At Lagos Assembly, time means little….DAILY INDEPENDENT

At the expiration of the sixth Assembly of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Speaker Adeyemi Ikuforiji said: “As we go into the seventh Assembly, issue of punctuality won’t be the same. No matter what it may be; no matter how important, it will have to wait till after the sitting.

“In most cases, late sitting is always occasioned by some issues that are beyond our control. It is not in my character to keep people late or ensure the plenary sessions are not held by the adjourned time. I believe in time consciousness but as a politician, most times I was handicapped or compelled to attend to some issues that border on the progress of the state and this has been the development not that the usual late sitting is deliberate.


JD:The Lagos State Assembly cannot function well whilst its speaker is facing criminal charges in a high court.Times without number we have advocated that the speaker step aside pending the determination of his case but he has,in his wisdom decided not to do so.The house itself has become an accomplice in this regard by refusing to ask the speaker to step aside.The image of the speaker is obviously more important than the interest and progress of the state.This story is very revealing and it is amazing that leaders of the ACN who have positioned themselnves as having the interest of the people at heart have not thought it fit to let reason prevail.

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