Another suspected terrorists hide out discovered in Lagos……Vanguard

Fresh facts emerged, Monday, on the presence of more illegal aliens suspected to be terrorists in Ijora area of Lagos, as information at Vanguard’s disposal revealed that the suspects, who are Malians and Chadians, were occupying a three-storey building owned by a state government.

Last Thursday’s raid by the Department of State Security, DSS, and men of OP Messa, led to the arrest of two suspected terrorists and recovery of arms and explosives in a building on Aromire Street, Ijora.


JD:So its noww finally here,the dreaded terrorist attacks.the implication of this is that social life will slowly grind to a halt as one is not sure where the next strike will be.Perhaps it will also serve as a means of curbing our social habits where we spend money as if its going out of fashion.How do you now go to a stadium and hope to watch a football match in peace?Cinemas are even worse and you better watch out who is dancing next to you in the dark in the clubs.The list is endless.No detterent can really stop these terrorists for they even wish to die in the process of carrying out their dastardly acts so maybe Jonathan was right.What amnesty can you offer a man who wishes to die?Begging might just



  1. The truth of the matter is our govt is not doing enough fine what lagos state government did is quite comendable but the fact is what measure are we taking to ensure that this malians and the chadian did not come back after 2weeks our imigration,custom, all the law enforcement agency need to rise up to this challenge.getting them out is not the ultimate ensuring dat dey don’t come back to this country. If we can achive Ghana must go them should find a way round this thks

  2. More work needs to be done in the whole of Ijora, majority of the people living in Ijora are mainly Malians and Chadians and they claim to be hausas. The rail track in Ijora need to be clear because that is their major hideout

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