AUDIO:” Post Fashola,Lagos is on a downward slide,the current Gov needs to step up his act”……Jimi Disu on FPN @Classic fm97.3


Front Page News Analysis This Morning 13th October, 2015 With Jimi Disu by Entertainment on Mixcloud


  1. Mr Disu, i listened to you this morning. i really feel you on this. Ambode needs to work faster and make things better and not take us backwards.

  2. Uncle Jimi there is a serious problem. There is no common sense in doing repairs akin adesola and the Bonny camp link road at the same time. Those are the only two entrances to V.I.

  3. I totally concur with you Mr Jimi. Your analysis was spot on. lagos lately has degenerated into something close to what Thomas Hobbes described as primitive, brutish, nasty and short. Just this morning in Festac after the analysis did we hear of the bank robberies in Festac where I reside. For crying out loud how many more of these are we going to keep having? In the UK today it is nearly impossible to get away with crime with the extensive CCTV network and an active police force. How on earth could the operation have taken place for 40 minutes without any police officer on the scene? I believe the DPO should be relieved of his duties immediately. In the UK and the US as well as other well structured economies, a helicopter would have been on air in no time to monitor the operation and mobilize ground troops. There is never a way out for the perpetrators no matter how long they choose to run just as was with the case with OJ simpson and many more hot car pursuits. Why can’t we implement such in our country? The taxpayers have been paying well enough for some time now. The constitution in section 14, subsection B under the fundamental principles and directives of state policy says the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. If we cannot have security then why else do we have a government? The banks , insurance companies and multi nationals help fund the police in Western countries. Why can’t we replicate same here for the greater good for the greater number?? These things are not rocket science. We need to start holding people accountable to do the needful

  4. it is obvious that Fashola left a shoe too big for AA to wear….. he shouldn’t have come were the eagles dare

  5. Like uncle J.D said this morning,Ambode should face the business of governance instead of seating down and trying to pull down all of Fasola’s legacies.Hope the pro-VC of Downtown varsity is watching sha…….this may turn Lagos out worse than Osun.A word,they say…..

  6. Mr. Disu, your observations with regards the state of affairs within the state is correct, but your assertion that Mr. Lacks the capacity or will like his predecessor is one I do not agree with.
    Governor Fasola brought some semblance of decorum into Lagos. The fact that the minute he stopped been the governor, shows how unsustainable his approach was.
    We Lagosians also have to accept a huge part of the blame. Our willingness to flaunt the law at the earliest opportunity is a shame on us as a society. That for me is point that you have to drum into the heads, via the ears of your numerous listeners.
    Your words are held in very high esteem within different forums and to that, I strongly believe that aimed at institutions as against individuals.
    God continue to grant you wisdom and objective insight.

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