Fashola is persecuting me for defending Lagos slum dwellers, activist claims……Premium Times

The Executive Director of the Social and Economic Rights Action Centre, SERAC, has accused the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, of victimization due to his advocacy over the state government’s demolition of slums.

Felix Morka’s accusation came on the heels of the incarceration of his drivers at the Badagry Prison over an alleged traffic offence as well as a “physical rough handling” of his kids by the governor’s police escorts during an incident on Tuesday.

Mr. Fashola, however, hit back denying the assault and insisting that Mr. Morka’s employees violated the state’s Traffic Law.

The incident

At around 3 p.m., on Tuesday, Mr. Morka said that his two-car caravan was stuck in traffic on CMD Road, near the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

According to the SERAC boss, ordinary people were helping to direct the heavy traffic and as they signalled them to move, the car before them stalled.

“Following signals, the two-car SERAC caravan pulled out and around the vehicle to make a turn onto the expressway,” Mr. Morka, a lawyer, said.

“No sooner did they start to merge back into traffic than a police vehicle sped up and blocked the two cars, insisting that they reverse onto the curb on the opposite side of the road to make way for an oncoming official convoy that suddenly appeared from the opposite direction.”

Mr. Morka said that as the oncoming convoy slowed down before his car, he recognized Mr. Fashola seated inside an official Range Rover.

JD:Hm!very intriguing story,who do we believe now in this story?Mr Morka claims he is being victimised even though he admits he was on the wrong side of the road a reason he gives as being part of resolution of the traffic gridlock by private individuals.That usually happens but this happened when Fash was on his way to whereever and got caught in the traffic.Could the security people have harrased his family?We need evidence to substantiate that,but will the drivers go free?Your guess is as good as mine.The moral of the story”even if you wan pass one way,look out for a black Range Rover”