1. Hello Mr. Odumosu (I actually prefer the first name basis though, but for Nigerians???? mmmmm!!).I always look forward to the time out with you on Classic FM for the FPN analysis because I very much enjoy your painful, agonising but sometimes, very funny analysis and comments. My only worry is the deep-within fear that many who hitherto spoke (but had pretended to have)such candid opinions about events in Nigeria have ended up showing lack of sincerity and depth at the slightest opportunity. See Remi Oyo, Rueben Abati, Ebino Topsy, Segun Adeniyi, and the beat goes on ( a la Dynasty!!). all the same, please keep up your frankness. God bless you

    • Disu,not Odumosu,and i believe that we should as a people de emphasize who or what the messenger is or becomes and just take an inspiration from the messenger.Period!

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