Buhari’s victory has changed political complexion of the country –David-West BY AKEEB ALARAPE

david west

I am so happy. It is a great day for Nigeria. This has changed the whole political complexion of Nigeria. It has shown that a good man can win election in this country. That money is not the only consideration for elec­tion. The entire electorate should be congratulated. They have demonstrated that money can­not buy them.

I give glory to God. I know Buhari is going to do well. I have to congratu­late the outgoing President Jonathan. I learnt he has apparently congratulated Buhari. That is very good. But Jona­than has to caution his attack dogs, the likes of Femi Fani-Kayode to shut up. If he can congratulate Buhari, what are they talking about? I thank God. God is with Nigeria.

We’ve to surpass people’s expec­tations -APC chieftain and former Osun State SSG, Alhaji Kassim Adio

I congratulate the great people of Nigeria for their steadfastness and unshaken belief in hope, patience, perseverance and efficacy of prayers. These are essential ingredients that are needed before any meaningful change can be achieved.

We should be mindful that about this time a few years ago the PDP were also in a joyous mood, therefore from this minute onward, we should remain focused towards fulfilling our promises to the people and surpassing the ex­pectations of Nigerians and the world at large, afterall, another four years is around the corner. I congratulate our dear president-in-waiting and pray that the good Lord guide him towards tak­ing Nigeria to the Promised Land.


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