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    Someone posted this to me and I felt I should share it with you. Probably you can do more findings about it.

    “Still on this Maina matter, here’s another viewpoint by a lawyer friend:

    Perhaps it is time to put some facts in perspective on this Maina issue for us to debate.

    Maina was indicted and accused of interfering and abusing his office on pension funds and stealing well over 100billion Naira in 2012.

    He was arrested and charges filed against him but never arraigned.

    He was reported to be at large and declared wanted by EFCC.

    He was subsequently dismissed from service for abandoning his duty.

    He reportedly filed a suit in court in Abuja and the court ordered that it was a breach of his right to have been dismissed without a fair hearing and ordered his reinstatement with damages.

    That judgement of 2013 was never put to appellate review by the court of appeal or set aside by any court.
    There was no appeal against the order.

    He also reportedly got an order of court quashing the warrant of arrest by the EFCC. There was also no appeal.

    All in 2013.

    So in my opinion as a lawyer, it subsists till date until set aside.

    And just like in Peter Odili case, the orders were never appealed.
    Please also note that the injunction restraining the EFCC from investigating Odili is also still subsisting till date as same is yet to be set aside. The same for the order discharging and acquitting James Ibori is still subsisting as it is also yet to be set aside.

    His lawyers reportedly insisted on obedience of the order of court of 2013 and the Attorney General in 2017 advises that the subsisting order which was never appealed by the previous government and those who sacked him must be obeyed.

    The court order is then obeyed by the Federal Judicial Service Commission and he was reinstated only last week by the Federal Judicial Service Commission which is the body constitutionally empowered to engage, Post, discipline and remove civil servants.

    There is a public outcry and the President on hearing the outcry immediately orders his formal disengagement ( It also a process that must be followed)

    I wish you to please note the the dates and years of the indictment and court orders as well as chain of events, so we know where and when to situate things .

    I leave the rest to you to decipher for now.
    Please let’s kindly make only informed commentaries based on facts and knowledge of the issues.

    Please no name calling and ethnic or religious profiling.

    And I implore lawyers contributing to kindly explore the law and educate others as lawyers.”

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