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  1. Mr Jimi Disu is an icon.thank G♡̷̬̩̃̊D̶̲̅ for this platform which you have created to enable us air our views. Thanks sir.

    • i cannot explain why am so exited having this blog at the most critical time in our nation polity. uncle Jimi is an icon and a blessing to our nation. i doubted none of your integrity and wealth of experience coupled with your inspirator(s). i have become a regular listener of cool fm radio most especially front page review in the morning anchored by my most beautiful and best OAP voice on radio Bukola. thank you so much uncle jimi for your time and wisdom. may the good Lord protect you for this nation and may He also protect your family fomr all your enemies. stay blessed……..your most adored fan @ OLAYEMI.

    • Good day, Mr Disu, am an ardent listener to your program and really want to comment on your blog and views on 97.3, most especially the Discourse program, I must say a job well done. Please pardon me if am wrong, but I think Nigeria is going into a failed state. And I’m not referring to the usual Boko haram menace again or he Niger delta militants , and talking of people who are paid to protect the citizenry now turn household of an innocent civilian into a war zone only because they got orders from an oga at the top whose female friend had complained about a domestic issue. These mobile police men, not police, I mean mobile police men now the private bedroom of this young man breaking all the windows and emptying cans of tear gas into the room . This happened to me and justice must be done. The mobile police men say they were acting on orders from mobile squadron in obalende Lagos. The lady that did this is my blood sister. I have pictures and phone numbers of the police men. Please let me know your comment or comments of the average nigerian. Are mobile policemen allowed to resolve family issues by pulling down doors, breaking windows and throwing tear gas into the room. I almost died.

      • Please immediately lodge a formal complaint by writing a petition to the commissioner of Police,attaching all the evidence and then send me a copy.It would help to get a lawyer to help handle this

      • I agree with you George!
        Nigeria is a failed & re-failed state, the laughing stock for under-developed nations.
        We have a beggar leader running helter-skelter in search of aids from advanced nations.
        What an irony!
        The giant of Africa with the largest economy in the world begging from east to west, north to south.
        It’s fun!
        Let the goose play on & the bats dance!

    • Letter of Apology

      Dear NNPC,
      Please forgive me and other Nigerians for helping you look for your missing $20billion instead of minding our ‘own business ‘.

      We were misled by the following :
      1. Sanusi; who said “your money ” was missing when you, “the owner” has not said “your money” is missing.
      2. APC; who said the money must be accounted for when you “the owner ” is not complaining.
      3. House of Representatives ; who said you should account for all your income since the past 5yrs.

      Now that you’re angry with us and we have felt your anger in the petrol stations around the country (fuel scarcity) , the 3 groups that put us in this problem with you have not said anything and don’t have any alternative.
      We have no other choice but to ask you for forgiveness. Please give us fuel.

      You are aware that your sister, PHCN is also angry with us for how she was sold and has since refused to give us power.

      My fear is that if you don’t do something urgent now that our brothers in the north are still busy killing people, our brothers in the south may use the small fuel left in their homes to set a few “things” ablaze and Fire Services don’t even have fuel and water to respond.

      We promise not to ask you about “your missing money” again if you can resume fuel supply.
      God is watching all of us oh! Hmmmmm

      Truly yours,
      Naija Pikin.

    • Please Ensure It Gets To The Right Authorities: Someone Exposed to Ebola Virus Has Refused To Be Quarantined In PH
      I saw this on Laila’s Blog and thought I should post it. Please help and share it until it gets to the appropriate authorities. Nigeria must be safe, PH must be safe; people can’t let their wickedness affect others. We will get past Ebola..!!!!

      One of her blog readers sent a serious email to her and published it on her blog.

      Below is Laila Blog Reader’s Mail:
      Hello aunty Laila, please help publish this. I’m writing you in line with the recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Rivers State and I wish to remain anonymous.
      Dr Iyke as he is popularly called (late) of Sam steel clinic Rumuokoro Port Harcourt has been our family doctor for over 6yrs. He worked with my mom hand in hand in same office at the Rivers State College of Health soon after his youth service where she works as a qualified nurse and lecturer and he was then the clinic’s doctor.
      Late Dr. Iyke Sam was a good doctor and got popular as God was using him to cure a lot
      of illnesses, again, he was well known because of his relationship with HIV positive patients/HIV positive pregnant women. He treated them with ease and they felt comfortable because there was no stigma attached. This made him grow rapidly and in no time, Sam Steel clinic was established!
      It’s a shame this ugly situation happened and it had to be him. Reasons for writing you is because some of the people who had contact with Dr Iyke while he was sick were staff of the Rivers State College of Health and so far, his doctor and pharmacist working in his hospital (Sam Steel) that were quarantined have tested positive to the Ebola virus.
      His lab director who is also the lab director at the River State College of Health who was said to have been in direct contact with the doctor (one Mr K***) has refused to be quarantined and is going about his normal activities. This is wrong as he reports to office everyday and relates with other colleagues at the Rivers State College of health and no one is willing to speak up to authorities and I just wonder how many more are at large.
      I’m 100% sure of the info I’m giving you aunty Laila. And I did because I don’t have any information on how to contact authorities to get to him which is the reason I’m contacting you. There are many Patrick Sawyers amongst us and I pray God helps us. Hoping my info helps as well for the good of every Nigerian and the state to help fight the spread of Ebola.
      Posted by Happinesschidinma Opara at 3:10 PM

    • It is now extremely compelling for me to make my contribution to the raging argument over the use of card readers for the 2015 elections.

      Those against the use of card readers point to lack of adequate enlightenment of the electorates. This is laughable for the following reasons;

      1. The card reader is to be used by INEC officials on election day to validate PVC. The electorate responsibility here is to provide his/her card

      2. Happy, the card reader has been likened several times to the POS terminal. A POS terminal is for the use of a merchant. The merchant collects a debit/credit card from a customer, swipes the card to validate and receive payment. Banks therefore continually train and educate merchants on the use of the POS terminal. In same vein, INEC is expected to train her staff on our to use the card readers.

      3. The enlightenment expected of INEC for electorates is the PVC. This I believe is been done with the reaction of those yet to collect their PVCs.


  2. The question alhaji lai mohammed responded to regarding the issue on the orental hotel is distorting, i respect and welcome this merger and i believe all progress minded nigeria should put setiment, tribes and religion aside and support this merger, but alhaji lai mohammed and the entire apc association becos i know its not yet a political party until its registered , should not toil with the hopes and aspiration of nigeria, we have suffered enough from the disasterous men and women under the umbrella. kelvin

    • Dis tins are not just happening. All govt iinuitttsons in Nigeria have over the years developed a culture of disregard & disrespect for the average citizen.It shows in the way an ordinary police recruit addresses you on the street, the military personnel also address you with belts & horse whips, while the civil servant/politician treats you with scorn once they have determined that you have nothing to offer them!Really sad case of being a Nigerian!!

  3. My advise to the national leader of acn, asiwaju bola ahmed tinubu is very simple, he must realise now that he has inherited a major key role to play in the inmancipation of this great country from the hands of this wicked men that has held this country captive, that has made people to give testimony that they got a visa to london, and he should not hijack this previlege given to him for the wrong reasons, he should think back from where he came from politically to get where he is and the price he paid for democracy, how he escaped from the country for the fear of abacha , how he retained lagos in 2003 as the only state for the then AD, and show a good example and realise that a lot of people are looking up to him as a role model, if he has done a mistake bfeore is not late to re-address it so that at the end of the day people like us that believe in this merger will not regret, he should follow the path of the great chief jeremiah oyeniyi obafemi awolowo.

  4. What is happening ? Their has been no update to the site. AWA TIYIN NGBADUN YIN ON CLASSIC FM. I believe you can still do more wonders on this Blog. Go ahead sir. The Sky is your limit.

  5. Mr. jimi we have very few people to look up to now, gani is gone and a host of others are gone and soem has been bought over by the government, mr. jimi please contiue with the good work you are doing, your daily analysis on the news paper review makes mine day.

  6. The truth has been told and those behind the African Peoples congress has been unmasked via a press email generated from the PDP information department. I read it on Sahara Reporters under the heading
    ‘Wonders: Proxy ‘APC’ Sends E-mail Using PDP Address!’
    I want to believe that this story is true. It seems all will now be set for the registration of the real APC since the third party which I believed was floated by the ACN has thrown in the towel. The third party with the same acronym is called All Patriotic Citizens.

  7. I want to say a big thank you for doing justice to the daily newspaper on radio….please keep it up. Again thanks for giving us such a forum as such, thanks a lot.
    I know you are aware that the United States has threatened to slam sanctions on Nigeria for granting pardon to thieves who had for years bled our economy to comatose! Please I humbly want to use this medium to admonish you to encourage civil societies, labour leaders and well meaning Nigerians to pressure the United States to implement the sanctions and if need be they should stop buying Nigeria oil. These good for nothing politicians have mortgage the future of Nigeria for their greedy and parochial interest and I swear they must all be brought to justice dead or alive.

  8. It seems the Proxy issue as reported by Sahara reporters is a farce. The PDP has sent in a rejoinder to show that Sahara was wrong. This is bad journalism on the part of Sahara.

  9. Mr. Jimi please i would like you to pass this message to alhaji lai mohammed who you interviwed in your programme yesterday THE DISCUSS.

    I would like you to tell him and his party men to focus on getting another name if APC has been choosen by another political group wheather its by PDP or any other group they should realise that they must move ahead there are other names they can adopt for this merger, they should also realise thsat political party is not a religious organisation that is basically formed to serve the Lord or a football club formed to win trophies, they should realise that apart from other reasons which the late halbert maculay had when he formed the first political party in nigeria in the 1920’s that other major reasons now is to win elections.

    so they should not allow either the PDP or any other group make them to contiue to swim in this water of confusion, the time they should have registered this political association with inec they where busy doing other things that to me where not too necesarry apart from the visit to the north where boko haram activities has ravaged i did not see any other reason why they delayed the registeration of this association and even in our own private company if today i have in mind that i want to register KELVIN EKENE GROUP and i just keepingsaying i would register it and another man goes to CAC and present that name for regiatration the computer will accept that name and register it because its stil remains unregistered so the APC should realise this , if they would have registered this on time that would not have brough about any issue now and even if you want to register a mail box in your yahoo mail the box will not register a new id.

    Finally, the APC should realise that they are fighting a huge battle here and those that they are fighting has said they will rule for fifty years and that they will not fold thier arms and watch this bogus ambitioin swept off, they should move on and stop allowing themselves to be drag with this name and no name issue they should go ahead and adopt a new name. thank mr. jimi we really appreciate you.

  10. Weldone JD. I follow u everytime. Meester Biggs..Meester Biggs (2times). Akpabio has finally lost it.
    Anyway, everyday for thiving thieves…… one day one day for we ordinary nigerians.
    We are tired but not there yet. We can still shift (Tunbosun). When we get to the wall (very soon), the real mayhelm will start.

  11. You always make my day every morning listening to your review of front paper news.
    we need people like you to change this country.

    irespective of our religion and tribe, we must jointly stand up and deliver this country from bad leaders for the sake of our kids

  12. Cars or buses with tinted glasses only have the backsides tinted leaving the front side plain. This mean the windows and windscreen in the front have plain glass or what we call see through glass.

  13. Uncle Jimi,

    I happen to listen to your front page news and analysis; Tuesday-Friday mornings on my way to work; but since I drive, I don’t get the chance to contribute.

    I will like to say that your analysis have been a joy to hear…I so look forward to it every morning.

    However you made a dangerous proposition this morning which is the reason, I have taken time to send this comment before commencing my hectic work for today.

    I’m referring to the proposition that the president should be given more power to manage of the security situation in Nigeria.

    Sir I can tell you that if the current president’s track record in office is anything to go-by; the president would only use whatever emergency-rule-power you give him to loot the CBN, I strongly believe the security situations would still remain the same.

    The president is yet to show appreciable signs responsibility in office. His actions simply show that he believes it’s okay to earn the salary of a president and not do the job that goes with it.

    Look at the Davos interview; even the head boy of secondary school should be able to show much more sense of responsibilities than he showed; and the bitter truth is that this president is not going to change.

    Uncle, I believe strongly that we need to take actions, as a nation, to resolve our security issues, but I don’t believe the right path to go; is to give a president that has shown to be grossly irresponsible more powers, hoping he would use it responsible, when we already have evidences that suggest he wont…

    I mean he already has some powers has the commander in chief, what has he done with it?

  14. I agree with you this morning on tinted vehicle glasses but Uncle Jimi the problem with Nigeria I do beleive is so complex. I am willing and will try someone else in 2015 but to tell you the truth I don’t trust this APC people. Tinubu was just talking from both sides of his mouth in Kano. GEJ has disappointed me(how did i believe he was going to do something positive), I voted GEJ for one reason to give Nigeria 24hrs electricity.

    Finally on the senseless killing in the north the problem is not RELIGION, I have lived in the north, I have northern friends. The real problem is Politics, political machinery gone out of hand (out of the control of its formators/financiers) hence the call for ammnesty by the formators/sympathisers of this groups.

  15. Uncle Jimi,

    What has tinted glass got to do with criminals? Nigeria problems are fundamental. The people carrying out this crimes are known but at the same time they are providing food for the folks hence they will not report them as they believe they are fighting a course. No jobs, no basic amenities and our politicians goes around and flash stolen wealth. In time past house owners dont give houses to who they dont know but now to make ends meet they really dont care.

    Tinted vehicles will not solve the problems, it is high time and leader rethink and do the right things before there is total breakdown.

  16. Hi Jimi, No doubt you are one of those few nigerians with guts. I have to take this opportunity to assist you in the highly analytical program on Radio. Without mincing words, the fundamental problem Nigeria has today emanates from the psychological indoctrination of Nigerians by the Religion Elites (Pastors, G. Os etc). We as Nigerians should henceforth seek ways of engaging in productive activities rather than the seriousness inputted in matters relating to Religion. In our days in the 60s and early 70’s religion was always practiced on Sundays and Fridays. Yet the country was good and progressive. What happens today, Churches have taken over industries in the country. There is no way for a country that devotes over 80% of their productive lives on religion. You will see our wives, childrens and even some shallow thinking husbands having something to do in churches from Monday to Sunday. What has been the result in spite of the daily proclamation of God and Allah. Nigerians have to really rethink their ways of life. Religionism can never move the country forward. Inspite of this ways of life, the country is still ranking high in the corruption index. I will appreciate if you could devote sometime on this very important subject matter, Jimi. It is the bane of our problem. Thanks and keep up with the good job.

  17. I have sent you this link on FB. i will keep sending via all media untill i am sure you have read it. m.facebook.com/nasirelrufai/posts/10152672679095128

  18. Hello Mr. Jimi Disu,

    CANDID CAMERA— What is it all about? Pls kindly enlighten me. I click the candid camera link on the menu of your site with the hope of seeing pictures, but when the page opens, I only see comments of your readers. Hence I am prompted to ask
    the question above.

    • What you probably saw are comments on the pictures..Just scroll down and you will see some pictures.You are also encouraged to send in pictures of scenes you might find interesting.Thx

  19. Uncle jimi i want you to address the issue of Anambra East/West seat in the House.Chriscatos Ameke is the impostor who is occupying the seat of Tony Nwoye and has been receiving illegal constituency allowance despite the appeal court rulling that he should vacte the illegal sit he is occupying.

    now my worries are these, the speaker who is nursing higher political office after he leaves as the speaker and the deputy speaker who i am also aware that he wants to contest and become the governor of imo state are all shielding from the law and are illegally behinde the impostor Chriscatos refusing to swear in the original man tony Nwoye. it is no more a secret that chriscatos has a god father chris uba the same chris uba who adbucted the former governor of anambra state on the 10th of june 2003 chris ngige who is presently representing anambra central senitorial district is the man behinde chriscatos.

    chris uba has gone to court last to ask the court to compel chriscatos to pay him the 200 million naira they both has agreed on if he makes him chriscatos to remain an impostor instead of swearing in the right man. uncle jimi this is a very sad development in this country and the speaker and the deputy speaker who where part of the 6th national assembly that was part of why demeji bankole is standing trial today are sinking themselves more into corruption and illegalities, this men are not the law they are just law makers. i wnat you to bring this situation to the front burner. chriscatos has a debt to pay his god father about 200 million naira every year so we have a fair idea what all these are all about.

  20. Uncle Jimi. Did you read the Punch on what Mr. President said about PHCN deliberately interrupting power supply just to remind him of the need to stabilise electricity?
    I read it and came to a conclusion that this is an ‘AWADA KERIKERI’. This man is a Jester and believes everybody can be fooled.

  21. Happy birthday Mr. Jimi Disu. I wish you a heathful and blessed life, God’s protection and more good things of life.

  22. Uncle Jimi, I want to say a big thank you for doing great justice to the daily newspaper on radio. No doubt you are truly one of those few nigerians with guts. i want you to address the issue of Tinted Glass. I am particularly not happy the way this issue is being handled. Yes, i am totally not in support of tinted glass but what of a factory fitted ones. this one is not addressed. this has turned to an issue of creating avenue for police to extort people. why should a person with factory fitted glass which, wheither he/she likes it or not can not change it, should obtain permit. is it permit to use a car you bought with your money which the vehicle licensing has covered. if you brake the glass and go to the market another one, you can not get a normal glass but a tinted one because it is customised. this law has been in existece but the former IG specified the category of cars, excempting factory fitted glass. this is how it is being used all over the world without any permit, why Nigeria. I use Sienna, the two front side glasses are not tinted, so why do i need to obtain a police permit which the cost is N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira) Haba!!!! Why Uncle Jimi. I will like you to advise me further. the day this issue was discussed, i was driving and without hands-free, i could not call him. Uncle Jimi, i will appreciate your advise on this. Thanks. Segun

  23. Good day Sir,
    In today’s morning show (headline news) you asked us to inform the media if we come across any road block by the Nigeria police. I had a bad experience with a policeman at a checkpoint at Charly Boy, Gbagada when he stopped me and I told him police check points are illegal.
    He replied saying that they were asked to start checkpoints
    I told him that if it was true the IG would have announced any change to that effect to the general public.
    Bros na so wahala start o. I was assaulted by the police before his colleague came to my aid.

    • Hello Mide, I read your comments, I understand that you wanted to make them know that there aren’t supposed to be check points, but PLEASE, be very careful with them remember Ugochukwu Ozuah who was killed by Policemen at UPS Gbagada on Sept 20th 2012 five days after his wedding and the Ngozi PRO wanted to cover it up by saying armed robbers killed him but his friend that escaped the scene said what he saw.

      We haven’t heard anything about the investigations and our Ugo is gone. So is the case for many other extra judicial killings.

      Just exercise caution when you are with them.

  24. Religion is a no go area especially with Moslems and Pentecostal Christians. However Nigeria will eventually move on leaving the religious bodies and traditional institutions behind. It is sad that Tunde Bakare with his unsavoury tongue and arogance is championing the cause of the masses. Its a matter of time others will join.Talking of time APC must not take over Govt in 2015. They will slow the transition of 1914. Nigeria will break regionalise disintegrate call it what ever and I suspect that after Johnathans second term he will accelerate the process.let me tell you Johnathan will not leave Govt and let the resources of his people be squandered. If that is the last thing he does he will be a hero like alams is a hero among his people. Nigeria is almost no more. Plan B is regionalisation.

  25. Uncle jd you have become the mouthpiece of the less previledge God bless you. I have become so attached to coolfm paper review that i couldn’t bear it during your Easter break.God bless you once again & grant you more wisdom to be our mouthpiece.

  26. Its so pathetic the way Nigerians are even treetad right in our own country by this same South Africans.DSTV subscription one would expect to increase by the beginning of the next football season after they carefully monitored the demise of an indigenous competiting outfit,I know of a Holiday Travel Club also owned by South Africans that rake in millions of Naira daily and only placed their staff (Sales) solely on commission which is paid in d 2nd week of d following month after all monies must have been sent to South Africa.They make fortune from this land,its high time our leaders sent them strong words by what ever means but yes,our government also have to prove to us that they have us in mind by making life more comfortable for we citizens.

  27. It’s a pity people still hold the belief that there is a Nigeria. What’s unity in diversity? A selfishly coined adage to soothe their purpose. There had never being nigeria, like i said, it’s a mistake of lugardian lord of 1914 to use Ahmadu bello’s words. Shouldn’t a committed error be revisited? Why should nigerian case be different? Listen ore, mine offspring can never be better off as nigerians… what are u saying! ahah, this is thickly amazing! What are your fears in separation? What are d gains in d sandwiched geographical expression? What do u think are their fears that d SNC was never convened? What do u think d international law says about our messy arrangement? don’t u know secession is allowed for us in d written law of our coming together for independence after a certain years (30) spent together, after which we can go our separate ways? So, in your view, you are saying nigeria comprises of workable arrangements? You are mixing communal clash over land dispute/ settlements of ife-modakeke (my school) with an unseen, unfound, unworkable arrangement called nigeria. Do u even know d origin of ethnicity in d Nigerian politics? What do u think led to over-politicization of all govt affairs and dealings thus far? Why do u think mko was robbed of his victory, incarcerated & later killed? Why do u think nigeria had never gotten it right fundamentally, outside ethnicity,my lecture’s so called ‘unity in diversity’? i will succinctly put ds to u, & pause: most credible elections in nigeria have always been upturned for fear of ethnic domination. Nigeria has always witnessed severe unwarranted vicissitudes in political landscape. First republic was truncated due to same fear of who rules who. Civil war sprung up owing to the un-balanced nature of Nigerian structure. Obasanjo conducted the most questioned electioneering process to hand over power to shagari, who initiated stealing of public fund in d most stupendously unprecedented manner. Do u know it’s d same ethnic bigotry that warranted obasanjo to have handed power over to shagari (1979), as against the rightest candidate Awolowo… it looks confusing, ethnic bigotry, how? A Yoruba man against a Yoruba man? It was a calculated raze from probity promised by Awolowo that obj dodged behind d northern power brokers to arm-twist rightness, under d same ethnic manipulation. Similarly, obj came back to unduly benefit from his evil loyalty by being re-crowned in (1999) in a wishy-washy constitutional cheat.
    I have said all of these to say that, successfully, we have continually jettisoned supposedness, aptness, rightness, arrangements and orderliness cum people’s constitution under the auspice of misplaced priority of polluted ethnicity.
    You may not know those who should have laid the right foundation at their time for a supposed sanity in a polity, yet have been sacrificed for ethnic affiliation, with dame consequences of erroneous foundation of delineated, & continually winding off of Nigeria on a regular turmoil destination of no-return. Those people are: the great Awo of our time, the great MKO, the great Ojukwu, the great Bola-Ige, the great Buhari and many more. You may need to consult widely to understand the tenets of these individuals’ ideologies. Don’t just rubbish any, and I mean ANY. But easily, Buhari, who could have fought corruption (d only Nigerian problem) to a standstill, was sacrificed for same ethnic affiliation, as did for MKO.
    You see, the Nigerians’ problem is HOPE. They keep hoping in d obvious hopeless situations, deriving joy in the nonsense motivational talks of all sorts. We get this deprived for ethnic jollification, yet the same people defend the oppressors under the guise of unseen hope.
    You know the worst, this has been the trend, and it cannot stop under a pseudo-nigerian arrangement. Regardless of how far we have gone, it will be reassessed someday the palatability of our staying together… your position of unity in diversity is non-provable, highly delusional and self deceitful. Why did u mention Sudan alone? South Korea broke from the old Koren state, today, South korea is one of the leading industrial nations in the world. Didn’t Czechoslovakia split after incessant crisis? What about the great Soviet union? It’s an admissible portion of argument that Nigeria state is an erroneous product of overnight proclamation. We must go back to this basis.
    The current political imbroglio, unquestionable bokoharam, draining economy, & incessant crises are a pointer to the obvious that the structure of Nigeria built on a wrong foundation is shaking, & it must be demolished for a new, better foundationed building. Sir (Mr. Lecturer) oh, alongside the majority in your perceptible perspectives are rather seeing it that balkanization may not solve Nigerian setting, forgetting that all these problems were so created by the same messy arrangement from d get-go. & until the basis is reassessed, it’s a merry-go-round journey of wastage drumming war unto the hearing!

  28. In the wake of the second world war! Winston Church said “never in history is when there is a great distinction btw what our leaders say and what they do”, Pastor Oritsejeafor took our Politicians to the cleaners today, he told them to their face how they have precipitated our value from the Sublime to the ridiculous!

  29. Being a Nigerian is an imposition by the colonial master not by choice.The existence of a country can only be authenticated by referendum.A country that never engage in war for once with any country ,but always experiencing war,rift,uproar,chaos,etc within the nations that comprise it! What a chaotic country? Recently, Yoruba nation sought for autonomy.Sufferness,corruption,kidnapping,unemployment,terrorism,etc reign supreme in a mere geographical expression called Nigeria.The very day I saw the rubble of this collapsed empire was the day Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd) cancelled MKO Abiola election. SMH!!!

  30. No religious sentiment pls, pure sociopolitical economic in-depth analysis of this retrogressive cum unimpressive shoeless being, human or animal, I can’t say… that’s mine succinct say of him, u may say yours.

  31. Uncle Jimi 2 times, more Greece to your elbow, keep up the good work and i pray God Almighty guide and protect you. Since amnesty is the order of the day, i think all unemployed Nigerians youths should come together to form a forum and request for their own amnesty.

  32. Uncle JD,
    You werent in the paper review of today,what happened? Well,today happens to be my third day of listening to the paper reviews,from Classic FM. I was trilled by your analysis on Monday & Tuesday edition of the review,it was quite educating too. Happy to be here(your blog). please,always show up for the review. Your analysis gives us the reason to believe in Nigeria, when the right thing is done. Kudos

  33. Dear Uncle Jimi,

    I’ve seen my article (PRIGGISH ACT OF BENIGHTEDNESS)which you helped me to publish. Good job! Bravo! More strength and grace to your elbow. You’re so blessed.

  34. I thank God for Nigerians like you. I listen to you on the radio in the morning and generally agree with most of your views. However, I think some sort of action is required as the Oga’s @ the top are very unconcerned with what we think or say, hence the lack of improvement in any sphere in Nigeria (except for curroption ).
    I strongly believe that we must insist on independent canditature and autonomy for local governments. The problem is how do we get these options added? The Nass and co dont listen since the status que is in their favour.
    Please help, condition critical.
    Thank you.

  35. Hello Jimi,
    Its been wonderful listening to the Discourse program on sundays…..
    I would like to know where i can upload the write up about nigeria.
    Even if i am not invited i would love to write some thing about that with some analysis and suggest some solutions as little as i am.

  36. Mr. Jimi Disu, I want to ask if it is not a course to be born in Nigeria considering what his happening to Pastor Omowunmi.

  37. Oga Jimi,

    Na you dey keeep us company everyday we go to work.Its just that everytime we listen to you all we see is hoplessness.
    Please i need the phone numbers to the I.G .THE POLICE MEN in Ikorodu around port terminal and also at IGbogbo road still mount road blocks every day .

  38. Am so glad to know that your kind of person exists. Without doubt, you’re a rare breed. I pray you sustain this till your last breath most especially when u’re called to serve at whatever level & capacity in the country. I sincerely pray our country makes significant changes/progress that you & the majority of us are craving for.

  39. Uncle Jimi, thanks for all your effort to enlighten us on issues that can make or mar Nigeria. please, I want you to say something about these 2 things.
    1. Your position on the state police in Nigeria.
    2. The condition of MMIA and the recent increase in the car park fee from #200 #400 without any repair done.

  40. Goodday sir.You make me late go work today becos of the front page news wen come 15mins late.I think i deserve an apology from you ‘my OGA at the top’ on behalf of sly.
    Keep it up sir,u get mouth.

  41. Good day Sir,

    I have video files of Mr. Aliu Farouk interview on NTA, which i’d like you to see but don’t know how to get it across to you.

    If you have seen it, then there’ll be no need for it.

  42. Good day, Mr Disu.
    I have been an ardent listener of The Discourse from the very day i listened to your interview with Muyiwa Majek of Jazzville… i would appreciate it if i could get an invite to the Discourse anniversary coming up on the 13th of June at the Muson Centre.
    Thanks in anticipation and have a great evening Sir!

  43. gud morining sir, pls talk about ASUP(academic staff union of polytechnic) strike. The strike is more than a month now and the media are not talking about it pls sir. God bless u God bless Nigeria

  44. Uncle Jimi am waiting for your invitation for 13th of June.I want be there life.You have always made our Sunday’s a must listen so i cant wait for the birthday of our programme.The Discourse is a Sunday TONIC that can not be missed.

  45. Good Day Sir,

    I am an ardent listener to ‘THE DISCUSS’ on Classic FM. I am enthralled at the amount of information I get just listening to your programme. I used to steal my Dad’s New Universal Library Encyclopedia to read when I was in Primary Four & I’ve always loved accumulating information, I guess that’s why I’m hooked to your programme. But most of all, I deeply admire the way you discuss issues with sincererity of purpose and without fear or favour. You say things the way they are without being scared that you may feature in the bad books of the Government. I feel very strongly about being an agent of change in this Country but unfortunately I have not found the right forum to achieve this. I would sincerely appreciate if you can help me on this. I would also appreciate if I am found worthy of an invite for June 13th, 2013. Please keep doing what you are doing, you inspire our generation.

  46. kudos to you sir.you are doing a great job.please is it possible for me to download some past editions of the discourse?if possible,how?thanks.

  47. Tnx, got ur email responses. Contrary to the views held by Kelvin Eekene on 10th March 2013 @ 2:23, Tinubu and the APC outfit is just another fraud. Tell me what is being enjoyed in any ACN State? NOTHING!!! SORROWS, TEARS AND BLOOD has been our portion. The guy that got killed by the police at Tinubu’s toll plaza on a federal road, what has happened to the policeman who shot the guy or indeed the guy that directed the policemen to go there? Nigeria is a FAILED STATE. Unfortunately we can’t wave a magic wand and make it good again. Nigerians should not let Tinubu and his thieving friends, subjects and meritocratic conspiratorial looters finish the crumbs left under the table (else Jesus might have to change that part of the Bible allowing the dogs to eat crumbs under the table). I used Jesus cos only him can change the content of the Bible. All the political parties are the same. PDP, ACN, Labour, APGA, ANPP- no exception- all thieving bastards.

  48. I am a listener to your contributions to our national development via “Frontpage Analysis” and “The Discourse”. I have observed that your comments, opinions and analysis are unbiased; I can therefore only wish youGod’s guidance in all your endeavours. If our leaders choose to ignore the lessons from Egypt, it is at their own peril. Now that there is no discerning difference between the leaders in both the ruling and opposition parties, the stage has been set for an impending revolution. When a national leader of the opposition could not stop the condemnable appropriation of state wealth among his personal family, the Iya-oloja debacle is still fresh, then what is the difference between them and the looters at the centre. However, I believe that your blog, as well as the two radio programs, are veritable platforms where Nigerians that are opposed to the mess going around can continue to express their feelings. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

  49. Uncle Jimi,
    listening the headlines this morning and i often wonder where we belong in the scheme of things in the International community, Muduro won an election, our president rush to congratulate him, Obama won, same thing, the new Israeli President won we rushed to congratulate him, Iran elect new president same thing, i often wondered where wo belong in this international community, if there is ever a president that can’t even be deemed fit to run a Village, this is it. I really am ashamed of our present crop of leaders. holding a cabinet meeting just to order for the payment of salaries!

  50. Sir,
    Your analysis (with Sly and Bukola) are highly informative. What you are doing is unusual and even when you are criticized, as much as you do this with a clean mind (as you always say “I don’t know the young man, am also not looking to take his job”), your contribution will surely be remembered – for good. All the best.

  51. Uncle JD, where have you been. I miss your daily objective analysis of news/events in the country.

    Pls come back on air soon.

    Kindly plead with ‘father’ Sly not to be interjecting when you are speaking, he shd allow you to complete your speech before airing his view. many thx

  52. Fantastic show with Dr. Femi Aribisala on the Discourse today. Why we choose this pretentious Sunday-Sunday enslavement to the ‘gatekeeping’ pastors lifestyle without bothering to absorb ‘the word’ ourselves is beyond me. Responsibility for following Christ cannot be delegated to GOs/pastors!

  53. JD, I wonder why Lagos state is insisting that vendors with most of their agencies need to open an account at zenith bank or risk not getting paid. They even go as far as giving the name and phone number of the preferred account officer on the circular.

    This is a gross encroachment on our rights to free of choice and association.

  54. I just finished listening to “The Discourse” of November 3. It was distressing that a discussion on etiquette turned into an extended rant on homosexuality, sex-change operations and a free-for-all lambasting of so-called Western lifestyles. Your guest did not cover herself in glory, and neither did you.
    1. Your guest was hypocritical: she detests Western lifestyle choices, but her mother lives in the UK and her children live in the US – two countries in which same-sex marriage is allowed. If she was that opposed to the gay lifestyle, why would she be apparently unconcerned, and is probably even happy that her children live in those countries? And you, Jimi Disu, are a citizen of the UK; you reject the lifestyle, but you sought and accepted the citizenship!
    2. Your rants were irrelevant: the extended lifestyle rant that you and your putative wife Tunde (an alleged Christian lady who has no problems bearing a male name!) engaged in had little or nothing to do with etiquette, in my opinion. Nigeria is not about to be swamped by gay people, regardless of the fact that they have long existed in the north (remember Sir Ahmadu Bello and Prof. Anthony Kirk-Greene?) and are increasing in the south. Is homosexuality responsible for the incompetence and corruption that people like yourself have made a career out of condemning? If it is not, then the focus upon it is unnecessary. In fact, one may question Tunde’s credentials, given her criticism of issues in such an extreme manner, and to the detriment of the etiquette issues she was supposed to discuss.
    3. You were intolerant: you confess to a unending love for the music of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. This musician you love so dearly was sexually incontinent and a famous consumer of marijuana. Even though you claim not to love those aspects of him (we have only your word for it), it has not prevented you from admiring his music. How come that tolerance does not extend to other lifestyles of which you may not approve, but which, like Fela’s hemp-smoking, do not directly affect you?
    Jimi Disu, you profess to be a social critic in a nation that is multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. I think you would be more effective if you understood that your right to hold an opinion does not make you an infallible arbiter of the behaviour of others.

      • I am actually surprised you allowed this post on your blog. The guy must not like you very much Mr Jimi. Please be careful lest this dude catches you in a dark alley.

        Be it as it may, I always enjoy listening to your program every Tuesday to Friday.

        Please keep up the good work and remain candid as your type is near extinction.

  55. Mr Jimi God will continue bless you abundantly in good way for the job you doing. I was listening to your program on classic Fm infact I dnt miss it. The issue of bankers having meeting by 7am on monday morning, though its slavery but I must tell them they are the lucky set, sir there is a director in the Lagos state internal Revenues service who subject his unit field officers team leaders everyday morning meetings from 8.00am to about 11.00am in the name of giving the previous day’s report. Mr Jimi standing for 3 good hours everyday of the week. Young men and women have develop back problem, rheumatism and sorts bones injury, and if you refuse to attend the meeting all you get is a documented query and a fine of 1000 naira with the little the agency gave you for you work. Please I want you to make enquiry about this and help the inocent soul who are suffering in the hands of this man. Lots of ideas have been given to him but she refuse them all. Thanks a lot Sir

  56. Good morning Uncle Jimi. Please, let’s take a look at the establishment of the Hisbah by the States in the northern parts of Nigeria who claim to be practicing the Sharia and are busy destroying other peoples businesses. Denying them their constitutional rights to live freely in any part of Nigeria and practice their religion. The irony is that these States share the VAT tax proceeds from breweries!

  57. Mr. Jimi, your balance views on every subjects is objective, inspiring, encouraging,and instill hopes in some of us about our beloved nation Nigeria.Thank you.


  59. Good day Mr JD. since have been listing to your discuss have come to conclusion that you are bias both in religion and ethics. have you ever bring Muslim or northern to your program, u bring those people that will paint Muslim & the north as if they are the bad things that happen to this nation. to me the problem of this nation cause by the Christian and the south. please do something to balance the equation.

  60. Kiev,Ukraine.one of the countries that broke
    away from the former Soviet Union and have
    been making great strides in economics and
    other areas of human endevour.even with the
    shadow of Soviet Union looming after their
    independence;they have been able to take care
    of problems like power supply,good
    roads,better life for the populace and
    condusive enviroment for growth.but weeks
    ago,the Ukrainians woke up and decided they
    need a change,lives has been lost,properties
    has been destroyed and tears have been
    shed,but they were resolute in fighting for
    their rights inspite of the fact that they live
    better than the average “Black African”.the will
    of the people prevailed and their president has
    fled.but in my “Dear Nigeria”,the politicians
    continue their rule of impunity,amassing wealth
    meant for the majority and with the
    connivance of their cronies in the Senate and
    HOA,and the blessings of their “spiritual
    fathers” in Mosques and Churches after money
    has exchanged hands.Allah/God will never come
    down to make Nigeria like USA,UAE,EUROPE,
    SAUDI ARABIA e.t.c,it was done through the
    selfless efforts of some people,but they were
    not GREEDY.its good to pray for change,but the
    bulk lies with us as Nigerians,do we really want
    change or we want to continue to pray without
    actions?the lessons from the Ukraine example
    is that;being resolute,ability to speak as
    one,the fore-bearance to demand for their
    rights and stand firm in the face of tyrrany
    made the difference and their voice was heard
    by Allah/God,the president fled!we can be
    heard as Nigerians too for that change we all
    seek.”the voice of the people ………………….
    …”,lets continue to pray,we have been doing
    that since the Brits were here.

  61. Two things I’d like to comment on.
    Firstly,I’m surprised at the stupidity of the Nigerian Police regarding the Ibadan forest discovery.
    Bodies were found,arrests made and the victims simply buried in mass graves.
    All of a sudden,detectives realised they shouldn’t have just buried them so returned to the crime scene,which was already polluted and exhumed the bodies for DNA.
    How clumsy can our security agencies get?
    Commonsense dictates that you first seal off the crime scene,look for clues,interview people and make necessary arrests.
    DNA samples from victims are then extracted and matched against their surviving relatives in order to aid identification.
    Obviously,we’re a century behind in crime fighting in Nigeria.
    Secondly,I witnessed the other day the heavy-handed approach of KAI officials at Palmgrove bus-stop.A roadside artist was arrested and had his paintings smashed.That’s plain wickedness by KAI.
    An artist contravening traffic laws can be warned to pack his things.Afterall,he has to make a living so why making things more difficult for him.He can’t be expected to rent a shop at the current rate they’re going in Lagos.
    A more dignified approach can be adopted.
    His paintings have been destroyed.How is he expected to start all over again?

  62. My Dear Compatriots,

    Fellow compatriots, I write this with pain from the bottommost of my heart with regards to our country. In the last couple of years, we’ve been treated to different events, scopes and scenes in Nigeria that a rational mind must sit down and have a deep thought about where our country is heading.
    Though I’ve been having some thoughts about different events happening in our country and listening to the thoughts of political analyst and public commentator’s e.t.c, even online from where I am living, I have never really sat down and have a really deep thought about the political landscape in Nigeria until this morning. And the news that stroked that thoughtfulness in me was the bombshell of a Memo dropped by Governor Muritala Nyako of Adamawa to the NSGF (Northen state governors’ forum), the subsequent response from the Presidents SSA Doyin Okupe and the almost immediate rejoinder from Governor Muritala Nyako.
    For those who have not read it, follow the link below:
    Firstly before I pour out my mind, I knew something like these was going to happen long ago, i.e the office of the Presidency being brought under total disrepute, due to the total lack of maturity from our C-in-C in handling issues, especially those considered political. From the handling of the NGF elections in which they succeeded in dividing the governors, to the issue of corruption and the now more dangerous game of inciting people to tarnish the image and reputation of his so called enemies based on religion, ethnicity and terrorist acts without evidence. Or how could one reason why Reno Omokri the SA to the President on new media will want to devilishly rope in the suspended CBN Governor into terrorism through his fabricated Wendell Simlin evolution. I knew the red line has been crossed when the government in other to save its obvious blushes and incompetency, change their tactics from labelling APC an Islamic party, as if there are not more Muslims in the PDP, to now telling the whole world they are actually behind the insurgency without no substantial evidence. No one including me can accept these.

    Though I’m happy with the responses I read from majority of Nigerians while reading the news, because it’s as if some people in the corridor of power thinks all of us are stupid to just yell out these shenanigans, and expect us to just swallow them hook, line, and sinker, but there are still some grey areas.
    Of course, the myth that seems to be there (The ruling party) only available excuse that they throw out there every now and then is that it’s because some people don’t want some people to be in power or because some people has threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable if some people gets power, that’s why Nigeria is in the dire situation it is in now. Excuse me! Anybody who’s still falling for those should get his or her head checked. It pains me when I see gullible Nigerians who bring up these untenable excuses, because for sure these people in power don’t believe these myths they throw out to Nigerians, they know what is happening, they’re just trying to save their pathetic faces.
    Apart from finding it hard to phantom how someone will be aggrieved with the government, and in other to make the country ungovernable, he will now have to go and resort to start killing his people massively, destroying their properties and abducting their children, even when those people voted for him massively? And he will still have to go to them for votes? Who is losing? No! I’m not falling for this.
    These will connect me back to my earlier deliberation, considering the gravity of the allegations dropped by Governor Nyako. While I might not necessarily like him and some of his Governor friends because they also contributed to the mess we’ve found ourselves, we still remember that they were once friends and this time 2011, they were all rallying round Jonathan sharing our commonwealth for him to become President. But reading through his comments, I felt a level of frustration, I felt someone that has been pushed to the wall, I felt a burning anger, considering the new dimension and the tactics the PDP are now deploying. Like I said earlier, I knew ultimately that it’s just a matter of time before some people from the opposition reply in kind, because let’s not deceive ourselves it was a very dirty and dangerous politics that the ruling party was playing with the issue of insecurity. It started with General Buhari asking them to apologize or face litigation and now it’s the bombshell from governor Nyako, who knows if more are still to come, and I perceive more will still to come.
    Though I don’t accept some of Nyako’s comments, especially on the office of the Presidency, it’s the Presidency I blame for all these, because they started these dangerous path of politics filled with lies and deception.
    But having said these, there are some parts of his comments that really caught my attention. And I believe as Nigerians, if we can insist on those questions being answered by our government, we will have solved our problems half way without raising a gun. 1st he said: “At one point he (The President) said there are Boko Haram in his government, at another point he said they are ghosts he cannot dialogue with ghosts, yet recently he admitted that the young poverty stricken persons so far arrested cannot afford the guns they carry. And we say to them you have full command and control of the Armed Forces and security outfits with all the Intelligence units, investigate their activities, expose their patrons, sponsors and strategic commanders and arrest them.”

    Nothing could be truer than what these man has said. Which is why I find it completely irresponsible for a government that has all security apparatus and all intelligence units under its control will result to blame games on the issue of securing our lives, and be giving us useless excuses such as these present one has been doing. We hear of different arrests and how different insurgency weapons have been seized every day, and that’s it, nothing more, you now wonder if this weapons came from heaven? Even as most weapons produced normally has serial numbers which can be used to trace it to its manufacturer.
    Furthermore, I still find it difficult to believe why 21 suspects under the custody of SSS can be killed because one suspect in handcuff attempted jail break, even though the story the SSS gave us didn’t add up. What came to my mind immediately I heard the news was how Mohammed Yusuf (Former Boko-haram) leader was killed in the custody of the police some years ago, the story being brandished to us now is similar to what the police gave then, that Yusuf was trying to escape. But Nigerians knew he was killed so that he won’t reveal the identities of those so called Nigerian “cabals” behind Boko-haram. How are we sure that it’s not the same script that’s been played out by the SSS.

    2nd he also said: “We still repeat the earlier questions we raised. How come the insurgents move about unchallenged at night in our states under so called Emergency Rule when we have a night time curfew in place? How come the insurgents operate for many hours unchallenged when we have military units all over the place? How come the insurgents move with a large convoy of vehicles through routes that have 24 hours military check points? How come statements by the Presidency and other authorities in Abuja are always at variance with realities on ground at the theatres of conflict? We want answers not insults or empty rhetoric.”
    Indeed we want answers; because these among others is what have been giving me sleepless nights and getting me worried virtually every day for a while now. How can insurgents be operating for hours, driving entourage of vehicles around the streets in broad day light, kidnapping and carting away our young girls unhindered in a state which is supposedly under a “state of emergency”? I just can’t believe my head.
    It’s difficult to convince me that there’s no high-handedness from people in government. I just can’t be convinced.

    Finally, there’s so much to say about our beloved country and these insecurity plague bedeviling it, but there’s always a limit to what one can say.
    But once again, I will still say pending when Nigerians decide his fate in 2015, the President should sit up and avail himself of the “Skelewu dance” mood that he has been in since going to Kano, pull off his kid-gloves and sincerely get down to work, bring everybody together and resolve these issues head-on. Enough of rhetoric’s, we need action. Theses carnage must stop.

    We must begin to see people get punished for being lackadaisical or negligent in their duties. The Military officer who issued the irresponsible statement to the world concerning the abducted girls in Borno must be held accountable.
    I’m a realist, and having travelled & lived outside of Nigeria and seen how life could be structured, sweet and easy with less difficulty, under a responsible and functioning government, I can’t settle for less from my government or be deceived by any group. Considering the situation we’ve found ourselves in Nigeria at the moment, we only have two options either the PDP or the APC. While the latter has been in power
    for about 16 years without nothing to show for it, the former is not that too different, like Mr. Jimi will say; they are the same ten and ten pens, that’s why they find it easy to cross carpet, though there are still some very few individuals among them that I trust have genuine interest for development of Nigeria without mincing words.

    I’ll conclude by advising my fellow compatriots not to be blinded by the religious and ethnic cards these our present useless politicians are playing, as most of them don’t believe in what they say at their mosques and churches, we should insist on issue and performance based politics. They’re chameleons that after going to Mecca for hajj, after going to Israel and going to camps to kneel down for PR in front of some people, calling for prayers here and there, they still go back to our treasury to still our money, they still lie to us during campaigns and give thugs guns and money to rig elections for them, they still siphon our money, lodge it in foreign accounts to build mansions for themselves and their family. Apart from the fact that we don’t know officially how much they earn as salaries, we only hear unofficially that they are the highest paid in the world even though we know what leaders in other countries earn, even Kenya.


    Olagunju Oluwafemi Muhammad
    Skype: @o_muhammad_o

  63. How is it that our securitymen can’t contain Boko Haram?Firstly,we knew these girls were taking exams,why didn’t we provide greater security for them.
    Secondly,why haven’t we not interrogated detained suspects to find out valuable facts-how and where they were recruited etc.
    Why also don’t we have undercover agents in mosques and other areas that may be used for recruitment?
    I weep for this country.

  64. Dear Uncle Jimi,

    It beats me hearing you wonder this morning (Classic97.3fm) if I was real, just because I corroborated the Bird-Woman’s story. I know it’s pretty difficult authenticating such stories. Black magic and voodooism really do not exist in our legal system, but you and I know such things exist and from-time-to-time happen.

    The Ajegunle story was real. I live in AJ. I was home about then because I had only just returned from work.

    Anyway, I am GIBSON VALENTINE. Previously a practising journalist but now into engineering. Had stints with MEE Mofe-Damijo’s CLASSIQUE, FRCN and Complete Sports (contributor ), to mention a few. Deji Oguntoyibo was my course-mate at NIJ (Class of ’94).
    Uncle Jimi, your “boy” is for real.



  65. uncle jimi, i must say a very big thank you for a job well done most especially on clasic fm with sly and bukola, how i wish our leaders “rulers” do listen to this program, but all the same, pls dont stop talking, dont give, some day, some how, we will get them to listen to the voice of the masses.

  66. Good Evening Uncle Jimi,
    I am a regular listener of your programes but I ve never had opportunities to conribute.I do reccommend your programes for my colleagues because of the qualities.
    I wanted to contribute this morning but to no avail.
    please don’t be deterred by the comments of the PDP apologists.

  67. Sir

    I am interested in your programmes and I will like you to be sending me a copy of all your 2pm Sunday programmed on classics FM both the past and the present.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Yours Listner
    Godwin Ochonma

  68. Please Oga Jimi can you help in telling Governor Fashola to put clear signpost on streets that Okada or smaller okada or motorcycles are allowed to ply. Imagine a police patrol van arresting my motorcycle bike inside my street. The law is good but let signpost be placed clearly on the streets, roads, where okadas are allowed to ply and not allowed to ply. Bikes are legitimate means of moving from one place to another after-all it is not all that will own cars. Police are using this law to make huge money every day in their police stations they charge every arrested okada pays N5,000 to N10,000 imagine in a situation of a station arresting ten okadas that is cool N700,000 every week who eats this money? Govt or who?

  69. Hello Sir, I wish you could help to highlight the issue of JAMB barring all cybercafe operators in Nigeria from registering JAMB 2014/2015 candidates which has already started 2weeks ago. It is quiet wrong for a few greedy Nigerians to plot together to remove food from the poor youths of Nigeria table. Three years JAMB introduce a fee of N10,000 to all Cybercafe operators in Nigeria to pay before you can access their website for Jamb Registration. We all cry out but nothing happened and we were forced to part with N10,000 every year. Jamb made a lot of money from us despite also charging a fee of N4,000 to buy the form. Now JAMB have arranged with some greedy Nigerians to do the registration themselves by setting up proxy ICT centres. The consequences of this act is that over I million Nigerians cybercafe operators will gout out of business. Jobs will be lost and more youths will go to crimes. Pls help through your media outreach to brings this unfortunate development to the Nigeria public and those in authority. There is no job in Nigeria and we created jobs for ourselves and also employs others, now what are we going to do?

  70. Dear Uncle Jimi,

    I feel the strong need to write to push for pension reform of the current pension contribution arrangement. In Nigeria today, if I have N20mio contribution, I can build a 3bedroom flat but not sure I can buy a piece of land with same money in the next 10years. Time value of money!!! The reform should allow access to at least 50% of the contribution every 5yrs. Pls help. The current pension arrangements will only give opportunity to have access at retirement, which is not fair enough.

    Uncle Jimi, pls help use your good profession to push this campaign.

    God bless Nigeria!

  71. Dear uncle Jimi am one of your program listener “The Discourse” i would really like you to bring a pharmacist to the program to educate the youths about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs such as codeine and refnol cos the rate youths are getting addicted to this drugs is quite alarming which most parents are not aware of ..thank you

  72. Good day sir, please we are waiting for the picture of your bed as you promised this morning. LOL.
    You are doing a good job sir, I like your analysis.

  73. Good Morning Uncle Jimi, am an ardent listener of your programs on Classic fm. Kindly grant me this wish. Please invite Mr Femi Arebisala to your program on the Discourse on any ranging topic in Nigeria.It will make an interesting Discourse.

  74. Nigeria: from Failure to Greatness
    A True Story
    Last night I was with a mixed group of politicians in Asokoro, Abuja. Among these people were members of APC and PDP, all talking money. I heard one say “My real estate in Dubai is generating $xxxx annually,” another say, “Dubai market is not the best, Cayman islands is better, I make $Bleep annually from those investments.” As I looked closely in the room, there were self-professed muslims, christians and maybe traditional worshipers or aethists. These men forgot about their ethnic, religious and political identities, what bonded them together was the proverbial Nigeria’s national cake.
    As I walked around the room, and shook some of my friends, sipping my glass of wine, I thought so hard about the Nigerian electorate that were preparing themselves for a new election process in 2015. I thought about those who come to Facebook, Nairaland, Twitter, and mainstream medial raining down vitriols on those who do not belong to their ethnic group, religion or self-professed geo-political identities. I thought about those who kill each other for these men that literarily share the “national cake.” While I was introverted in those thoughts, I found tears rolling down my eyes. As the tears rolled down my feeble eyes, the wife of a prominent politician in Nassarawa state, noticed my watered eyes, drawing close to me, she tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Sir, are you okay?” I looked at her as if I was recovering from some sort of hypnosis, and answered “Madam I just returned from London where I had a reunion with my old high school classmates, and so I am really tired”. She insisted to know what was wrong. I then said, “madam our country is finished and half of the people in this room need to be in Jail.” She said “xxxx I know you pain, and hopefully with the right leadership, we will get it right”
    I am pained and in tears that Nigerians are continually deceived, and their wealth carted away by those whose IQ are not even close to those that are deceived. It is high time we bring in someone that would stamp out the number one problem in Nigeria – corruption. We have the power to act, and vote in someone that would truly and honestly reduce corruption in our country. Our country is finished, and we must salvage it. I truly and honestly believe that General Mohammadu Buhari is more than capable of cleaning this mess. Do not waste your vote, vote the right man to power come 2015! I don’t hate President Jonathan, I just know that he has taken corruption to another level, and honestly do not have what it takes to lead Nigeria to where we all want it to be.
    -Cram Jones

    Credits: Nigeria Live TV

  75. Uncle Jimi,

    Residents and motorists plying the Lagos- Abeokuta express way seriously need your help to draw the attention of the government to the deplorable state of the road. The road leading to the sango-otta bridge is so terrible as it is littered with pot holes that can only be found in a war ravaged country. This has made commuting on that road a nightmare to both motorists and residents alike. Please assist in drawing government attention to our plight. Thank you and kind regards

  76. As an undecided voter for the presidential elections,I get more undecided as these politicians show what stuff they are made off. It has been said that anytime Johnathan wants to attend an event bombs go off. Is it a coincidence that Baga was hit on Wednesday and Johnathan launched his campaign on Thursday. ‎I saw former French Prime minister Nicholas Sacozy visiting his successor yesterday but we do not have solidarity. The spread of Boko haram was more a victory for the opposition. I Watched the APC youth forum chairman on Channels yesterday exhibit  so much arrogance. Saw Gov Fashola very vociferous about the president. However Osinbajo has been dignified in his utterances. Babangida plunged this country but when he took over from Buhari we all hailed him. My worry is that paraventure Johnathan wins, there will be trouble because the expectation from APC is high. I understand there is already apathy from the electorate and the current media excitement is not shared by the public.
    Finally, I have not benefitted from the Fed Govt, all I see is corruption. The Lagos state Govt has killed my business with multiple taxes and brutal fines from Lastma Vio Lassa and tolls etc all in the name of IGR. The Local govt chairman who lives beside my house who could not pay 5k security levy in 2011 raised his bungalow guest house to upstairs within 3 months of being in office amongst others. With dwindling Federal revenue, Lagos StateIGR drive will be draconian.
    The poor performance of PDP makes APC attractive.
    Making an informed choice is a challenge ‎

  77. Food for thought for you Jimi:

    How come APC is spending so much time and money on adverts and campaign asking their supporters to pick up their PVC, and PDP is not doing the same? Is it that APC believes in the power of the electorates, while PDP only cares about rigging?

  78. hi sir, the discourse today with mr jim was awesome, my dad made me search for you because he like the way you laugh and i told him that with the kind of your laughter you must be a big man in size and he said no, whola i won. kudos sir

  79. one of the most painful and saddening thing a man can confront is watching elders dance naked, pretending to be clothed.
    Jimi, you are too, too, partisan. AND DOING A VERY POOR JOB OF CONCEALING IT. In your press reviews at Classic FM and your discourse, your prejudices come “screaming” out. WHY DON’T YOU JUST STATE THE FACTS AND LEAVE IT AT THAT?
    the only nice thing i have heard you say since this political tragicomedy is your call to the youths and the “agbas” to think, and not risk their lives and futures for “tupence”.

    regards to you.

  80. Sir, why is it that we can’t share stories on your blog on facebook, twitter, etc anymore? Well done, sir. May God bless you.

  81. Hello Uncle Jimi,

    I listen to your radio program and I wish to share with you my experience yesterday when went to collect my PVC. Kindly acknowledge if you are able to read this.


    I decided to go collect my PVC yesterday, I wanted to do that and head for my office afterwards. Before leaving the house, I had checked the status of my card through the website http://www.govote.ng which linked me to http://voters.inecnigeria.org/ where I confirmed that my card was available and ready for collection. I had also heard in the news that the PVC collection has been decentralized and I could collect mine from the polling unit where I registered.

    I got to the polling unit where I registered in 2011 (no longer at the exact spot it was 4 years ago, it has been moved by a few meters, perhaps due to lack of space) at about 9:30AM. Before getting to the place, I had observed from my car a number of people gathered around the place, I also did notice the names pasted on the wall so I knew that was the polling unit. I packed my a few meters away and then walked back to the polling unit.

    On getting there I was surprised to too see a BABA Ijebu (Lagos Lotto) operator and his machine at the spot, his board was even covering some of the names pasted on the wall. There were about 12 people surrounding the Lotto man, I would classify these people as touts or hoodlums judging from the way they talked and behaved, and almost all of them were wearing APC branded T-Shirts.

    I inquired from them about the ongoing PVC collection, the ones that responded told me to go to the LGA and that INEC is no longer distributing the PVC at the polling unit. Well I told them that it was in the news that people should now go to their polling unit to collect their cards. Anyways, I decided to leave for my office and check back later instead of wasting my time.

    Around 2:30PM, I returned to the same place to check and Lo and behold, the INEC officials – a young man and a lady – the man was issuing cards for those that registered in 2014 while the lady issued for people that registered in 2011. The touts whom I had met earlier wearing APC branded T-shirts were also still hanging around. I observed them surreptitiously, they spoke mostly in Yoruba language and occasionally interrupted the INEC officials, I did not really know what their mission was but they interacted with the INEC agents in Yoruba language.

    I was amazed at the number of uncollected cards, and the amount of time it took to attend to one person. The process appeared very inefficient. Though there were 2 INEC agents, it took each one of them between 18mins – 25mins to attend to 1 person because they had go through the stack of cards and there is no guarantee that one’s card would be found.

    The period that I was there, there were about 13 of us who came to collect our cards, 9 including me had our TVC, while 4 others did not have their TVCs and were asked to fill some form. I was number 8 in the queue. Before my turn, out of the 7 people ahead of me, only 2 PVCs could be found, the other 5 were not found and the card owners were asked to go to some place to check.

    On getting to my turn, the lady official of INEC took my TVC, and started checking through the stack of cards, I could observe closely that she was doing a shoddy job of it and wasn’t being meticulous, after about 11 minutes of checking she handed over my TVC and told me that my card could not be found and that it might be one of the problematic cards that were not printed. I told her immediately that it could not have been true that my card was not printed because I had checked my card status and it was available. I quickly ran a fast check on my phone again using the INEC website and showed her that INEC acknowledges that my card is available and she can’t deny me my card.

    She maintained that my card was not available and wanted to continue attending to others, I refused to leave and I warned her that if she didn’t get my card I would call INEC and report her myself. She then reluctantly started checking all over again and eventually found my card to the amazement of everyone around, she had to apologize for how she handled the issue. Because of my insistence, 2 people who had been told that there cards were not available were still around and I helped them check the status of their cards using the INEC website and the site confirmed that their cards were available and ready for collection at that polling unit. Before I left the place, the INEC official was doing a recheck of their cards again.

    Although I succeeded in collecting my card, I left there feeling disappointed because of the following:
    1) The huge number of cards that are yet to be collected
    2) How grossly inefficient the process of PVC collection exercise is
    3) The number of people whose cards are available and yet were told by INEC officials there cards were not ready
    4) The nonchalant attitude of INEC’s adhoc staff, I wonder how they were recruited and if they have the requisite training
    5) The failure of INEC to actually do things properly with all the time they had (4 years) knowing how important this exercise is.
    6) What will become of the uncollected cards before the elections
    7) INEC is not creating much awareness regarding these issues on TV, Radio etc, most of the awareness created in this regard is personal effort
    …and many more

    I am not one of those calling for the postponement of the elections but INEC should admit their own failings and allow those with temporary cards to also vote in the elections, otherwise many people will be disenfranchised due to no fault of theirs but for INEC’s gross incompetence.

    I hope to post a tread on what INEC should do to improve voter registration and efficient distribution and collection of PVCs.

    Thank you.

  82. Good afternoon JD,
    Is very sad the February 14 election has been postponed,even with that most of us still cannot collect our pvc.I went online to check for mine and i was told where to pick it up,up till this moment am told that they do not have it as Inec did not print it.In as much this is d second time I will register.

  83. Good day sir,
    I appreciate your program on air and i have wanted to reach you ever before now.

    There is an issue i would like you to look into and invite the appropriate body from NIMASA to explain to the general public on why their Levies should be paid into foreign account, while the work is carried out by Nigerians and bills raised here in Nigeria.

    Or Could this be another form of money laundry in the system?

  84. Dear Jimi,

    Your analysis this morning like always is full of bias against the President. You should stop being mischievous on issues of National Security.

    This morning instead of you to commend the President for the procurement of four warships which is a plus to the present administration you try to rubbish the matter with your 1960 or whatever age you claim is the manufacturing date of the ship which you said you heard from gossips around town. You now thrive In gossips. In your attempt to run down this achievement by the present regime, you fail to tell Nigerians that there are other brand new ones from China.

    Stop this sectional and ethnic politics which you are playing. We know you are a supporter of Buhari. You never see anything wrong in the message of OBJ. You always tells us to forget the mischievous messenger and focus on the message. As educated as enlightened as you are, is it not a shame that we should be presenting as a presidential candidate a man without proof of what he said he has, which is the minimum educational requirement?

    Does it not bother you that for you to get a job even in a sachet-water packaging company, you will be required to present a first degree certificate, while to seek for the post of the President of Nigeria all you need is a School Certificate statement of result?

    In your mind now, Afenifere does not represent anybody. You forget that a “Buhari must win” is a project of The Arewa Consultative forum for an interest they believe favours the North.

  85. Hello People,

    We Nigerians have lived so many years under government oppression and control that we know nothing else. We are so accustomed to poverty and corruption that any change for the better is viewed as evil because change is so unfamiliar and uncomfortable to us. So we go on supporting and encouraging our corrupt leaders and the immoral elite so we can feel the same as always, no growth, no improvement, and no freedom. We are numb, deceived, stunted, and just following the biggest spender.

    This has to end on Saturday, 28th of March 2015. You have to suppress any form of religious or ethnic sentiment and vote wisely, so that you will not regret your action in the future.

    God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.


  87. Dear Jimi, Please confirm that “Sly” co presenter of the morning show on Classic FM 97.3 is alive and well. There’s rumor of his death all over social media.

    • I just can’t believe it.
      I have been devastated all day.
      Didn’t he remember his lovely daughters and wife?
      Couldn’t he refuse to die?
      Is death really that powerful?
      I remember those arguments with Jimi Disu
      I remember him trying not to be out done.
      How is Bukola going to cope?
      Sly was virtuous and noble-minded.
      He never could understand why human beings could be so heartless especially in relation to insurgencies and kidnappings.
      Perhaps he was an angel.
      Like a ministerial nominee, God picked him for a more borderless assignment.
      To be a guardian angel to his loved ones and the helpless.
      To reach places Classic 97.3 could not reach.

  88. Its sad that Father Sly is gone so soon. JD good things have a way of disappointing us. “Death” is just one of the good things that keep on disappointing us. Or how will one explain this death. Father Sly goodbye with heavy heart.

  89. Dear Mr Disu,
    Enough of your hard knocks on our Ogbeni Aregbesola. Your suggestion that he should go and resign is not the solution neither selling off of the helcopter. ”Ori bibe ko ni oogun ori fifo” Osun State is not meant for only Civil servants a beg. Ogbeni, will surely pay them. Please leave him alone. He is not the only Governor that is owing State salary.

  90. This is to inform and thank all the member of the online community and the public at large that I finally got my compensation by getting my Smart Watch replaced by the re-seller through Konga over the weekend.

    Thanks to Konga and every body’s effort and time during the escalation period!!!

  91. I listen to your Newspaper analysis with rapt attention, on my way driving to work.
    Some issues Caught my attention in today’s episode, which necessitated my comments as thus:
    Parents Protesting JAMB Cut-off marks:
    These goes to show the level of moral decadence that have befallen our dear nation. How will a parent explain such an act and thereby go to demand that the ward performs excellently when he/she eventually secures admission into the university? They will have to demonstrate again for pass marks to be lowered for the wards to make it through school. Many have contributed on happenings in Northern Universities and lowwer cut-off marks. I can tell you on good authority that, even in the North, there are courses that will require scoring up to 250 to gain admission, depending on the number of slots available and the number of candidates that applied for the particular course in question. Cut-off points have always been set over and above JAMB set point by Universities across Nigeria and it has never been an issue. I am rather surprised, that such an occurrence is happening in no other place, but Lagos.
    Probe of Jonathan’s Administration by the incumbent:
    Every leader had the opportunity to probe the administration that handed over power, but never saw the need to. Probably because they are members of the same party and have a way of settling things. The PMB administration has decided to probe the immediate past government & some sections of the country are crying foul. The fact is our money is missing and should be recovered. Probing a looter of National treasury, be it from whichever administration, should not be an issue. This administration is doing well and should intensify on that. Even if it is a single Ministry that will be probed and the looted funds recovered, it will be an achievement, now that the country is experiencing dwindling revenues.
    NNPC as a heaven of corruption:
    In as much as I welcome a holistic probe of NNPC’s accounts and remittances to the nation over the years, I may want to suggest that the relevant statutory body(ies) charged with such responsibilities be adequately empowered to do the needful once and for all. This will probably resolve the issue once and for all and safeguard the diversionary tactics employed by all quarters to trade blame to the National Oil company (taking away the Nigerians focus from other sectors), inviting them to face different panels, yet without any tangible outcomes.

  92. Good day Mr Jim
    Please I need your help in investigating this.
    Exchange rate closed today at about 199 dollar to a naira. I tried to make an online purchase using my GTB naira Mastercard since we can’t pay dollar into a domiciliary account and GTB customer care says it’s 225 dollar they will debit but the actual debit is almost 231naira to a dollar.
    This is sheer exploitation and need your help on unravelling the reason for this very high rate

  93. uncle JD nice work u are doing,God bless u sir.pls where is Sly?.U made mention of him on wed 19/08 and u said God bless his soul. pls where is Sly.thanks.

  94. Hello Mr. Disu.

    I am an ardent listener to you on Classic FM’s Front Page News & Analysis about noise pollution in Lagos. I live in Aguda, Surulere directly opposite two simultenously/continuously loud churches (Mountain of Fire and Sign Fireman church side-by-side, seperated by a fence) that constitute some serious worry as sleep has finally departed from us.

    WHat exactly can we do about this? I hear that some establishments around the city have been closed because of noise pollution.

    Kindly help.

  95. I am seriously disappointed in this his body language that allows the so called fraud called GENCO’s and DISCO’s billing system owned by our past and present rulers which the court has stopped for now.

    We need to stop them now from increasing our power service maintenance charge, proposed billing charge increases by 40% and in some location by 80% and the current replacement of our current prepaid meters with digital readable meters, which allows them to monitor your meter reading from their office and push for continuous power reading even if you are not at home. Further, this new meter scam will allow them to calculate estimated bills which cannot be verified by you and bill you based on your area power consumption against individual consumption billing. I advise Nigerians to rise up and stop this fraud that PMB’s body language cannot stop. Also, Sam Amadi needs to be checked and sack ASAP!! ! angry angry angry
    To join the struggle please send #WeAreReady to 08026332917 or join him via Adeola Samuel Opeyemi on Facebook.

    Source: http://stdgtech.blogspot.com.ng/

  96. Happy new month general jimi,
    I would like to use your platform to alert the necessary authorities onn this issues. Had to take the commercial transport home last night form an event at 8pm, on getting to ketu on ikorodu road and was about to use the over head bride I was pulled back by 2 elderly couple who warned me never to use the bride at night cause of the robbery that goes on while using the bridge that it was best to cross the busy express road even with the presence of some police officers.
    I looked around and also noticed a lot of people were crossing the busy express and few using the bride , same goes for the bridge at ojota too. I’m sure the bridge was meant to save life and not the opposite, we need security and the lights in these bridges .

    Thank you

  97. Sir,

    I listened this morning to your comment on Dalong’s odd attire and disagree with your conclusion sir. And this are my reasons-
    ‘Can one play the devil’s advocate and problematize Danlong’s odd attire? Of course yes, it will go a long way in understanding all nuances. Is Dalong’s attire unique or odd in context of Nigerian politics? No, erudite social crusader- Augustus Taiwo “Tai” Solarin wore in his lifetime wore a replica of Dalong’s attire, save for the red beret and the length of the trousers. And the current governor of Edo state- Adams Oshiomole contested for office twice in a similar garb and was found more capable in khaki than other contestants who were ‘compliantly dressed’. Does Dalong’s choice of apparel violate any legal, political or social code? It is difficult to particularly identify any specific ethical code that the minister’s awkward garb violate, safe its sartorial inelegance, unless you consider Okotie’s Ebo’s long wrapper illegal, Awolowo’s cap and glasses brazenly self promotional and Presidents Jonathan’s hat indecent. Or like some said imitating revolutionaries damages the minister’s democratic credentials? Well socialist too can be and have been democrats as long as they are ready to play by the game’s basic rules. And moreover, in democratic terms, between the gaudy robes of Nigerian politicians and the austere fatigue of the minister, which better represent the living condition of the people?
    If the minister’s revolutionary wears will in difficult times like this free the enormous funds that go into politicians’ wardrobe allowance for real developmental interventions, I do not really think that the majority of Nigeria’s poor and disillusioned electorate care about the color of his beret or the hue of his khaki!’

  98. Bros Jimi, don’t join those who do not understand what a byline is to do what they do. I dug deep to get that interview of Wariboko Oki that you posted on your website. But you did not give any credits for that..Why? Is it right? Please post my byline with the story


    In 2016, INTERNET will change the way we connect with one another, learn, research & do business, Internet has made it easier for us to go round the globe, and YouTube has brought a seemingly infinite number of entertainment & advert possibilities to our fingertips.

    Amaebi Appah strongly believes the Internet has a huge role to play in the future of Nigerian YOUTHS, its the easiest way to engage our youths.
    And he drums this loud and clear whenever he is given the opportunity to speak.

    Tel: 08023077706

    Blog: http://amaebiappah.com/

  100. Bro Jimi,
    I would like to use your platform to alert the necessary authorities on this issues at Gemade Estate, Ipaja Lagos State.
    The PHCN/NEPA people most times come during the weekdays to cut off people’s light and cart away the cables.
    They do this intentionally knowing fully well that most of the residents will not be at home. There is nothing that stops them from coming during weekends when most occupants of the house will be home.
    Secondly, even with working/functioning metre, they bring “estimated bills” up to 13 thousand Naira and they do this intentionally. They bring correct bills for like 2 months and by the 3rd month they bring estimated bills. The marketing manager in that area does not help matter. He does not even have a listening ear and shouts at people. How can we go about to address this?

  101. I listened to the age-less and gorgeous Senator on – The Discourse – on Classic fm yesterday (Sunday).
    It was an eye-opener for me. That woman is sound. That was my first encounter with her and it was refreshing!
    She said something I’d like you to please publicise. She advocated a coming together of all political parties to support this government as the nation is presently in trouble. I can’t agree with her less.
    In the military, the code is: Unite to Conquer. There is no better time than now for all the political parties to jettison their differences and come together for the progress of this nation.
    We should be wary of the ‘rapala’ tactics of the IMF to impoverish our nation by stealth.
    Thank you Sir.
    We and our children shall eat of the good of the land; the wicked shall be put to shame.

    • Uncle Jimi, thanks for all the eye opener. i was listening to the discourse yesterday – 28/02/2016.
      Please help get back to commisioner for Transport in Lagos to allow us use Photocopy of Drivers’license and vehicle documents. This will save us from frustrated law enforcement agents. we have seen instances where vehicle documents were torn, Drivers licence thrown away etc and the owner is in arrant mess. Insurance policies can now be checked to confirm originality…. Drivers license also have identity number, this can also be checked since its a centralised database, there won’t be difference btw original and photocopy…the number is sufficient to detect fraud.

      what in the case of lost? how long will it take to get another one when one can run home to make photocopy and move on. Uncle Jimi, if your original license lost, you dey comot for house be dat ooooooo

  102. Uncle JD, good afternoon sir. I listen to you Tuesday-Friday and Sundays on classic FM. Please i will appreciate it very much if you can help me talk to the people in-charge of electricity at Randle Avenue, Surulere. I moved to the area about 4 years ago and I can say that i have not enjoyed light for once, it is really terrible i must tell you sir. We have not had light for 2 weeks now. When i asked people who have lived there for over 20years they said it has always been like that and nobody is doing nothing about it. Please help us broadcast and talk to the authority[HM Fashola] about it has i believe the light meant for us is been diverted to people who bribes them. Thank you sir.

  103. Good evening Mr Jimi Disu, I hope you have seen and read the latest development on Ese’s story there goes your theory of her running away because she is in love. You keep saying on radio that you do not want to comment, while you go ahead and comment anyway reeling out wrong information like saying Ese’s brother said she is 16 when the whole world knows he never said so, he only said he is 16 so she cannot be 16. It is sad that when you take a position on a matter you push it down your listeners throat and your co-hosts (Buki et al) just agree with your opinions like a … Even if Ese were an infatuated teenager who ran away from home, your comments were highly unfortunate especially because you are a parent yourself.
    And why are you afraid to speak truth to power. FFK may sound crude and irresponsible at times but on this matter he was not far from the truth. Is it not true that your revered emir has a teenage bride himself? In a region plagued by child marriage what kind of message does that send?
    This is not the Jimi we have come to know and respect dearly. Please always remain objective. Thanks

  104. Dear Uncle Jimi,
    Good day. I will like to use your platform to alert the necessary authorities on the Lagos Badagry express road that is in a deplorable state. From Okokomaiko to Agbara, especially around Iyana ishashi is nothing to write home about for an international road. We now spend about 2 hours on a particular section that should not take up to 8 minutes. Kindly convey the message to the relevant authorities.

  105. Uncle JD, HBD.
    We depend on your voice because they will listen to you, even if they don’t want to! You’ve got the clout.
    Egbon, there’s a real danger starring us in the face! One day, the pushed-to-the-wall proverbial goat will strike back!
    Egbon, remember the Banner on 03JAN12, during the OIL SUBSIDY REMOVAL STRIKE at Gani Fawehinmi Park-Ojota, Lagos?
    Uncle JD, keep writing, keep talking, keep advising, Nigerians are understanding and resilient. They’re manageable; they’re governable. They don’t ask for TOO much, just a LITTLE comfort because they know the country is rich. They can see it in the choice vehicles that ply our roads, the fanciful mansions, the “spraying” at parties, the display of wealth on social media…. all being flashed in their faces, while being told to be patient?
    But, they won’t be manageable and governable when the suffering gets too much.
    Please Egbon, don’t stop. You can’t afford to stop o!
    You’re one of the people I call the Voice of the voice-less.


    We have a particular problem in Nigeria that we have not taken seriously. We stereotype ourselves, and as much as we know these stereotypes may not be correct, we diabolically generalise these stereotypes to every member of the larger group. A criminal remains a criminal regardless of his or her ethnic affiliation. That is why it easy to call modern Oil thieves, and saboteurs of Oil pipeline, as Niger Delta Militants. And by that act of christening a common criminal with that very big name, we have inadvertently created a shield for the criminals with our own very hands and mouth.

    This same thing applies to some group of miscreants in Lagos and the South west, who go about waylaying people with charms, arms and amulets in the name of security. We say they are OPC Odua Peoples Congress. Imagine- Peoples Congress, and Odua the progenitor of a race. Big name wey dey kill small dog! Suddenly, the common criminal has been elevated to the heights of elites and celebrities. I still cannot remember when we had the congress in Lagos to share arms and ammunition to street fighters.

    It is also sad to mention the kidnapping kingpins and cartel of the South East. We were once in a state where to visit your home town suddenly becomes a risk. And these same criminals are big time title holders we cannot really trace the root of their wealth. We call them businessmen. Criminality became business. Some other special of them are hidden in big markets, where they mass produce counterfeit drugs, movies, and spare parts etc. Millions of lives and livelihood is still threatened by the nefarious activities of these criminals we choose to describe as Igbo Businessmen.

    For the northern chap, that has been bamboozled with religion to perpetuate supremacy, and enshrined poverty in his life, by a treacherous and diabolic ruling class, his only means of reaction became violence, through same religious channel he has been trampled upon with. They called themselves Boko Haram, but we rebranded them as Islamist and Jihadist. If we understand the etymology, concept and essence of these words, we will realise how much empowerment and encouragement we give the devils of Boko Haram.

    To complete the circle, the normal Fulani nomad that has been roaming about the country for donkey years suddenly transformed into a killing machine, creating wanton destruction of lives properties. Again, like the previous examples, we gave them a new name plate Fulani Herdsmen- very decent name What is the relationship between the name and the criminals that they are? Your guess is as good as mine.

    We prefer and emphasis the ethnic prefixes of these criminals and we bandy it everywhere, as if the whole of that ethnic group met somewhere and decides, oya let’s deal with these other groups that share Naija with us!

  107. To complete the circle, the normal Fulani nomad that has been roaming about the country for donkey years suddenly transformed into a killing machine, creating wanton destruction of lives properties. Again, like the previous examples, we gave them a new name plate Fulani Herdsmen- very decent name for a callous criminal. What is the relationship between the name and the criminals that they are? Your guess is as good as mine.

  108. Good day to you uncle JD.

    Your comment that APC also said they will make Nigeria un-governable under Jonathan last week is not only false but has also given those who are always ready to condemn the present government at any given opportunity, something to hang to in justifying the act of sabotage by some un-faced evil doers.
    A PDP Politician by name Alhaji Lawal Kaita made the treat in 2011.

    The NewsRescue blog has a detail write up on this issue. A link to the post for further read is below:


    Below are a couple of important points that are presented in the post:

    1. Major General Muhammadu Buhari never said he will make Nigeria ungovernable in 2011 in any public format

    2. It was a PDP politician, Alhaji Lawal Kaita who actually said Nigeria would be ungovernable if Jonathan became president in 2011. [Still a PDP G’master]

    3. It was Jonathan’s media spokesman, Reuben Abati who sat down and largely concocted the slanderous libel against Buhari’s name in April 2011.

    4. General Muhammadu Buhari took Reuben Abati to court for damaging his name.

    5. The Jonathan Presidency begged Major General Buhari to settle the case with Reuben Abati and the Guardian out of court.

    6. General Buhari obliged and settled out of court. Reuben Abati with The Guardian published an unreserved apology to Buhari in the Guardian of 11th July, 2013.

    Please uncle JD put the record straight.

  109. Hello,

    The Hon. Minister of Transport Rotimi Ameachi said back then that they will form a parallel government if the past administration refuse to handover if they lose the election. Please note that I am a strong supporter of this present government and campaigned with my resources for PMB during the last election which I totally supported back then. However, the truth must be told when we need to set things straight!!!!

    Samuel Johnson

  110. Dear JD, I will always be your follower but please do not go too much on government policy by way of supporting their statements when it has not gone half way not to talk of full implementation. Example of which is the statement credited to the economic purse of the nation, please Naija is not broke brother.

  111. Dear Uncle Jimi, We really appreciate all your good works and God will continue to bless you. There is this issue of vehicle tint permit which you have also rightly mentioned earlier in your Morning review sessions. I would like you to please help us to still bring up the issue especially to the attention of the new incoming IGP. The whole exercise looks like a scam just the way the new vehicle plate number eventually turned out (where new plate numbers were severally duplicated and issued). There is so much confusion on the exercise and guess what the police at check point would make out of it. First of all the police has only one data capture center for the whole of Lagos state, Wastage of Man-hours is better imagined with this arrangement, secondly the capture platform is configured such that vehicle with old plate numbers are not unloadable on the platform even when such vehicle have Tint permits issued previously (Pre-2015), owners of such vehicles are asked to first go and procure the new plate number from a scheme that has already proofed to have failed coupled with the court ruling that old plate numbers are not illegal and that there is no law declaring its use illegal, Yet the police want people to still go re-register and get this new plate numbers (at a cost similar to just registering the vehicle afresh), what a country? I bet you that what ever data they collect will never be used as it will either get corrupted by virus or crash just like that of the licensing scheme.

  112. Uncle Jimi, Whenever you have FRSC or Police as a guest on any of your program, kindly ask them to clarify Section 230(2) of the National Road Traffic Regulations 2012, which expressly provides that the revocation of the National Road Traffic Regulations 2004, shall not affect anything done or purported to be done under or pursuant to that Regulations.
    The old vehicle number plates in use before the 2012 Regulations were obtained pursuant to 2004 Regulations, so why all the arm twisting of vehicle owners to force them to get the new vehicle plate numbers?

  113. I am listening to Ruben Abati now…for the benefit of listieners I am glad to tell the world that I participated in Sure-p internship program of Former President Jonathan and I got a the needed experience to get a good job in my field. I also have a friend his name is Ayodele Samuel he his a farmer. he got a grant of 2million from Youwin and he is doing well now in Kogi State. As for this present government is a disgrace and an embarrassment. infact this GMB govt is empty full of empty promised, no economic policy just nothing.This govt has failed unless things change for now it’s a total failure.

  114. Greetings Sir,
    I have been following your analysis for a while and admire and appreciate your sincere submissions. Nevertheless I think you like many opportuned to be heard by the public tread with care when criticising the muslim activities unlike when it has to do with the christians.

    I am not a religous fanatic but whenever it comes to religoin analysis on radio you hide no sentiments criticising and condenming the early morning preachers, the likes of lord chosen fanatics, and also other pastors’activities.

    You rarely, and even when you do, make a phrase of the muslim excesses, the 5am morning cry made from their blaring PA system etc.
    What i am saying is not applicable to you alone because almost everyday, you see danming statements to the christian faith (I am not encouraging the high-handedness of those who call themselves claiming call from God) and there are even carricature of Christ and some preachers. There is this fear or reverence for the muslim faith maybe because of their violent nature, so reporters (apart from the uncensored social media sites)tread with caution.

    I join those who commit all issues and people to God for His judgement but also you must note there are those (unpracticing) chrstians who will fanatically throw it back at you and other muslims alike.

    A candid submission from me.

  115. Uncle Jimi,

    I can’t find Dr. Ademola’s contact details in your blog as you promised. If it is not possible to share publicly as earlier promised, kindly send it to me by email.


      • I mean Dr Damola Denloye, your guest last week on Morning digest (talking about Men’s Clinic). I listened to the program that morning and really enjoyed it. I wrote Ademola because that is the way his name appeared in your blog.

        Bros I dey enjoy your programme well well o! I hope you will take me along when you are going to visit madam Nkiru’s farm at Poka.

  116. Thanks Uncle Jimi on the yahoo yahoo boy.
    I listen to you everyday and i appreciate your effort in trying to redirect the young people which is where i belong too.
    You will indeed do good by using ur platform to discourage this yahoo yahoo scourge. The younger generation are wasting away with this and the bank is only concern with their gains when they know it is fraudulent transactions. They pick up money with fake ID, the BVN is not used to check them and the population grows by the day. Go on the weekends to banks at Allen, Iju, Ikorodu, Mowe, Abule Egba ,Akute and so on. It bleeds my heart when i see them in the banks and it is like a movement towards doom. The banks are culpable as they can be use to check this people giving us all a bad name. A dedicated program to this will go a long way. Please i will not want my full name disclosed as i head a branch of the banks.
    Thank you

  117. Uncle Jimi,

    Good morning Uncle JD. It is 1:26am as I write this and I must say I am deeply troubled. So troubled that sleep eludes me. I am listening to the podcast by Ify interviewing Mr. Femi Adesina and Dede Mabiaku and I have one summation to start with, you went easy with Mr. Adesina compared to how Ify grilled him. Please next time, come out punching, kids gloves isn’t what these men need.

    Mr. Adesina said some things that absolutely touched me. I’m finding it hard to reconcile if they really think we are drinking the cool aid they are serving us.

    1. Zaria Buhari’s wedding: Mr. Adesina noted that the wedding was a modest one. He went further to qualify this by adding “for a sitting president”. Sir, if that is his definition of modesty in a recession then our own recession is one in town.

    2. Defending the President: Mr.Adesina noted that as a spokes man, one of his jobs is to defend the president. I totally agree. Sadly, his example of doing so was him blatantly attacking the people. He stood by his statement telling the Nigerian people to talk to the vandals who brought about the drop in power generated rather than direct our complain to the government. Sir, I believe that part of the reason we voted the government in is to provide services and protect these services…. abi have I misunderstood the work of government in totality?

    3. The People’s Right: According to Mr. Adesina, the president is not our property. We cannot tell him what to do, how to do it, when his daughters wedding is considered ostentatious. And Mr. Adesina went on to stand by his statement. Apparently, this is a dictatorship in democratic clothing.

    4. Disrespect: While trying to make a point, Mr. Adesina asked Dede to “KEEP QUIET, LET ME TALK”. From one grown man to another, I believe that is very disrespectful. Mr. Adesina went ahead to also say it was said in a non-offensive manner, and since he didn’t say it to be offensive, even though Dede felt offended, he will not apologize. Oro di hmmmmn!

    5. Brat: Mr Adesina went ahead to call a phone in lady a brat. Yes, she said he was telling us nonsense, and she went ahead to apologize when she was called to order.

    Uncle JD, this epistle doesn’t even start to express how I feel. Nigeria is failing, that’s if we have not failed already. If the spokesman of the government puts up such a display, while he is meant to be building bridges, selling the government to us…… I hope we are not completely finished.

    Good morning Sir.

  118. Your program today with Peter Obi was fantastic. Believe me, I did not miss a second of it. I could not pick my calls. Finally, I think we found a candidate for 2019. The guy is our contact point with progress as a nation. I already sent out messages to friends on my WhatsApp, campaigning for him. Sir, you did a very good job.

  119. Good morning uncle jimi, am a frequent listener,your program is inspiring and motivating, I must confess to yiu sir, am really delighted to listen to an icon and a brave man of your caliber, however more attention need to be done in this our great country, av copied your personal e- mail sir, I will send a mail on some issue you reaaly to pay more attention sir, keep the good work going, you have joined number of my role model since 2 years ago, am happy to know somrone like you sir, keep the good work going,thank you sir, enjoy the rest of the day, am oluwamayokun by name

  120. Good day, Mr Jimi Disu.
    Thanks for bringing Lagbaja to your show. I have
    come, at the end of his interview with you, to the conclusion that there are a few more people than I imagined, in the society with their head propped up the right position.

  121. hello Sir,

    good day sir, i do listen to your show every morning on my way to work and i love your analyses on papers sir, please sir i will love if you can help with a friend case , he is in a very bad shape , a college of his at work bath him with a hot engine oil , please i will appreciate if you can help report to the right authority or point me to the right direction sir.
    His name is Kehinde Oloye Kalejaiye.
    Hoping to hear from you soon

  122. Dear sir,
    I wish you could look into the case of unpaid Nigeria Airways EX-Staff. A few have died since 2008. Will their approved payment be made this year by those young men in charge?
    Is the president aware that a committee (Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit)will take a large chunk out of the approved payments?
    What will happen to the initially approved 78 Billion Naira that has now been reduced to 45 Billion Naira?

    May you be interested in this group of pensioners.

  123. Good morning sir. Trust you are good today. My name is James. Please I want to draw your attention to a dire situation taking place in Anambra State.The primary school teachers that retired in 2015 have not been paid their gratuity till date.The governor is aiming for 2nd term but, these men and women have been completely ignored. Please assist coment on this on your shows and blog. May God continue to bless you. Thank you sir.

  124. Good day sir, my name is Francis Edet, I am a regular listener for you 7am newspaper review. I want to draw your attention to my observation on the issuance of INEC PVC, in 2015,I was one of those that was denied my right to vote because our cards was not given to us despite all my effort I made to get my cards. Now they have started to rig 2019 election now by denying us our PVC again. on the 9th of may 2017, I was at surulere LGA at shitta to register again, after the whole exercise, we were given TVC and asked to come for our PVC after 6 month, as I’m typing this now, I have been to that surulere INEC office twice after the 6 months expiration, they keep telling me the PVC is not ready, what does it take INEC to print out our cards after 6 months. They have started the rigging again, please sir help us. Thank you.

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