Akpabio’s largesse upsets PDP meeting •Amaechi, Uduaghan leave midway…THE TRIBUNE

……..“Mr Chairman, there is also an issue I want to raise; I know I am a governor but it also concerns me and others who hold positions in the party. I was with my predecessor one day when an elder came, I was telling him that if you tar all the roads, even if you air-condition the entire environment, and the stomachs of the people, of members of the party are empty, they will not appreciate what you have done. So I want to join them to tell us to ensure that their stomachs are filled so that they will appreciate what we have done,” Uduaghan pleaded.

However, Governor Akpabio speaking after Governor Uduaghan said: “Well, my brother governor, Uduaghan said you are hungry. So I will give the state chairmen from the six states N1 million per state for Mr. Biggs right now.
“All the state chairmen should see me immediately after my remarks so that at least I will drop N1 million each for Mr. Biggs’ so that PDP can chart the course for empowerment”, the governor said.

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  1. I heard dis today n my God I was blown away wit unbelieve dat dis is hw dis men spend our money.there has to be a away to stop dis men.there just has to be.yeh! Sumthin has to be done.

  2. SURELY THEY WILL FIRST MAKE MAD. Have you ever give it a tought that this man called Akpabio seems to have run out of idea on what he can do for the people of Akwa Ibom? Was he not the same man that donated 230million Naira to the church at the Presidents home town on behalf of 23 PDP Governors without making consultations? Afterall if the other Governors not consulted decides not to pay, the money can still be paid in full by Gorvernor Akpabio from the State coffers.
    At the same time the people of Akwa Ibom state might not see it the way we see it because all this are been done because of a fellow Niger Deltan.

  3. These people are all sick! Here we are hsutling to make our daily bread legally and prove a poi t to the younger ones that it is something that is doable in this country and this punks just keep proving us wrong. Oh God of Israel, Arise!!! Viva la revolution!

  4. When I read about Akpabio and his 1million naira largesse from the papers yesterday, I busted into laughter because I couldn’t just weep anymore for this country. We are in a very precarious situation and we need HELP! The help is to flush all this bad eggs out, from the top to the bottom. We need a revolution, not in the carrying of guns (I no wan die yet and I get children and family) but in our approach and mindset to things.

  5. The sad bit for me is not the stupidly and recklessness the leaders display publicly. Even more disastrous is what they do in thier closets and offices. This im sure can only be better imagined.

  6. Our security guard is from Akwa Ibom and he is retiring by the end of this month,we the residents are planning to raise funds for him atleast to enable him settle down after retirement,abeg help us contact Akpabio so tht he can drop something na and if u dont have his contact please help us contact Tuface,so that he could give us Akpabios numbers.

  7. JD, let me start by saying that I appreciate your thoughts and analysis.

    My question is: how do we get out of this doldrum? 2015 is still a long time, considering the number of deaths that will occur btw now and then and it could happen to anyone!!!.The spate of killing and insecurity in the land is alarming!!!! The corruption level is despicable!

    We need a solution now, we can’t afford to wait till 2015, too many more lives would have been lost. What are the steps we need to take now?!
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  8. please our leader dnt just spend money on does that has already gotten their status of income with out sweating or passing through pains. pls there are many pple in whch this our money you r spaindin u can use it 2 help some pple whch farmings is tryin to enteq their families plz help us d needy

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