Does he have "Apollo" ?

Canadian Minister of Trade, Ed Fast (left); VP Namadi Sambo, Gov Godswill Akpabio  during a visit to the Canadian Prime Minister

This is a picture of Akpabio in Canada during an official visit to see the Prime Minister.why would he wear dark glasses inside the building?Is he there as a security officer,or does he have apollo? Isn’t this against protocol?I am sure the Canadians might be hesitant doing business with someone who looks like a hit man,but then they just might,especially if he is ordering another of his favourite toys,an executive van or jet?


  1. He is showing off the ‘UNCONMMON TRANSFORMATION’ of himself which to me is ignorance except under the spell of ‘APOLLO’ as JD have said.

  2. This is a show of disgrace to the entire Nigerians as a nation. It is even worrisome coming from a State Governor who is acclaimed to be the chairman of the Governors forum (although unconstitutional) However, the truth must be told.
    Akpabio looked rather like Sambo’s head bodyguard, and a happy one for than matter.
    We cannot really blame these people, we should blame ourselves for being cowards. The other day, Rotimi Amachi called Nigerians cowards, so that’s who we are. Nobody want to die for a better tomorrow.

  3. I think Gov Akpabio has “apollo”, if not he would not have wear dark glasses inside the building.He didn’t want the canadian prime minister to notice that he has ‘APPOLLO’ or Should i say this was a child’s play?.Even from the picture, he looks more like a bodygaurd to Sambo. Anyway, nigerian politicians like showing off in other countries.

  4. Well… Maybe his eyes are not used to the constant electricity they have over there. Naija we hail o! Smh

  5. Funny enough, I really don’t see anything wrong in him wearing dark glasses, especially if he has issues with his eyes and wearing dark glasses is the best way to address those issues at that moment.

    I have seen several pictures of Mr. Apkpabio and this is the first time I will notice that he is wearing dark glasses at a public function (correct me if I’m wrong). I will therefore conclude that he must have a reason (which we don’t know of and will probably never know unless he or one of his aids responds to our comments; and I don’t see that happening) for wearing it.

    I will also like to point out that we’ve had states men in Nigeria and Africa who wore dark glasses in public. Ready examples that comes to mind are Gen Sani Abacha and Col Gadafi. So he would not be the first.

    Lastly on the comments that he looks like Sambo’s head body guard, there has been time in the past when the President of Nigeria looked like the head fisherman of his village, based on the way he dressed, but that did not make him any less the president.

    I am not a fan of Akpabio. As a matter of fact, I was appalled by the way he spent money recently as a public officer (be it his own money or state money), but I think a man has the right to choose his ‘style’. I’m sure if he has made a wardrobe blunder, his protocol will have pointed it out and he probably would not wear it.

    I feel more comfortable discussing issues and not personalties, because these things are subjective.

    • The problem isn’t that he is wearing sunglasses,it is that he is wearing sunglasses indoors. There is no need for that. It looks like he is showing off.

  6. He wanted 2 ‘show’ himself 2 d oyinbo man bt unknown 2 him he is making a mince meat of himself…na 2day ??? He Don Tey!

  7. “My son is very tall doesn’t mean that he is mature,” said the wise. Akpabio is an adult with teenage mind. He is not a man. We should rather see him as a guy who is neither qualified nor matured enough to serve as leader.

    Street credibility is a way of dressing meant for only growing youths (young people) in civilize society. If a governor dresses that way, it shows that he is equal to a child. Akpobio is not mentally brushed. If anyone thinks otherwise, let him come out boldly and prove me wrong, please.

  8. Keanu Reaves wore something like that in movie matrix n he only used it when he wants to be touch so blame my oga @the top that wants to appear serious for the meeting.

  9. Keanu Reaves wore something like that in his movie matrix n he only used it when he wants to appear touch so this oga is trying to show he is present to show off n maybe business too.

  10. Excuse me,but this is a question that is screaming to be asked. Let’s leave protocol out of this conversation, didn’t anyone tell Mr Governor that it is bad manners to wear “sunshades” when you are indoors ? Honestly some people should go back to school and demand refunds for the fees they paid.

  11. I think Akpabio jst bought a new toy called Autopus Sun shade.So he needs to show it to his Oyinbo friends.the shade probably cost a fortune I bet it ran into several billions

  12. Sir,even the VP is looking shocked,i think he apply eye drops before taking off his sun shade,arrogance,oyinbo go look & laugh.

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