An explosion of Buharism By MOHAMMED NURU YAKUBU


The Nigeria project cur­rently cuts the perfect im­age of one surviving on life support and reeling in the throes of decay. Corruption has taken strong hold of its jugular and insecurity wraps up the land in hopeless grip. The question then is, who possesses the requi­site capacity and courage to enact the extra-ordinary feat of daring a well entrenched, deeply rooted system, and rescue the nation from the grip of institutionalized corruption and impending state failure?

Professor Tam David West, in his book, The Sixteen Sins of Buhari, ran an exciting array of extrapola­tions with philosophical exegesis on those traits and character of Gen Muhammadu Buhari, perceived by his critics as extreme, rigid and uncompromising yet account for the very reason he is admired by many people across the nation and beyond. In a feat of profound eru­dition, the revered professor engi­neered a fresh theme of the virtuous appeal in Buhari’s strong moral con­victions and standpoints, ditto, his rigidity and resolute reflexes, as the necessary requisites for overhauling the Nigerian state from the narrow confines of deepening corruption, decay and collapse of values to the wide expanse of openness and na­tional integrity in governance.

The caliber of intellectual giants scattered across the nation’s ethnic and religious divides who subscribe to Buhari’s radical philosophy is an absorbing reminder that when val­ues and honest purpose combine to confront national emergency, the barriers that differentiate our indi­vidual identities and persuasions, which are so often tossed up for ex­ploitation to weaken national spirit, unity and togetherness dissolve with teasing and accelerating ease.

Nigeria’s over 50 years of inde­pendent national existence and her attempt to secure reasonable place­ment in the continent as a decent democratic nation have offered nothing in return but deep seated corruption, recurring misadventure of embarrassing electoral fraud and scandalous manipulation of popu­lar will. The nation’s headache and worry for now, in the true depth of what constitutes its most daring challenge is its inability to over­come these identified and identi­fiable malaises. Individuals with appetite to overturn these untidy records and redirect national efforts in nation building are favoured with exceptional traits of commitment to radical advocacy of reformism and rectitude built around incorruptible character, honesty, devotion to pub­lic good and above all, the taste for good conscience, fairness, equity and justice.

A nation trapped and troubled by its own fabrication of institutional failures and the attendant unedify­ing and ignoble national character of this mould and form is in dire need of exceptional personalities whose strength of character and vi­sion are sourced and originated from the reassuring and appetizing drive for moral reorientation, iconoclastic rebirth, and reformism of national values. Such strong content and pro­portion of extremism identified in their views and character, more than just being in the opposite direction and antithetical to the general trend, offers portent remedy to the decay that has gripped the nation. This edi­fying symbolism transforms them into exceptional super personalities and popular reference point for posi­tive change in a nation’s unreward­ing downward slope and decay .

Marooned in its own peculiarity and hunted by the urgent necessity to reverse its misfortune, Nigeria needs an individual with radical orientation and character, woven around commitment to defeat the monstrous albatross of deepen­ing corruption and collapse of val­ues, which effect have for long ar­rested the nation’s development. This much the behemoths in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), their cohorts and local sympathizers know that the arrival of Buhari on the scene this time, and its peculiar message of Buharismexplosion under a larger platform of consoli­dated opposition parties sounds a deafening death knell to its brutal and tyrannous hold on power for an unbroken stretch of 16 years. Thus, the tepid kick out of certain death that the ruling party is exhibiting in its desperation to cage the Buharism phenomenon is just an expressive pointer of the fear of a Buhari vic­tory, certain to end underserved, ruinous and exploitative privileges, abridgement of national benefits for unduly privileged few, bent on con­tinuing the despoliation of our na­tional patrimony and values.

Their hopelessness and fear are well marked out in the series of orchestrated blackmail, willful lies and character assassination as seen in the abhorrent cruelty and ut­ter shamelessness exhibited in the forged /false medical report of Bu­hari and the cacophonous falsehood over his certificate. Buhari’s refusal to be drawn into the polemics of these orchestrated propaganda un­derscored the purity of his vision and the clear-headed conception of power as only a means of service to humanity.

The signification around the character and personality of Mu­hammadu Buhari presents a radical departure from the well-entrenched and rampaging culture of corrup­tion, deceit, double standard, dis­honesty, rapacity, and offer the ex­act opposite of these negativities as his trademark. Though an entity of the political extraction, Buhari em­bodies a rare character of peerless stoicism and stubborn resistance to corrupt temptations and extrava­gant life style -the raison d’être for his electrifying popularity which is quite offensive with choking toxic­ity and a source of hyper phobia to the super -rich and the ruling class of those who love and dread /hate him offers rich evidence on the cult personality that Buhari has come to symbolize in our recent political history. The huge population desire him to liberate the nation from the stench of decay, whilst the ruling class considers him as an irritating albatross, patently intolerant to any machination aimed at sustaining the swing of the corrupt status quo. In­deed, the centrifugal political reposi­tioning and re-alignment of hitherto disparate regional opposition parties around the new All Progressive Congress, APC, followed by exo­dus of the members of the splinter groups of the PDP, are pointers to the significant political development that the nation is set to witness in the next few days when the Buhari phenom­enon, around which the progressive potentials of the APC’S presiden­tial quest is rested would be given a perfect mass expression on the 28 March, 2015 historic presidential election. The arrays of significant is­sues and unfolding developments in the polity aggregated and interpreted to arrive at the decision of migrating to the new party, APC are fundamen­tal to the overriding need to attain democratic maturity via a vibrant and credible opposition party – a significant blow to the ruling party’s desire for a unipolar stranglehold it had enjoyed for well over a decade . It is worth stating that the central philosophy of ‘CHANGE’ embed­ded in the campaign slogans of APC is organically linked to the perceived value and credibility that the Bu­hari’s immense personal popularity would bring into the party.

The political lexicon that de­scribes accurately the spontane­ous explosion of Buharism in the contemporary Nigeria politics is conspicuously embossed in the nar­ration that emphasizes the necessity and suitability for close partnership , understanding, cooperation and a sense of national emergency among members of the opposition party , APC to save the nation’s tottering democracy .

Still smarting from the barrages and intense degree of PDP-en­gineered campaigns of calumny against Buhari which heated the polity to a boiling point , the at­tendant destabilizing pranks not unduly mentioned , but aimed at deepening the seed of mistrust and mutual suspicions among the people , to wit, a wickedly unnerving cold blooded attempt to contain the Buharism explosion , a new twist, with its unwise cruel wish of death for Buhari climaxed the PDP’s rud­derless desperation for power re­tention. However, the good attrac­tion which counts as paradoxical revolution to the foregoing reveals a notable positive exception as Buhari’s magnetism soars on in an uncontained progression. The spon­taneous spread of Buhari’s popular­ity across the nation’s geo-political zones , his adoption by hitherto sworn opposition members, critics and adversaries are new additions to the phenomenon of the Buhari persona, we dare say a redeeming feature for the many unwarranted attacks and campaigns of calumny targeted at him and above all a pre­cious appetizing piece of meat in the nation’s political menu for the APC to furnish its taste and preference in the March elections and beyond.

We therefore advise that the APC put to great use, its enormous struc­ture and professionalism in manag­ing the unfolding mass of good­will and surging band of immigrants across parties into its fold , strive with excited and exciting enthusi­asm to coalesce all into a solid bloc and stream away from the offensive triviality of engaging or falling for the PDP’s preference for reducing serious issues before the nation to mere supremacist tussle , and above all, deploy more effort in contem­plating and reflecting on ways to lead the nation out of the woods and the plague that the PDP had inflicted on the nation.