A message to Jonathan By ANET ARIPRINYE WILCOX


I have a message for President Goodluck Jon­athan which is a follow up to the one I sent him a few years ago on the death sentence passed on Major Al Mustapha. The message as revealed to me is that the Fedral Government has not been able to overcome Boko Haram because the reasons for their attacks have not been ascertained. Some of the reasons, I was told, are factual and cogent.

I will therefore advise the President to identify those cogent reasons and en­sure that they are addressed before and after the presidential election. I want him to revisit the message of God that was delivered to him in 2012 and in­vite the Islamic and Christian religious leaders in the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) the Pentecostal Mission (PM) and the Islamic leaders to seek the face of God on the mattter of insecurity and how to end it. God also revealed to me that most of the religious leaders are not deeply concerned about the killings because they feel they are not part of the world system. The Lord, then referred me to the Bible in Proverb Chapter 24 verses 11 and 12, and 1 quote: “If thou forebear to deliver those that are drawn unto death and those that are ready to be slain, and if thou sayest behold be know it not, doth not He that keepeth the heart consider it? and He that keepeth thy soul, doth he not He know it? And shall not He render to every man according to his works?” See the full text of this mes­sage on my website: https://Janewilcox. wordpress.com Although the religious leaders met as announced during the network news, it was however observed that the conditions stipulated before his face could be sought were not adhered to. I expected that they would organise a prayer session to select young Muslim scholars and pastors that are Holy spir­it-filled including themselves to imple­ment His directives.

I wish to state that any religious leader be he a Muslim or Christian that has been called, chosen and or­dained by the living God will certain­ly receive a revelation in this regard, if his face had been sought as directed by him. This problem should not be left in the hands of the security agen­cies alone. Mr. Presdent should be helped. I wish to stress that any nation that does not embrace the truth and act upon it, spells doom for herself. This brings to mind the statement of George Bush, the erstwhile President of United States of America, after the bombing of the WorldTrade Centre, said, “We have consulted all avenues and God HIMSELF is not indiffer­ent and we must act”. America had the impetus to act because God the supreme authority of all the avenues they consulted supported their cause.