David Mark denies buying Tuface, Annie N47m Ferari car….Vanguard

The onslaught from the public came almost as soon as the news broke on social networks and blogs; a metalic orange Ferari sports car pictured at the venue of Tuface and Annie’s wedding in Dubai with words Wedding gift from Senator David Mark to Tuface, Anniescribbled on cardboard paper and stuck to the car, almost ruined the news of Tuface, Annie’s wedding.

Vanguard had not reported this as we awaited confirmation from the Senate president who has now through a statement issued by his Senior Special adviser on Media& Publicity Mr Kola Ologbondiyan denied buying this car gift for Tuface and Annie Idibia.

The statement reads

Senator Mark did not visit Dubai for Tiface wedding rather he attended the 128th Inter parliamentary Union (IPU) conference currently holding in Quito, Ecuador. He was also not represented at Mr. Idibia’s wedding. It is also instructive to state that the President of the Senate, Senator Mark, did not make a car donation of any kind to Tuface before departing Nigeria for Ecuador neither did he purchase nor send any car to Dubai as a wedding gift for the musician or his wife. Who made the donation on behalf of the President of the Senate?

JD:I didn’t beleive the story when i heard it and could have sworn it was the work of some pranksters.David Mark looks to me to be much smarter than our friend in Akwa Ibom,that is not to say however that he doeasnt have the resources to do it if he wanted ,for if the rumour mill is anything to go by Papa Mark has more than a few places of abode in Abuja and environs where his photograph is hanging on the sitting room wall and also by the bedside;and houses in abuja cost more than a flaming red ferrari.By the way the photograph i saw had a yellow ferrari!Or was he rumoured to have given two(one for each of 2 faces face)


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