Chocolat Royal!:I am distresssed


My name is Beenzu Nwosu. I live and work in Lagos and I listen to your Front Page programme and when I can, your Sunday Discourse.

This is my first email to you.

I’m extremely concerned about the Chocolat Royal issue. I don’t want it to just fizzle away like most things do in Nigeria. What can we do about this? What forum can we create to stimulate (not witch hunt) discussions that will make us Nigerians more concerned about our people.

If this is true, how could they have done this?? I don’t doubt though that there will be dozens of Nigerian firms doing similar things. But my case is about what is a very painful issue – why do we allow foreigners to treat us so badly?

I work in the service sector and observe how cowered and submissive our people are, how they receive abuse from Lebanese, Chinese and Indian (I witnessed a Sri-Lankan cussing a young fellow recently, I mean Sri Lanka?!?!?) employers. I’m livid. I’m not racist, I have loads of friends from every country imaginable. It’s the cheek of it when they dump things and claim all kinds of benefits simply because of…of what, I cannot point to.

My apologies for ranting, but these are my thoughts and I feel that you are a sounding board. Where do we go from here? How do we start a revolution of respect without going to extremes. I’m a no-no for xenophobia, just respect.

Yours distressed.

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