1. I’m increasingly worried that the people of Akwa Ibom have not taken a close examination of their Governor..Recent actions of mister Akpabio indicate that the man has gone paranoid and needs help.
    If the Governor does not have a personal physician with specialization in examination of the human brain then the people of the state can go on a search for one. Time is of essence.

  2. Jimi,

    First of all I am completely in agreement with you that we have a loose canon on our hands. However there is a saying that goes…He who the Gods want to kill, they first make mad.Akpabio is on a slippery slope and I can only wish him Gods speed.
    In response to your comments on this mornings FPN though, the man has actually performed in his state at least as far as provision of infrastructure goes, which is not as much as we can say for some other state governors. Finally when are you going to bring Reuben Abati to the round table, maybe he can explain to us why he sold his soul to the devil.

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