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Where is Tinubu? By Emmanuel Aziken

Jagaban Borgu, the title conferred on the leader of warriors in the ancient Borgu Kingdom in  Niger State, befits Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the light of his historic political battles and survival. Unquestionably, he […]


DRUMS OF WAR by Chijoke o

As ethnic lords from the North, East, West and South continue in efforts to trigger a second civil war, international military hardware merchants who brainwashed the foreign based agitators to employ an uncompromising attitude are […]


PremiumTimes SPECIAL REPORT: How Nigerian companies raked billions after CBN switched off dollar tap on 41 items

When the Central Bank Nigeria, CBN, blocked official dollar access to importers of 41 low-skilled items, Baton Nigeria, an Ogun state-based company, was preparing to start a factory producing tooth picks – one of the […]


New Heads of ICPC, CCB, PenCom heed Senate’s Warning, Ignore Presidency’s Directive | PremiumTimes

Amidst conflicting directives by the Executive and the Senate to the newly appointed heads of three key public institutions, the appointed officials are yet to assume office. New heads were appointed by the presidency for the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB; […]