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1. The Media has not been fair to this government 2. Ambode has only been in office for 4months. How can you judge a government with only 4months?
3. Ambode has signed the 2,500 C of O’s since he came into office. For many years, people could not get their C of O’s after making payment. Do you know what that means for business? It has released capital and resources to people because you can sell or use these properties as collateral.
4. Ambode has approved the construction 114 Local Government Road; two roads in each of the 57 LG/CDA
5. Ambode’s government has been maintaining and refurbishing roads all over the state. The government has resume constructions of the long abandoned Ejiogbo-Ikotun road, Okota-Cele Road and Acme road Ikeja.
6. This government recently commissioned the street lighting of major streets in Lagos. They said they would light up Lagos by December. Let us give them time to work. After December, we can then start to judge them.
7. Uncle Jimmy, all the General Hospitals in Lagos now have brand new Generators and Ambulances. Ambulances are now parked all over Lagos to give emergency service to accident victims. Surely this is an achievement.
8. Uncle Jimmy, I am surprised that you assess a government’s performance only by traffic. Maybe you should get out of that studio and go and see what is happening in other areas.
9. This government has only been in office for 4months. Surely we cannot judge them in this period. We can only make a proper assessment of what the government has to offer after at least one year in office.
10. Ambode donated and installed 49 transformers to rural communities that were not on the national grid in Epe, Badagry and Ikorodu. Remember that this is the job of the Federal Government but he has taken it up for the benefit of the people. Is it only road and traffic that the government should do?
11. Ambode will soon complete Ayinke house that has been long abandoned.
12. Ambode has employed 1,300 teachers for the state primary schools. I am sure many people do not know about that.

Questions for Jimi Disu
1. Uncle JD, it seems you are not in touch with the times. How can you assess government just because of traffic?
2. Uncle JD, you said you are a Unilever Trained professional. How long was your probation in the office before you were confirmed? Was it 3months?
3. Uncle Jimmy, for someone who always talks about elders and respect, you have been very disrespectful to the Governor Ambode with your comments this week. You should apologise to him because you cannot say the kind of things you said this week in some places and still be a free man.
4. Uncle JD, you have lost the plot. Jimi Agbaje paid you too late.

Traffic Situation in Lagos
1. The recent Traffic in Lagos is caused by construction work going on at Akin Adeshola Street, Bonny Camp/Ozumba Mbadiwe roundabout and the Apapa Wharf using only one terminal to attend to Trailers instead of 4.
2. Lagosian must take their own share of the blame for the traffic. Because the Governor directed LASTMA should stop impounding cars, everybody has become lawless and driving one-way.
3. Governor Ambode was being civilized and humane in his directive to LASTMA but the people have shown that we are lawless and uncivilized and only prefer the use of force to make us do the right things.
4. The traffic situation was better on Thursday and Friday. LASTMA was all over the roads helping out. They should start towing vehicles again if that will bring sanity.

1. The security situation is the problem of the Police. The Governor does not control the police. Even Fashola said it that State Police is the answer.
2. I am sure that there are many things going on in the security department that we are not aware of and the government cannot disclose the information. We should trust the RRS and the Police to keep their word and stop these violent robberies.
3. Should Ambode go and fight thieves before we know that he is working?


  1. Is there street light on Allen Av., Opebi road, Adeniyi Jones, Toyin Str, the whole of GRA Ikeja, CMD Rd Magodo All the inner street all over Lagos. So because of dysfunctional lights on some express roads and the road to Tinubu’s house in Ikoyi, you now conclude street lights are all over Lagos?!
    2, The Police have gone back to there shell because Ambode refuse to support them with the Security trust fund
    3, YES please, let LASTMA tow vehicles of traffic violators, that’s what works in this clime. Who told you Africans are civilized?
    ‘Omo to ba Ma je Ashamu, ati kekere loti ma jenu shamu shamu’ (google it). I won’t waste my time translating for u.
    No excuse for poor performance! He should wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t you know that, Roads, traffic, security and other infrastructure are what joins us all together, will the employed 1million teachers fly to work? Or are they invisible to robbers. Abeg rest!

  2. it is not sad reading the above article, it is obvious Lagos Watchdog Blog is partisan, nobody has condemned Governor Ambode, Nobody has asked for a change of Government, Nobody has asked for Jimi Agbaje to come into play.

    All we asked for is improve on work done, the rate of insecurity is alarming, rate of traffic is on the high side, Lagos is deteriorating and want it fixed. We cant keep mute to get things working.

  3. Lagos is supposed to be a plug and play, courtesy of “Fashola’s ingenuity”
    But what do we have now? We a have a state that is being run by a yesman Ambode, whose only desire is to pay daily homage to the vice chancellor of “Downtown University”

    we can no longer sleep with our two eyes closed in Lagos State, because Ambode has not lived up to our expectations.
    I hope he wakes up and stop playing politics. Fashola has formated Lagos to the extent that a primary six pupil can govern Lagos State.
    Just cross the t’s, and dot the i’s.
    For Christ sake Ambode wake up.


  4. It’s so so sad ? that in this age and time that we still have such parochial characters within us.
    All what thesd faceless characters have ended up doing is to Sacrifice Ambodes second term bid if APC still needs a hold of Lagos State

    • I am sure you are one of those that queue up at Bourdillon gate Ikoyi for your daily stipends.

      How do you explain the deplorable Opebi road, just before TFC, do we need rocket scientists to fix those roads?. Oshodi has now reverted back to its old ways

      If truly Ambode is saving 3 billion monthly, then Lagosians should feel the impact. Right now we are at the mercy of robbers, my wife was robbed last week Friday on her way from work along Falomo.

      Please Amobode should wake up and ensure tax payers are protected.

      Enough of politicking, Fashola left good footprints, so he should continue where Fashola stopped.

  5. Mr. Watchdog, please we are in a democratic society. Freedom of expression is guaranteed. The expression itself is a tool for good governance. It is because of the love they have for the governor that makes this expression louder day by day. We do not have to lose any life please, if we haven’t already.

    So kindly accept the heat and WAKE UP.


  6. Who’s this medicare? Jimi agbaje ke? So what causes hold up along okota I solo, ejigbo, surulere axis. ..Some pole just plain dumb

  7. Why do we have to celebrate Gov.Ambode over what a local government chairman could have achieved?Uncle Jimi has only re-echoed the cries of many lagosians and such should not be seen as just criticizing Gov.Ambode.The truth is that the last administration raised the bar and lagosians had thought Gov.Ambode would improve on that.Rather than praise Uncle JD for letting the government know where to direct their attention for urgent reprieve to lagosians you are blindly condemning him just because you want to impress His Excellency.We only face reality on the discourse and not needless sycophancy. God Bless Uncle Jimi!

  8. Rather than say Uncle JD has been paid by some politician, you should appreciate the call he’s making via the medium which he is conversant with. If your claim that all our dear governor has achieved in 4 months is correct, then the past administration didn’t do anything. But from the little I see, hear and read the contrary is the case. An example is the repair of Acme road,Ogba. This road is been repaired by one of the respectable companies in the area as part of their CSR. With this,I tend to believe that most of your claims are just made up without proper verification

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