Continuous Terror Attack: Will The World Ever Know Peace? | Tribune

With the spate of terror attacks going on in different spheres of the world on daily basis, one would no doubt be subject to wonder if the entire world really deserves this dreadful act that is inhibiting the prosperity of mankind and on the other hand, ponder on a transformational way of eliminating this deadly disease called terrorism.

The monumental question that persists still remains if the world would ever conquer terror attacks hampering its’ co-existence?

Without any iota of doubt, terrorism is an inalienable virus; it is endemic to the whole world and replicates constantly as man increases hence, the reason it is seen as a deadly virus that could hardly be exterminate.

Eventhough terrorism could be said to have commenced about four decades ago yet, it is still waxing stronger as different terrorist groups now align and re-align to perpetuate their attack.

However, there is no how terrorism could be discussed without taking cognizance of the forms of terrorism and the cogent why people carry on terror attacks on human being like them.

Terror attacks could be said to include but not limited to: Arson, cyber-attack, kidnapping, bombing; which incorporated the most fatal suicide bombing. It is even weird to some elites about how some people are been manipulated or brainwashed into carrying out such terror acts, when they vividly have the knowledge of how their lives would be used as the sacrificial lamb in the attack.

Well, every human being has personal justification for their actions and as such, there actions might mean something valid to them. Development and hoarding of ruthless nuclear weapons by some advanced countries is another act that is terrific to mankind.

In fairness to all, there is no valid reason the perpetrators of these vices would tender to justify the baleful acts of terrorism.

Terrorism is endangering to mankind, hence, the need to fight against it tooth and nail.

Nonetheless, some top government officials still indulge in terror attacks to settle cheap political scores and some people even coddle the act to rebel against the government.

Either way, none is justifiable, as there are other tenable ways to go about.

With the way terror attacks is growing exponentially in our society, one of the questions that lingers on people’s mind whenever any terror act is recorded is that, why do people carry out terror attacks?

Obviously, the perpetrators are often motivated by a mix of factors, including militant Islamist ideology; dislike of foreign policy. The naked truth is that terror attacks are often displayed to achieve political, religious or ideological aim.

In as much as terrorism remains the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political, religious or any other selfish interest. It is important to strive hard towards curbing it in our society.

Nonetheless, it is believed that many people are coerced into carrying out terror attacks owing to some frustrating factors like; unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and bad governance.

An idle hand still remains the devil’s workshop, if the world would ever know peace and terrorism be abolished in this world.

A larger percentage of the workforce that consists majorly of the youth should be well-employed.

Bad governance often infuriates the anger of citizen and forced them into terror acts, this is rampant in most African countries.

Sensitisation and education of people about the implications of terrorism is necessary at all times, if curbing of terrorism is the focus.