A Rejoinder: Church and Tithe-True or trite Talk

Dear Mr.J.Disu

You highlighted an article last Friday on the aforesaid caption written by Mr Fola Ojo in the Punch Newspaper.
And here is my submission.
A real follower and believer in Jesus Christ should not pay tithe and no pastor or G.O.is qualified to receive same.

The reasons are quite simple.Christ whose Ministry performance is recorded in the four synoptic gospel-Matthew Mark Luke and John never demanded nor admonished his followers to pay tithe instead he condemned the Pharisees and Scribes for ignoring the most important laws see Matthew 23:23

Secondly, in the whole of Acts of Apostle, the early Apostles of Jesus Christ never preached tithe rather they selling personal possessions and shared the the proceeds, refer to Acts 2;45. Above all else,Worshippers then gave according to what they intended to give see 11 Corinthian 9;7.

The Malachi 3;10 that the New Age church leaders harp on was meant for the Levites one of the tribes in ancient nation of Israel whom God forbade from owning property nor work for a living.See Numbers18:25-28.

When you read the whole of Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy, there are about 613 Laws that God almighty gave to Moses.How come it is only the tithe that Christian still adhere to-How about 24 hour burnt offering and stoning to death adulterers.

Other important parts of the tithe debate is that Tithe was an annual farm produce including livestock and definitely not money. Furthermore, it was segmented-Tithe for the Poor.Strangers.Widows and Strangers

Jesus Christ brought with him the dispensation of grace to all, if the former laws were perfect there would not have been need for a reform via Christ.

In the final analysis,when Christ was asked about the most important law, he said Love God with all your heart,soul,power, might and so on.He was again asked which one is the second most important and he answered Love your neighbour as yourself.Nothing is said about Tithe law.

I will advise that you use the 1611 King James Version of the holy book for your references.

May we continue to worship God almighty in Spirit and in Truth.

I look forward to hearing from you.

thank you

Godwin M. Obot
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