Hate Speech: Nigerians Risk Loss Of Freedom – NOA | Leadership

by Patience Ivie Ihejirika,

Worried over the rising wave of hate speeches, the director general of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr Garba Abari, has cautioned that Nigerians risk the loss of their freedoms if the ugly trend is allowed to snowball into a war situation.

Abari, who stated this why addressing journalists in Abuja, yesterday, said the current altercations and vituperations of hate across the country by individuals, well-known leaders, religious leaders, groups of persons and organisations had a strong foreboding of looming disaster.

“Our concern is that the social fabric of our nation is being ruined and we stand at risk of an impending crisis in the face of unchecked hate and divisive speeches,” he stated.

Abari recalled that the 30 months Civil War of July 1967 to January 1970, in which over two million of the country’s compatriots lost their lives, was preceded and started by intolerance and a series of hate pronouncements, hate speeches, hate conducts and hate actions inflicted upon one another by the citizens.

He, therefore, stressed that if the nation is allowed to be plunged into a crisis just because of the antics of irresponsible few, no one will be spared of the deadly destructive effects.

According to him, “The latest disturbing aspect of this trend is that of hate songs. NOA is in possession of at least three songs already recorded to preach hate in our communities. Two out of these songs are in mass circulation in the social media, particularly on Facebook and YouTube. The latest one was released three days ago.”

He however assured that the federal government is committed to its constitutional obligation to ensure the safety and security of all Nigerian citizens, wherever they maybe and is taking all necessary measures in that regard in the face of the current situation.