A "MIS-EVOLUTION" OF CULTURE……..Macdonald Nwajagu

I have been in deep thoughts lately on the contraption called the “Nigerian Project”. Somehow, I  nurse the feeling that our leaders have completely failed in their contribution to nation building. Everyday, tales of misnomer and sordid actions pervades the media circle  that one begins to imagine if there is any sanity within the corridor of power.

“Anotomically” speaking, I suspect  there is an anomaly in the evolution of our statehood and  it is remotely possible there was a mutation in the “Genetic” framework of this Nation.

So many questions course through my mind, but these few years past, have “concretised” my belief on the possibility of a gene disorder in the DNA of this nation: This is a nation where thieves are honoured and celebrated.
We have become a people that demean and disregard men of honour who laboriously earn their living. Corruption is highly celebrated in different form and the few good men who hitherto would have spoken up are involved in a conspiracy of silence.
On the issue of our national anomaly, let me give an example: how many. times have you passed by the gate man who happily welcomes you in and you truly show respect to the dignity of his labour? If a politician or a food vendor approaches you today who would you attend to? This theory of BIGMANISM has eaten deep into the fibre of this country’s being.

Our traditional and religious custodians are not left in this show of shame because there are well documented evidence to show they are culpable in this anomaly.
Religious  and traditional leaders who where hitherto thought to be the last bastion of hope in preserving the honour and integrity of building this nation  have also lost their way in the euphoria of “BIGMANITY”. Men of questionable characters are now been ordained in different religious sanctuaries just so that a clergy can take a bite from the national cake. Traditional rulers now confer titles to the highest bidder. This is the bane of decadence in this once glorious nation and step by step we have climbed down the ladder to total decay.
For there to be a meaningful change, this is the time to re- orientate ourselves. This is the time to re-jig our value system. This is the time to celebrate the spirit of enterprise and hard work and not get carried away in the sea of ill gotten affluence.

Some reading these lines may feel this article refers to someone else, but I say most sincerely WE are all casts (actors) in this drama of absurdity.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria