Full Audio: Senator Abiodun Olujimi Rudely Drops Phone On Jimi Disu Lagos Talks Over Question On Senators Cars. Says To Him “Maybe You Are Not Up To The Level To Own An Official Car”


  1. She got walked up by the process.
    She knew jay Dee was heading somewhere with his questions. That was y she angrily ended the conversation. Sorry baba jay.

  2. I must say that this is not in the character of the Biodun i know. Seriously.
    I have not seen her for some time, but do not believe she will act rudely especially to a fellow journalist.

  3. The intellectual capacity of our leaders is seriously flawed. If a certain Jimi Disu is going to call you on a live show, the onus should be on you to know who the faceless Jimi Disu is.
    If she had, she would not committed the verbal diarrhoea of being in a position to be given an official car.

    Let them try and read begore ever oening their mouth.

    For the umpteenth time, Olujimi Abiodun did not surprise me.

  4. What do you expect? 95% of Nigerian politician are in politics for what they can gain from the system so they wouldn’t be comfortable with a journalist of mr Jimmy Disu’s status who will not be ready to ask them patronizing questions.

    • The same 95% of those in the elected offices have forgotten how they got there.
      It is system failure as we seem to cast our votes with little or no regards to why they are into partisan politics in the first place. The now grow big wings and feel accountable to no one. Some of them forget that they will meet us out here after a term period.Iam saddened that as citizens we are not ableto liberate ourselves from these political jobbers.

  5. Wow! This is unbelievable. Her crude and rude public demeanor leaves me with a plea to viciously advocate for a speedy recall process of all elected public office holder. Its is quite absurd and uncouth.

  6. These are products of Ekiti stomach infrastructure scheme.They are like “Ponzi scheme”,they scam good people of Ekiti to ride into power and they are running it like waves of Paratedicin neophytes.
    Uncle JD,we are not bothered about their antics,they are a social malaise only God can cure them of impunity and political rascality.

  7. Hello uncle jimi, ive been listening to your programmes both on classic and lagos talk and i most say you are speaking our feelings and God will protect and guard you and your family. From what that woman said, i must say she will be riding on her husband if she will behave like that to you the journalist. It just shows how our leaders react when they enter govt office. Bless you sir

  8. It is behaviour like this that give women a bad name. Mr. Femi Adesina was called by Jimi Disu, his response to most of Jimi’s questions though evasive, were answered.

    “Maybe You Are Not Up To The Level To Own An Official Car” This statement made by the senator shows that they see themselves as demigods. My company is looking for areas to cut cost and not to be buying cars for staff in this recession nor reckless spending. We need to make a better choice next time.

  9. Her reaction does not in any way portray someone with the right temperament to be called a leader. We expect much more from a one time Deputy Governor of a State and now a serving Senator of the Federal Republic. If she can react like that on live radio during a PHONE interview, I wonder how she will when involved in a physical interview. What a shame.

  10. If anyone is surprised, I’m not.
    Until that day when we put round pegs in such holes, that’s what we get.
    A display of arrogance and ignorance. Period.

  11. Again, the question is what action(s) can the “people’s court” take? Enough of alk these rantings about what is right or wrong. Inaction by the people is what breeds n fosters the likes of these

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