury? This leadership brandishes corruption with careless arrogance and is yet denying me of the only power I have.

    I have got angrier since this exercise started. The same man that invited me to come and eat has decided to hold back my hand, though the food belongs to me by right, not by privilege.

    I have been frustrated from obtaining the PVC up till Sunday, 16.11.2014. I had to resume office on Monday. Most of us eligible nationals were helpless with our love for our nation and yearning to exercise our civil right.

    I really want to state here that all who knows how to pray should begin to pray for our dear nation from now against 2015. Our Political leaders are bent on either holding on to power like the typical African leader or destroying whatever else is left of the nation called Nigeria…like the typical African leader.

  28. Uncle JD continue with d good work u are such a blessin to dis generation am enjoyin ur analysis on frontage news mon-fri and d discourse on sunday uncle JD keep it up we must flush all d bad element in our country.God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

  29. GMB is not a leader APC is a failure. Muhammadu Buhari
    (born December 17, 1942) is a retired Major General in the
    Nigerian Army and a former military ruler of Nigeria from
    December 31, 1983 to August 27, 1985.The term Buharism is
    ascribed to the Buhari military government.He also ran
    unsuccessfully for the office of the President of Nigeria in the
    2003, 2007 and 2011 elections. His ethnic background is
    Fulani, and his faith is Islam; he is a native of Daura in
    Katsina State of Nigeria. WHY BUHARI and APC Shouldn’t be
    voted come 2015: It is only in Nigeria that a man who was
    accused of embezzling N2.8 billion NNPC money while he
    was Federal Commissioner of Petroleumin 1978 will be
    described as disciplined,isn’t it?”It is only in Nigeria that a
    man who led the criminal overthrow of a democratically
    elected government in 1984 would later wish to benefit from
    the same democracy.”It is only in Nigeria that the man who,
    as Head of State, allowed 56 illegal suitcases of currency
    notes into the country through his ADC unchecked when there
    was currency change by his own government in the country at
    the time would be described as a man of his words.”It is only
    in Nigeria that the man who enacted RETROACTIVE DECREES
    and used it to cause pain.”It is only in Nigeria that the man
    who enacted vindictive decrees which prescribed long jail
    terms for journalists for publishing stories which
    embarrassed government officials EVEN IF THE STORIES
    WERE TRUE resulting in the illegal jailing of Tunde Thompson
    and Nduka Irabor is now better than the President Jonathan
    who has signed the FOI bill into law to enable all citizens to
    have unhindered access to information on Government
    activities. What an irony!”It is only in Nigeria that the man
    who was overthrown in 1985 by Babangida and spontaneous
    jubilations erupted all over the country would have the guts to
    seek to replace people who are far better than he.”It is only in
    Nigeria that the man who later accepted appointment as PTF
    Chairmanunder the MOST CORRUPT government ever in
    Nigeria’s history and then commandeered more than 200 PTF
    vehicles for private use in his home in Kaduna would not be in
    jail today.Remember, he later said that Abacha did not loot
    anything from Nigeria! This is the man who, in his supporters’
    opinion, will have zero tolerance for corruption!”It is only in
    Nigeria that the man who, as PTF Chairman, embezzled
    billions of Naira through over-invoicing of supplies and the
    supply of fake and expired drugs to hospitals is now a
    disciplined man. Why did Ahmed Salihijo, whose consortium
    was in charge of all the PTF contracts under Buhari, commit
    suicide when former President Obasanjo commenced the
    probe of PTF in 1999?”It is only in Nigeria that the man who
    lost election and incited his supporters to violence which
    claimed the lives of innocent nigerians including NYSC
    members and had the nerve to still open his bigotedmouth and
    criticise actions designed to stop continued madness is now
    a disciplined man. God!”It is only in Nigeria that a former
    Head ofState would ask Muslims not to vote for Christians
    and, when he is criticised, would later lie on Radio Nigeria,
    Kaduna, that what he meant was that Muslims should vote for
    only those who can protect their religion.”It is only in Nigeria
    that a former Head of State would refuse to condemn
    BokoHaram murderers in their evil activities including
    bombing innocent Christian worshippers in churches but is
    quick to support amnesty for the same murderers.”It is only
    in Nigeria that a former Head of State will speak bitterly
    against a State of Emergency designed to root out monstrous
    criminals but turns around to advocate finishing off Ombatse
    cult members who have done exactly the samething as Boko
    Haram. The same man when he overthrow Shagari Govt he
    place Shagari under house arrest in private resident in ikoyi
    and Ekwueme Shagari’s Vice In kirikiri prison. “It is only in
    Nigeria that a former Head of State CANNOT speak or write
    simple and correct English and prefers to speak vernacular
    most of the time and then hissupporters would insist that his
    meaning was lost in translation. Have you guys ever
    understood Buhari when he speak. I know that GEJ is not
    meeting our expectations but he is far better than GMB. One
    thing i learnt from history is folks never learn anything from
    history. Time will tell

  30. Sir, I am ardent listener to your program on classic F.M. everyday.I am however not happy with your advise that we should vote for personality. In 2011 we voted for personality in the person of Jonathan and not PDP. But what do we get in return P.D.P people surrounded Jonathan and where does that live us. Agbaje, may be good but he is coming out from a wrong party. All the people that will work with him will be chosen from the party. Knowing who the people in P.D.P. are it is as good as sending Lagos state to gologotha

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