Dear Jimi: The Dog Named Buhari

Thank you for your clarification on the Ibo naming his dog and writing it on his body.This is the same mistake the Igbo people did during the first coup in 1966 when they paraded the picture of Nzeogu placing his foot on the neck of a slain Sardauna of Sokoto,which eventually lead to the pogrom of the Igbos Starting from Kano spreading like wild fire to other parts of the North.

Please as a media man of high reputation, do not limit your comments to the radio alone,please let it spread to all corners of your blog and others and Newspapers. This is how war and destruction come down on nations because of actions of misguided people. Thank you and keep up the good work,may the Lord continue to give you wisdom, good health and long life. R S Olaitan Samuel FNSE/ FNSChE.


  1. The indiscretion of one man should be treated as one man’s affair without bringing ethnic colouration to it or ascribing on man’s offence to his ethnic group. This is at best a very myopic and parochial way of reasoning.

  2. must everything be about the biafra war, wasnt there something worst than what this man did during the regime of GEJ that was tolerated, were goats and other animal not named goodluck, the president said it himself that he is the most abused president, and yet nobody remenbered the war simply because it was not an igbo man that did it, for crying out loud a yoruba neigbour in my street named a dog uche, which is an igbo name and we all tolerated it, why is this different

  3. As volatile as the country is in terms of security and ethnic difference, we should be careful and be guided in our actions and verbal sentiment. Nigeria, of today, is more divided along imaginary lines than before. i have witnessed people lynched just for preaching God’s gospel,and not to mention insulting and denigrating fellow human. i rejoice with the man becos he is very lucky to be the one testifying…

  4. granted that the man can give his dog whatever name that pleases him,but inscribing the name on the dog and parading it knowing that humans bear such name is quite absurd more so that the current president bears the same name. the kind of hatred that comes from a particular section of the country since the advent of the buhari administration is unbelievably unprecedented.

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