FLASHBACK: When Deji Tinubu Asked Keshi To Choose Between Trophies And Money (video)

Stephen Keshi and Deji Tinubu, both of blessed memory, shared a never-to-be-forgotten moment while they were both still alive.

Keshi, a guest of Tinubu at the Sports Vision studios, was asked to choose between winning trophies and making money.

The following dialogue ensued:

DT: Money or trophies, which will you choose?
SK: Money over trophies, we can’t take both?
DT: No you can’t, choose one
SK: This is difficult ooh… trophy will remind me of the tournament but I’ll be hungry, let me take money.

Watch the full video below.

Stephen Keshi passed away in June 2016 while Deji Tinubu died on January 26.

Rest in peace gentlemen!


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