Audio: Front Page News This Morning On Classic FM 97.3 (#Thursday)

Jimi Disu on Classic FM 97.3 this morning 12th, August 2015 analyzing the front page news across different newspaper. Below is the audio analysis of the front page news.

Audio: Front Page News This Morning On Classic FM 97.3 (#Wednesday) by Entertainment on Mixcloud


  1. Dictionaries exist for a purpose and are very useful. Uncle JD may wish to exploit their usefulness next time before he comes to the public space and utter inanities like his advice for us to take the Oba of Lagos seriously on his take on the lagoon mishap. But I digress.

    Rightly Fr. Kukah has opined that GEJ’s handing over was “spectacular”. But JD disagreed (perfectly within his rights), barely concealing however his strong antipathy towards GEJ (again he has the right to like/love whoever he chooses).

    According to Merriam-Webster, spectacular = “causing wonder”, “very impressive”.(Little room for any kind of subjective interpretation here).

    Now Men and Brethren of goodwill and good conscience, would the fact that a sitting African (forget GEJ for a moment) concede defeat in an election not be considered a cause for wonder and admiration? My response is an unqualified “yes”.

    This act takes on an added significance when viewed against the backdrop that pundits have predicted that the 2015 elections would make or break Nigeria.

    Would the fact that long before the final results were collated and announced, the incumbent has placed a congratulatory call to his opponent conceding defeat not be considered impressive? Again my response is “yes, yes”.

    Justice and fair play demands that we give the Devil his due. Hate him or love him; clueless or corrupt, the singular act by Goodluck Jonathan in conceding defeat and handing over to Buhari was simply SPECTACULAR. Period.

    Now would one or a myriad of spectacular acts entitle you to be exonerated from crimes (real or imagined) you may be accused of? That is for the law courts to decide. Personally I DO NOT subscribe to the view that Justice should be tempered with Mercy.

    • Always listen well,it wasnt the Oba of Lagos,and i am sure given what i have read ,you know sarcasm when you hear it.As to Kukah and Jonathan,i concede you have a right to your own opinion,which i very much respect.For me this is not a dictionary matter,its just common sense,loosing an election and conceding is nothing spectacular ,but rather the decent thing to do,thats the way i have been brought up and trained

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